Sunday 29th March

We had a very quiet day today.

I stayed in bed until late.
Shanni made smoothies for breakfast.
Mahalia was up and being very industrious.
She has done so much today.
Cleaned out the kitchen cupboards & fridge and tidied the whole kitchen and linen cupboard.
All the kids have cleaned up their rooms.
The girls are doing a big clothing dejunk which is great.
Shanni has cottoned on to selling her things online 🙂
She went off for a bike ride into town, searching for the perfect fitting jeans but returned empty handed.
That type of jeans are rather elusive 😦
She has been packing for Easter Camp throughout the day and Azzan is getting his bag packed for CEF camp in a couple of weeks.
I did some puppy training this arvo, he is responding well.
Mahalia made lunch.
We watched ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower‘ while eating.
Nathan popped in to drop off some bedding.
He is full scale dejunking too cuz he can’t take much with him to Germany.
Finished watching the movie.
It was really good – have to agree with Azzan, it deserves a high rating.
It had the potential just before the end to be a tragedy but it was turned around.
Loved it.
Excellent movie – well worth a watch.
Mahalia cooked Pad Thai for dinner.
It was good.
It began showering while the dinner was being prepared.
Nek minit there were two darlings out rain bathing on the lawn.

Got a text this evening from Jesika to say they had arrived safely back in the Land of Oz so thats all good 🙂
And now I am in bed with a hottie on my shoulder and it is not even 8pm!
Am so incredibly weary today/tonight.
Been good to go nowhere and see no-one for a day.

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