Friday 24th April

With the urgency of the WoF impressing upon me I was up and gone soon after 8am.
Took the Nissan back through the AA line and this time passed with flying colours.
I then rocked up to see my physio and had a good session with her.

Shanni had Trades at NMIT today.
She was still not feeling 100% so came home a tad earlier.
She was all organised for her tramping weekend.
Luke came by and picked her up later in the arvo.
She went to a friends b’day party and then stayed the night with David & Sasha so she was ready to head off on the tramp with them in the morning.
I discovered Mahalia had ‘forgotten’ to make herself lunch today.
Not a lot of sympathy from my quarter as she had plenty of time and there was enough food in the fridge.
Guess she will remember next week 😉
She spent her lunch hour with Shanni and then after school did and an hours work at Nelson Beauty Therapy.
Bedelia drove her home after the earthquake as they were both rather shaken by it.

Azzan did some maths this morning so I lay on his bed and rested – helped him by just being there.
He works much better when he is not alone.
He’s been really up and down a lot lately so I took him back to the Dr for another chat as to what to do and where to go.
I am really happy with our new Dr, she is lovely, she actually listens to him and shows an interest and doesn’t just brush him off.
My homework now is to find the right counsellor for him to connect with.
I have a highly recommended lead so hope it will work out.

Azzan and I took a car for a test drive just after 3:30pm.
We had just left the showroom and were sitting at the lights heading north when the car began rocking around.
I did a bit of a panic, we were in a new car and weird things were happening.
Then it stopped.
And then it started again.
A guy next to us called to Azzan that it was an earthquake.
Discovered soon after that it was a 6.2 quake centred between Kaikoura & St Arnaud and was felt almost right through NZ.
We carried on with our drive, went all the way out to Hira and back.
After returning the car we went to 623 in the City to meet some of my workmates for drinks.
It was Rebekah’s b’day so a good excuse to get together.
Azzan was a bit apprehensive about being with all the ladies so was very happy to see Sasha arrive to meet David who was doing some work at 623.
She and Azzan went inside and danced to the live music until David was ready to leave.
Then he came out and entertained Sarah-Jane.
We were the last to leave because they were enveloped in a very passionate discussion about movies.
We dropped Sarah-Jane back home after making plans for a games session tomorrow.
We went to stock up on some groceries, then on to The Warehouse.
Azzan found his all time favourite movie there – the last one in stock of ‘The Babadook‘ so I bought it for him.
We had snacked at 623 so weren’t too hungry when we got home so just headed straight to bed.
He was percolating on all cylinders so it was hard to get him off to bed.
I was really weary so ended up leaving him to get settled 🙂

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