Sunday 25th January

We had a quiet day.
Azzan laid low most of the day.
He was feeling very unwell still.
Shanni went off to work mid morning, she was supposed to be working tonight but was asked last night if she could do a split shift.
Mahalia constructed the large sun umbrella.
It’s going to be so good with this really hot weather we are getting.

I made up the light shades I had bought in Wellington and Mahalia managed to put up two of them but the light fittings are old and the third one was stuck tight so I will have to wait until we can get an electrician to replace it.
I love them, they look so cool.
Just perfect for in here 🙂

Then we constructed the three small cubes for my craft area.
I will get a few more drawers.
Am loving the orange – and even Mahalia thought it looked good 🙂

Am slowly getting this corner under control.
Just gotta sort out where I am going to put all of this :-/

I popped out to pick up groceries later in the afternoon, we had nothing the fridge!
Roni came to visit when I got back.
Mahalia crashed out on the sofa during this time and I realised later that she was also unwell.
Oh dear 😦

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