Saturday 28th March

We had a v-e-r-y slow start to the day.
No one was keen to get up or out of their pjs.
Mid morning I heard a males voice, but I never heard any response so I wandered out to see what was going on.
Martin was at the door with stuff for Shoshannah!
He’d had a late night too but that doesn’t keep a good man down!!
I found the girls all in Mahalia’s bed going through the photos of yesterday 🙂
I took Caspian for a walk about in his new harness and lead which we have just received from Laura at Dogs of Desire.
I chose the fabric and gave her the measurements and she made it to fit.
It is so cute.
The fabric is the coloured dots from The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Only he wouldn’t sit still long enough to get a decent photo!
Nathan & Mira arrived as they had been told to come early.
So the pj party increased in size 🙂

Somewhere in amongst of all this I had a long hot shower.
Then Phoebe & Seb arrived with Sapphie.
Seb had brought a roast out for Nathan and it had been sitting in the wash tub since yesterday, so as I have no room in the freezers the girls put it in the oven.
Andrea & Ross came in for an hour or two to catch up with Jesika and hand out with the cool crowd for a while 😉
Nathan & Mira went off for another sleep and unfortunately for Mira she left the wedge of cake behind so it got demolished by all the visitors.
David & Sasha arrived soon after.

We decided to cut Phoebe’s cake that she had made for yesterday.
The red cake was enough then so this one was kept back.
It was a delicious lemon cake with marscapone icing.

Merv & Kim arrived in the midst of all the comings and goings.
It was really good to see them both – its been far too long guys.
Please come again soon – next time it shouldn’t be so manic – maybe!

Anson, Marah & Eden arrived with Evan.
Evan had stayed on there for a few days and enjoyed lots of bro time with Anson while Jesika spent time with us in town.
He was pretty stoked to go hunting this morning and get two pigs!
Seb took off to cut some trees at their rental property and pick up Phoebe’s car.
I took some photos of Anson with the two wee cuties 🙂
Strong likenesses but its not hard to tell who their Dad’s are!
Nathan & Mira arrived back with pizza.
I think Mira was getting a bit dazed meeting new faces every time she turned around!
After saying goodbye to Merv & Kim I went indoors and found the gannets devouring the roast.
The cake had almost gone and everyone was sick of sweet stuff.
Jesika was right into the roast mutton cuz she wasn’t going to be getting another for a very long time.

I left for the airport at 5pm with Jesika & Evan with Shanni.
They got all checked in and then we had a short time to say goodbye.
Gonna miss you Jesika 😦
Evan & Jesika left on the 6pm flight, the beginning of their journey back to Perth.
We came home to find most folk had gone already.
Sasha & David were still here so we got to say goodbye to them at least.
I was really hungry so walked up the street and got some fish & chips for dinner.
Picked up pizza for Phoebe & Seb.
Phoebe arrived back from her shopping with Sapphie.
She had been dancing and jiggling so much it took Phoebe way longer to get things done.
She’s such a happy wee trick 🙂
Once Seb returned we parked the small cars up my drive out of the way, they finished their dinner, packed up and headed off home.
Then I ran a bath with epson salts and soaked my aching body for a while.
My whole left side seems to have been affected :-/
Didn’t take long to fall into bed and get to sleep tonight.


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