Wednesday 27th May

An early start today as I had to be out the door by 8am.
I hung out some washing.
In spite of the chilly and slightly forty morning it was breezy so it would all dry well.
Stopped in at The Bakers Cafe to pick up a morning mocha and a fresh melt in your mouth raspberry & custard croissant to munch on.
Totally divine deliciousness.
I had loaded up the Nissan last night with Mira’s help, stacking in the duchess and kitchen chairs which have been blocking up my back door for too long.
I knew I was taking Gill & David with me so when Sylvia rocked up as well we had to do a bit of manoeuvring to squeeze us all in.
But it was all good, and nice & cozy in the back seat on a chilly morning.
We stopped off at Waimea and met Shanni.
She had forgotten her lunch yesterday so I brought it out for her.
Then quickly raced in to leave stuff with Ross and then we were off and away.
Called in to the Wakefield Bakery.
It had moved into new premises only on Monday so still getting themselves set up and sorted.
I bought some morning tea and David got the drinks.
Took a while, guess the barista needs more practise.
Their old self service machine was actually quicker and did better coffees 🙂
We arrived at Marah’s door at 9;45am.
Thought we were too early as it as all locked up.
But no, the girls were just showered and keeping warm in the living room.
This is the pretty frosty sight at the back door that greeted us, so no wonder she keeps the wee girls in the living room until the fires and the sunshine warm the place up.

We chatted for a while then David went off and brought down a few barrow loads of firewood and I unloaded the truck.
He carried in the duchess for me.
Then we all enjoyed a cuppa and the sunshine in the kitchen.
It is all looking pretty in readiness for a certain 2 year olds birthday in a few days.
Marah got Eden all dressed up cosy and they went off with Sylvia to pick up feijoas.
I got to cuddle Aaliyah and she was soon sound asleep.
Haven’t lost my touch just yet 🙂
Marah sent me this photo after we had gone.
Cute 🙂
Gill & David had a plane to catch so we left around midday.
There are a lot of road works happening in their street so we had to negotiate it each time we came in and out.
The high speed internet cables are being laid around the city now so we cannot complain about the inconvenience.
Martin had soup and toast all ready for us.
I was really hungry so happily devoured my bowl full.
It was really lovely to sit and talk for the hour before leaving for the airport.
Then some more talking time at the airport before they had to all too soon board the flight.
It has been a very pleasant few days.
Looking forward to a lot more contact in the future 🙂

I dropped Martin & Sylvia home and then headed over the hill.
I was passing the library when I got a call from Mahalia asking if I could pick her up.
Good timing, I diverted and swung passed the NMIT and she climbed in.
She had had a long tiring day so was grateful for the ride.
Came home and she got ready for rowing and I took her over there at 4pm.
Had a chat with her rowing coach.
He was very positive about her rowing skills and said that if she perseveres she could be in the NZ championships in next few  years.
Great to hear, especially as she is enjoying it so much.
I stopped off to book tickets to the movies tonight.
On my way back Shanni text me to I picked her up.
Seem to be turning into a school bus today!
She had a driving lesson booked so wasn’t at home long.
Nathan cooked dinner.
David arrived to fit new light bulbs in.
What a huge difference LED bulbs make, the house is beginning to shine 🙂
Mahalia bounced in the gate with great enthusiasm as David was leaving so we all had a bit of a party int he courtyard 🙂
Nathan drove Mira & I off to the movies at 6pm.
We were thoroughly entertained by Melissa McCarthy & Miranda Hart in ‘Spy’.
It was hilarious.
Home to the girls who were in bed or nearly in bed.
I took Caspian for a run around the yard, he was not at all keen on getting into his bed tonight so I left him and put him in later after he had simmered down.

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