Thursday 26th March

I was up and showered att 6:45am so I could take Shanni to the bus.
She needs to catch the 7:30am to get to her Gateway course on time.
I sent her out to warm up the car while I got sorted.
I could hear she was having problems getting it started so I leaned in the passengers side door to see if she had the choke out properly.
From thence there was a very fast series of unfortunate events which involved having the car in gear, not having the foot on the clutch, restarting and the car lurching forward several metres and me getting caught and dragged along.
I was rather battered but quickly got in drivers seat and delivered her to the bus stop.
Came back home to lick my wounds.

Azzan was up and bouncing this morning.
He didn’t want porridge.
He made a special eggs on toast breakfast because ‘today is the best day of my life!’
I was so sore that I couldn’t concentrate on much.
Sandra called me and I started crying and then Jesika realised what had happened.
Then the dam truly burst and I just sobbed on her shoulder.
I think the shock had just set in.
I haven’t had a ‘fall’ for a long while and I think as we get older the physical & emotional consequences of something like this hit a hell of a lot harder.

Cynthia & Graeme arrived soon after with a boot full of hydrangeas for me.
So I have more to add to the project.
Am hoping to have a great display of colour next season.
Just have to either recover from my injuries fast or recruit some extra muscle to help get them planted.

Jesika, Azzan & I had to be out the door around 11am to head to Azzan’s interview.
He was so incredibly excited.
He contained it well 😉
We arrived 10mins early so sat and chilled in the college office until two boys came to get us.
They were two prefects from Nelson Prep who had been assigned to give us the grand tour of the school.
We were so impressed by their manners and courteous behaviour.
In fact afterwards Jesika commented that she was blown away by the behaviour of all the boys we saw.
After our tour we were introduced to the headmaster and had a very pleasant interview with him.
He was very accommodating and understanding.
Now we just have to wait and see if there will be a space made available by someone leaving.
Azzan is being very positive that he will get in.
Watch this space 🙂

He had been busting to take Jesika to Chilandos so we went straight there for a celebratory lunch.
Then on to say gidday to Jane.
She and Jesika hadn’t seen each other in probably 20-25 years and she recognised Jesika straight off!!
They chatted for a few minutes and then we headed off to do a couple more things.
Shanni arrived off the bus in time to catch up with us at Briscoes, then we zipped around to Resene.
On the way back home we dropped Azzan off at Kip McGrath, it was half an hour early but he was happy to go and make a start.
Then home to see Caspian.
I’d given him a large bone before we left to keep him occupied and he had made mincemeat of it!
Just had an hour at home before I needed to leave again.
Jesika took Shoshannah for a driving lesson and to pick up Azzan before she went to visit her BFF.
I drove to Richmond and found my way into the Waimea College hall for the parent teacher interviews.
It was all a bit daunting really but I quickly figured out who was where and what time I was to see each one.
It all went very well.
Shanni is well liked, although she is very quiet in class and doesn’t put herself forward to ask questions.
Her careers teacher was very helpful and walked through what she can help her to move on to next year.
I headed straight back home arriving around 7pm.
We had a fairly quiet evening.
Went to bed early but didn’t sleep till late.
I was really sore and no matter how I tried to lie in bed it wasn’t comfortable.
I had hotties on all my bruised areas but then got too hot so had to strip off all the blankets.
Then Jesika arrived in so we chatted for a few mins and eventually I drifted off to sleep.

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