Monday 25th May

I was planning to leave reasonably early to head back home but as the morning was very chilly I was happy to not be too rushed.
Not that keen on hitting the hills when there is a chance of frost on the roads.
The girls were getting ready to attend a Fullpower course for the morning that I had signed them up for.
I dropped them off at the ACC rooms at 9:15am and then went to do a couple of jobs.
Raced into New World to get a couple of items, zipped out to Tahunanui to return some lightbulbs and then back to fuel up the truck at Caltex.
Dropped some stuff back at the house and then I was gone.
It was a beautiful day.
Clear blue skies, and warm in the car, but not so hot outside.
There was a very chilly breeze blowing.
I had a fairly slow trip in as it got harder the closer I got.
Normally the tears don’t begin to well up until I get nearly home.
But today I was sitting with a huge ball of emotion in my gut just building and building most of the way, with tears seeping, then spilling the further I drove.
I stopped at Tim’s cairn for a few moments.
There is something about being here.
The place where Tim’s spirit left us.
It is spectacularly beautiful.
But an incredible sense of abandonment & sadness overwhelms me here.
I took this panorama while here – it gives a very strange perspective of the road behind and in front of me!
I finally carried on homewards.
Only another 20mins and I am at the house.
Anson was out doing his possum traps so the house was all quiet and cold.
I was horrified to find rat destruction through the hall and some bedrooms.
The mess was all too much 😦
So instead of dealing with it straight away I called up Jesika and had a chat with her to take my mind of everything.
Azzan arrived soon after with Phoebe & Seb and Sapphie.
He got stuck in and vacuumed up the mess which helped me face what I needed to do.
I began cleaning out my bedroom and Azzan helped me load a heap of boxes into the Nissan.
Seb dug out a few plants for me to bring back to town.
I didn’t want much, just a rose, Jesika & Evan’s wedding protea and some bulbs.
Phoebe took some cuttings from around the garden and then I began sorting stuff inside.
Azzan was very helpful and looked after his wee niece.
They found my bag of chips and finished them off 🙂

As Azzan vacuumed watch bedroom he closed the door to leave them empty and clean.
I finally got the school room done.
Sapphie discovered the empty bookcase and quickly turned it into a climbing wall.
She is certainly displaying talents her aunts would be proud of!!
Anson arrived back home.
He was very cold.
No wonder, the rest of NZ was in the grips of a winter storm bringing low thick snow down low in many areas south of us.
We were just getting the resulting colds winds.
He & I had been invited to Sandra & Phil’s for dinner.
So as soon as Seb & Phoebe headed off we raced around getting ready to go.
I managed to finish packing up the car.
I made sure I had as much onboard as I could take.
Anson left before me.
I wanted to make sure all was tidy and as clear as I could make it, plus was still fitting in more boxes and stuff to take out.
Finally left just before 6:30pm.
We arrived down in Bulwer to a lovely warm house and delicious dinner.
Spent the evening getting to know Tim & Martin’s cousin Gill & her eldest son David better.
It was the first time she had ever been to Port Ligar.
Phil had taken them fishing this arvo and they were enjoying their catch with their dinner.
Had to do a tad of photo cropping here because Martin & Gill’s faces would not cooperate with the camera – worse than taking photos of the kids!
IMG_5655 (1)IMG_5655
Marah was messaging me throughout the evening, sending these cute photos of Eden & Aaliyah which everyone enjoyed with me  🙂

Everyone began making moves towards their beds soon after 9:30pm.
I decided to head off home to Nelson.
I did have the invitation to stay the night but felt I just wanted to get home.
It was a long drive and I had to stop a many times to rest my eyes, but I finally pulled in the gate at 1am.
A very long day and an extremely long 3 hour drive but I was glad to be back in my own bed.

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