Sunday 24th May

I had booked into an art day today.
It is something I have been wanting to do for an age and finally there was a class – yippee!
Garden of Holland – not surprisingly owned & operated by a Dutch couple Ad & Marjo – run some really cool sculpture classes and I had been talking to them at the Saturday Market many times over past months.
Mahalia had to get to rowing by 8:30am so I dropped her off there and then zipped into the supermarket to get some lunch food.
Then found my way to the Williams Room at Braemar.
Ad was there getting everything all set up for our 9am start.
Thankfully the room was warmed by heaters as it was a very chilly morning.
Also the lighting was great and the sun heated the room beautifully throughout the rest of the day.
There were just 6 of us in the class which was really nice.
A happy friendly bunch of ladies.
I had chosen to make the large Art Deco lady.
We were all given our frames to begin with and spend most of the morning building the shapes.
Time to stop and have lunch now we all had them to the required size and shapes.
Then after lunch it was paverpol time.
Black messy stuff.
Creating, shaping, covering, moulding, draping……
Great fun.
Loved it!
And then she was all ready to dry and paint.
She’s all done 🙂
Ad helped me lay her in the back of the Nissan.
I am glad I brought that car as she took up the whole back with the seats laid down!
I drove home carefully.
Found David here fitting my new lights so I parked outside the front door and Seb carried her in for me.
She is now standing in her glory in my sunroom while she dries completely over the next few weeks.
Then I have a position in mind for her in my garden landscaping.

David got the lights all hanging.
I am rapt with my antique lamp.
It is a converted gas light – have no idea of the age, but am delighted with it.
The pulley system has a weight with a cap which would’ve been lowered to douse the gas flames.
Mahalia’s lights look lovely in her bedroom too.
Both are such a major improvement on the horrid little halogen spotlights that were there.

Azzan & Mira had been out picking up chestnuts.
Sasha was also here hanging out with the girls.
Everyone was home except Nathan so the house was rather busy.
And I was incredibly tired.
David & Sasha headed off home.
Nathan arrived back from work ready to head back out again to a bbq with Mira.
See decided that yes they were actually going to go home now so I hurriedly put some food together for them to take as Phoebe & Azzan were really hungry.
Sapphie was just plain tired.
Finally got them all into the truck and sent them off down the road.
Mahalia was at church with Sophie and stayed on to have dinner with their family.
It was just me and Shanni at home.
I was so tired I could barely drag myself off the chair.
But I wanted needed to go get groceries so I left Shanni to deal to Caspian and I went off to New World and got the weekly supplies.
Shanni helped me unpack them all.
I filled a couple of ciabatta buns with lettuce and tuna and made a moccacino and then went off to bed.
I so wanted a soak in the bath but was too tired for even that.
It was a very long day.
But so much fun.
Haven’t had a good art session like that in far far too long.

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