Tuesday 26th May

I surprised the children by my presence this morning.
They were not expecting me back until tonight.
In fact Nathan walked in the door without seeing my Nissan which was parked right outside, so stared at me in disbelief when he saw me at the table!
They were all heading off to work and school which left me home alone with just Caspian.
I put through several loads of washing.
It was a lovely breezy day so I hung out 4 loads.
As well, I was able to have a long soak in a bath with Epson Salts which helped to ease my aching body.
It was so lovely to just take my time and not rush off anywhere.
I made myself some food and lay on my bed in the sunshine to eat.
I didn’t begin unpacking the car until early afternoon.
Martin & crew arrived and the guys helped lift the boxes out.
We made plans for tomorrow and then they headed home.
I had bought some flannelette sheets online and wanted to change the colour so I zipped down to Briscoes later in the arvo.
Got them all washed and dried ready to put on my bed.
Mira cooked dinner tonight.
Vegetarian fritters, rice salad and roast potato cubes.
I whizzed off to pick up Mahalia from Kip McGrath after 6pm.
Shanni was staying in Richmond, and Nathan’s German lesson was cancelled so it was just the four of us tonight.
Caspian was being so funny.
Rolling around on the floor under my feet in a most ungainly fashion.
I was sorting things I want to sell on and Nathan built this wonderful art piece out of the 21 magazine file boxes.
Mira & Caspian had fun with it, until it collapsed 🙂
I left Mahalia & Caspian having a snuggly playtime in the kitchen and headed off to bed.
Found lots of selfies on my camera afterwards!

One thought on “Tuesday 26th May

  1. Delighted that you got some ‘ME time’ to soak in the bath with no pressure forthcoming. Good stuff my dear friend.

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