Tuesday 24th March

I had nothing at all on my calendar to day so was planning to spend it having another binge attack in the garden.
But as with most plans of mice and men, something will go array.
And it did.
Azzan and I spent the morning at home.
I cleaned up the kitchen and had a late breakfast after waiting for the bathroom and seeing Shanni off to school.
She was in a dither as to how to organise her social life and transportation.
I let her figure it out herself pretty much, and after a shower and some food her brain kicked into gear and she got it sorted 🙂
Azzan did a mountain of maths and began a story for Kip McGrath.
He brought in yesterdays washing and hung out todays load.
Nathan & Mira arrived around 10:30am to discuss some stuff.
Then Neville arrived to check out the Clavinova.
I was heading out around 11:30am so didn’t have time to make the promised cuppa – next time Nev 🙂
Azzan & I loaded Caspian into the car.
We zipped out to Crusoes to have a Nelson VanAid meeting with Liz and Rotem.
It was good to nut out a few things and get a bit more of a sense of direction.
We are just working out the focus of the collective.
As there is a lot of initial emergency aid going into the islands of Vanuatu right now we are fundraising for, and focusing on raising awareness of, the need for medical and educational supplies.
If anyone wants to donate towards this please go to our Facebook page – Nelson VanAid, you will find all the account details etc on it.
Azzan & I had lunch while we chatted.
Then just as Liz was leaving I spotted Brian & Betty across the courtyard, so I went and continued my days socialising.
Lovely to see them both, its been far too long, and extra special today because it was Betty’s birthday.
Happy Birthday Betty 🙂

We headed back home.
Both of us were really weary.
Azzan hopped straight into bed for a nap.
I left Caspian to rest too and I headed back into town to do some research on paints and picture frames.
That took me the rest of the arvo, including a quick visit with Bedelia.
Home to chill for a bit and a chat on the phone with Sandra.
Then it was 7pm and time to go pick up Chilandos for dinner.
It was the last night that one of our friends would be there as she is leaving to go back to India tomorrow.
Azzan exchanged Facebook names and then we came back to eat.
We were planning to watch movie but it was too late.
Just watched an episode of Bad Education instead.
Then off toned.
Ended up staying awake a long time later than I wanted to because I had a bizarre mail problem.
My outgoing mail hasn’t been sending all day.
So Ross ended up speaking to Google help desk to try and sort the problem.
Turns out there is a set up issue that remains unknown unless you actually get a problem and have to call them – duh!
Anyway, it is all sorted now, hopefully!! –  so I can now go to sleep.

So much for a day in the garden.
Didn’t happen and it is not looking good for the next couple of days due to a busy calendar and then there is rain coming over the weekend.
Bother it!

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