Wednesday 29th April

I had a 8:30am physio session to get to so I was up and out the door bright and early today.
Mahalia was not too far behind me, but she had time to deal with Caspian first.
The morning was quite cool, definitely very autumn-ish.
Had a good session, my back from head to hip is still very stiff and majorly sore in several places.
Susie is really good, gentle yet thorough and gets right on the spot with her manipulations and massage.
Mike called me up just before I went in so we arranged to meet for coffee straight after.
I followed him into The Baker’s – good timing 🙂
Had a great catch up, he’s been away in Australia for many months so lots to talk about.
It is so cool to hear about our young friends doing well and making their way in the world.
We eventually moved to an outside table as it was quieter, the cafe had filled up with the morning tea crowd.
Finally had to make a move before my parking ran out, so I zipped straight back home and Mike came round soon after to see my humble abode.
Nathan & Mira had gone so it was just Caspian to greet me when I got back.
I let him out for a run around while I did some tidying up in the back yard.
He went absolutely mental when Mike arrived.
He just loves attention and races around the lawn like a mad thing, bouncing up to say hullo and then tearing off again.
Picks up a tennis ball, races over to you but as soon as you go to take it to throw he takes off again.
Great energy release 🙂
Nathan & Mira arrived back, we talked some more until Mike had to finally head off.
Nathan made wraps for lunch.
I took mine and had a bit of a rest – feeling rather weary and in need of some sunshine which pours into my bedroom now.
Nice thing about the winter, the sun is moving from the back of the house to the front.

I’ve been wanting to go over and meet our neighbour properly.
I’ve had quite a few conversations over the fence with Bill while he has been painting their house, but only briefly met Ursula through the front fence once.
So this arvo I walked round to return a tin Mahalia had borrowed on Saturday and had a lovely time with her.
She showed me through their house.
It has been their family home for 38 years so it was really interesting to hear her take on the various people who have owned my house.
It is much larger and slightly older than ours.
Very interesting to see the progression of house styles in this area.
Theirs is a late 1920’s whereas ours was built in 1930.
Not a huge difference in timeframe but considerable differences in style and size.
The ceilings are high in my house but they are way way higher in theirs!
Similarities in wooden features but some fascinating antique light switches in theirs.
Obviously built with some grandeur of the times, she thought by a doctor with some really interesting built in architecture but crazy shaped and sized rooms.
So cool and funky.
Someone could have a ball with renovating in the future if they had plenty of money to throw at it!
But no doubt it will probably fall to property developers who can only see the $$ in the land area :-/
It is such a shame that previous owners of my place have barricaded the property to such an extent that communications can’t easily occur across the fence.
Might have to review that situation 😉
I’m so glad that my house has been so tastefully renovated over the years, it is very liveable for us without me having to do very much at all.
It was a lovely sunny afternoon so we stood chatting at the front gate for a wee while before I returned home.
Found Seb, Phoebe & Sapphie about to leave!
I’d asked Nathan to call me if any phone calls came through but he hadn’t thought to let me know they had arrived, because – ‘I had only asked him to let me know if an important call came through’!!!
They had dropped off some smoked kahawai so we had decided on an easy dinner of potatoes, fish and salad along with the mutton chops in the slow cooker.
Azzan was delighted with his typewriter, the ribbon is quite worn so just have to wait for the new one to arrive and then he will be up and running.
It has a beautiful font so I suggested I might borrow it sometimes to make verses for my art work when I eventually get back to it again.
He was in a very huggy mood so I got lots of long tight hugs throughout the rest of the day 🙂

I was having a frustrating time getting my updated version of iPhotos to sync with my iPhone so spent quite a long time working with Ross over the internet getting it sussed.
Its really spooky how with just a push of a button and an acceptance from me that he can see & operate my desktop!
By the time I had it sorted Seb & Phoebe had arrived back.
It was Phoebe’s birthday so lovely to be able to sit around the table tonight and share a meal with her.
Mahalia bailed out onto the lounge floor so they could have her room.
She had been to rowing tonight, discovered that wind makes it much harder, but is absolutely loving the sport so far.
She was tired from her long day so wanted to head off to bed.
Phoebe & I talked longer after everyone had retired, until I got a text from Mahalia asking if we could also please go to bed so she could sleep.
So we did 🙂

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