Tuesday 27th January

I had a 9am appointment with the accountant so I decided to walk in as I haven’t been getting enough exercise lately.
It has been too busy and I have had to zip around doing things in the car.
It was a lovely time of day to walk as it hadn’t yet gotten too hot.
Had a good chat with Ben and then wandered off back home again.

The kids were just laying low still.
Mahalia was very miserable.
All we can do is keep the fluids up and give her pain killers and rest.
I went out to Richmond in the afternoon to pick up my new laptop.
Ross had finished transferring everything over from my old one.
I also hoped into Kmart to check out the small swimming pools.
Found an inflatable one for $24.
Cant really go wrong at that price!!
Also found some craft carts which looked promising.
David messaged me to say they were having a bbq so I called the kids to see if they wanted to come.
Mahalia couldn’t move from her bed, but Azzan was keen.
So I zipped back to Nelson to pick him up.
Azzan was so excited when I showed him the pool.
In these temperatures we are currently experiencing  we will take anything to cool off.

The sun was setting as we drove back along the motorway to Richmond, and even through the dirty windscreen it looks pretty cool.
Azzan took the photo – I was driving 😉
We called into Kmart to pick up a foot pump to inflate the pool with.
I bought a few of the craft drawers, the lady there was very helpful and managed to pack them all into the car.
No room to spare!!
Then we finally got to David & Sasha’s and joined in the family bbq.
They had all just arrived back from a day out over in Takaka.
It was a lovely few hours.
Azzan really enjoys catching up with the cousins – especially Owen & Kellianne 😉
We left around 11pm – much to Azzan’s chagrin.
He was still in party mode 🙂
Thanks D&S – it was lovely to catch up with everyone.



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