Saturday 25th April

The kids were a tad scratchy this morning.
Azzan had woken up in the total opposite mood to last night.
He was wanting me to can all the plans for the games afternoon.
But I wouldn’t let him, he made the plans so he had to carry through and not let other down.
I had a chat with Mahalia and got her onside and they were soon hard at cleaning their rooms.
She finished hers and then helped Azzan get his done.
Then she vacuumed all through the house and he cleaned the kitchen.
Nathan & Mira tidied up all the cut foliage from the kowhai tree, the left over brush and weed mat.
I raked up the area while Caspian and a good run about.
I have started locking the gates with carbines while he is loose as it is just too easy for him to get out if someone comes in unaware of him.
Just a much better feeling of security until I get the fencing done.
The place looked fantastic – need the excuse of visitors more often methinks 😉

I zipped across town and picked up Sarah-Jane, Isaac & Madi soon after 2pm.
They came bearing Game of Thrones games, popcorn, coke, pizza for dinner and lots of enthusiasm which Azzan caught immediately.
They were soon all set up at the table and began playing and teaching him the rudiments of the game.
I opted out and sat at the kitchen bench with my laptop and did my banking which was terribly overdue.
Mahalia discovered the popcorn needed a microwave so she chatted across the fence to our neighbours and they popped it for her in theirs 🙂
Mahalia took her time in getting to know the others.
I made more pizzas for dinner and went for a walk to get some hot chips to go with them.
Also popped next door to see Nin and buy some veges from her.
It is really sad cuz they are renting the house and the owner has decided to sell it so they will probably have to move.
They will be really missed as she has a great wee enterprise going there, there is always people stopping off to buy veggies and fruit from her.
She has developed a great garden in the 8 months they have been there.
The four kids watched ‘The Babadook’ in the lounge while they ate their dinner.
Sarah-Jane and I chatted over ours in the kitchen.
It was good to see the kids getting to know each other.
Azzan really enjoyed their company as they were able to talk his language.
Mahalia was delighted to meet another tall 15year old who was easy to talk to.
All round hi-5 successful afternoon/evening 🙂
Sarah-Jane and I sat outside and talked on the deck while the kids cleaned up.
Then I took them back home round 8:30pm.
Azzan was buzzing, he so enjoyed his day.
I was incredibly weary.
I also enjoyed the day and the company but I just find socialising exhausting these days.

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