Wednesday 25th March

Azzan was quite warm and snuggly in his bed so I left him to get up when he was ready.
I had to be at the Police Station by 9am so I warmed up the car and zipped up the street.
Met up with the other trainee, and we chatted for 10mins before our co-ordinator arrived.
We then spent the next hour being shown around the ASA unit and given the run down on what to expect etc.
Then it was across the road to another building and up to Children’s unit.
It was all very informative and we learnt a lot.
I then zipped home to check on Azzan before going to the SASH office for our induction.
So much information for the morning.
My head was almost exploding by the end of the morning.
I arrived back to the house and found it all locked up and Azzan was nowhere to be found.
None of his chores had been done so I was rather cross.
Turned out that Jesika had arrived and taken him to the beach with Eden.
They had a lovely time there while Marah was at her midwifes appointment.
She even had time to have a child free coffee with a friend 🙂
I made some lunch, was feeling in need of sustenance and quiet.
But it was short-lived.
Shoshannah arrived back from school.
She was really weary so headed straight to bed.
The beach runners soon arrived back.
It was all a bit busy for a while from then.
Marah, Jesika, Eden, Azzan – lots of talking, nail painting, noise, fun,…..
This is what happens when a naughty aunty gets hold of Nonna’s phone and teaches a wee nice to make funny face selfies 🙂
Martin & Sylvia arrived through the gate followed soon after by Sue who had come to spend an hour with us and Caspian.
In amongst all of this Marah took Eden off home.
He is 18weeks old now and coming to the end of his crucial learning time.
She is most anxious that he gets stimulated and socialised – both very difficult when he is restricted to pen rest.
But she spent the time teaching him and us some basics which made his wee brain work overtime.
He is a really bright wee pup so picked up the signals really quickly.
I was really happy to learn alongside of him.
Now we just have to continue with the training, easier said than done when everyone is so busy.
After she left we all sat and chatted outside.
Laptops graced the table so we could show Sylvia and Martin the various shapes and sizes and models.
It was getting cooler and later so Martin & Sylvie headed off home and Jesika went biking with Shanni & Azzan.
I was really hungry so made myself some tea and toast and was about to mellow out in the wonderful silent solitude when another bike was pushed through the gate!
Nathan was calling in after work to chat about a few things.
He was still here when the bikers arrived back.
We talked outside until it was far too cold and I sent Nathan off home so we could migrate inside and search out some food.
Between us we constructed wraps which were rather delicious.
Shanni was very tired so went off to bed before this as she had already eaten.
We had a quiet evening in.

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