Monday 30th March

I woke at 2:30am and didn’t fall back asleep until nearly 4am.
So when Mahalia knocked on my door at 7am to see if she could go for a walk down to Founders I wasn’t awake.
I was so groggy I would’ve agreed to anything!
She went for a walk and Shanni sorted Caspian and made breakfast.
I staggered out and was still in my dressing gown when Anson called by.
He only stopped for a few minutes so we talked over the fence.
I had a shower was feeling slightly better but my elbow is now really painful.
Seems the whole left side of me is affected and aching :-/
I had promised Jesika that I would go see a Dr but when I finally managed to phone I discovered our Dr was full today and tomorrow they were shut all day for the transitioning to a new combined medical centre.
Marah phoned for a chat.
She bought this cute onsie for Eden’s 2nd b’day but had to give it to her now cuz it is so cuddly – cannot believe she will be 2years old in just two months time!
Marah agreed with Jesika that I should be seeing someone so I finally called The Doctors and got an appointment at 11:45pm.
That gave me half an hour to suss kids, eat breakfast and get down there.
I left Mahalia cutting up a box of blackbody peaches that Marah had given us last week.
The Dr I saw was really lovely and I immediately burst into tears when she asked me what happened.
She gave me a thorough check over.
She seems to think I have severely strained or torn my pectoral, axilla and thoracic muscles, sprained my elbow and done some damage to my neck, hip and foot.
This is the bruising under & slightly behind my left armpit.
She gave me a referral to a physic and some anti inflammatories.
Before I went into the Dr I got a text from Mahalia asking if she could go to the movies with Sophie.
I asked if Azzan could go to and she said that was all fine.
Then after I left the surgery I discovered that things had turned to custard and Azzan had returned home and was really upset.
I was so torn as to what to do as I had 2 more appointments and several things to fit in amongst all of this and couldn’t get back home.
So I text Charlotte and she popped down to see him.
He was okay, she took him chocolate and spent some time with him and he eventually text me apologising for over reacting and that the chocolate was good 🙂
I had time to go to the pharmacy and get my script filled.
While I waited I talked to the naturopath and she suggested some arnica and natural anti inflammatories to take so I got them as well.
I headed to SASH to sign my contract and pick up my pager, ID and bag.
Officially I am on call on Friday and Saturday but if something happens before then I could get called in.
I went to the Sports Physiotherapists to to see if they wanted to see me immediately or after the bruising has settled, I made an appointment for tomorrow.
I was a couple of minutes late for my counselling session because I had a heap of paperwork to fill in.
It was good to talk about what had happened and why I haven’t been able to stop crying.
I’ve been feeling like such a baby, but she explained that I was in shock still and how much trauma my body has been through, and also that the effects accumulate each time.
Plus this was a major whammy for me because it involved a vehicle, a family member and it happened at home.
Three extremely vulnerable points for me historically.
Seems like I spent most of my day in tears 😦

As I was leaving Shanni text to say she was on her way into Nelson so I swung by and picked her up.
She wanted to show my the jeans she had found so we sidetracked to Amazon and then to Jeans West.
She finally found a pair she liked and while she was doing that I saw a couple of tops which I fell in love with and they looked good so I go them too.
From there we zipped over to pick up a poster I was having framed and then home.
Unfortunately I got her to reply to a text from Azzan and she didn’t realise he was not in a good place and she went a bit overboard with her joshing’ and he got really upset with her.
So when we arrived home he was not in a good place.
I sat outside and hugged him and had a long talk.
He was happy that Charlotte wants to go to the movies with him sometime and that she is available if he ever needs her.
Such a wonderful backstop for me, I hate leaving him alone.
He then went off to the park for a while.
He likes to go there and listen to his podcasts and swing when he needs the space.
Mahalia was back and reclining on her bed doing maths with Caspian curled up beside her 🙂
I left Shoshannah making dinner and went to drop off some things to Milo for Phillipa.
He had just returned home from overseas so it was lovely to chat with him and meet Kimberly.
We talked longer than I planned so when I got back Azzan was home and doing maths.
And he was starving, and so was I!
We all sat round the table tonight and had a good talk.
It was very timely and very necessary.
Sometimes we get so busy just existing we forget to live and share and care.
After dinner Shanni went off to finish packing for camp and I went outside to show Mahalia and Azzan what I need help with.
Because I have hurt myself I have been feeling really frustrated at not being able to do all the outside jobs I want to get done.
I can see the days shortening, feel the air temps lowering, and the need to get the plants dug in.
Mahalia is keen to help plant the hydrangeas and work with me to get the rest of the garden planted.
Now she knows what needs to be done she said she will carry on with the job.
Azzan really got into the zone tonight and picked and pruned the bottom of the fig tree.
While I was out today he had pulled off several lots of brush from the side fence and he is going to continue with that job, plus he wants to weed & sweep the driveway and tidy round the woodpile and mow the lawns.
The ants have to be sprayed as well, just hoping I can mange that job.
When the kids are on deck with me things go really well.
Mahalia made a semolina custard and we ate it with black boy peaches she had cooked up this morning.
While Shanni and I talked at the table the two kids were having an immense amount of fun out on the lawn in the dark.
I finally had to suggest around 9pm that we had neighbours and they might like to quieten down a tad so they figured it was time to come inside.
When Azzan went to bed he wanted me to tuck him in.
He was in such a giggly mood, telling me he was so happy 🙂
He couldn’t tell me why.
Such a change from this afternoon.
I told him there was no way he could ever complain again about living in a house full of hormonally challenged females because he was worse  than us all put together!!!



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