Thursday 28th May

I had a few appointments scattered through the middle of the day.
So before I left I got started on making soup for dinner.
Good wholesome nourishing warm soup that everyone in the house can eat and hopefully it would last a few days.
It took me most of the day to get it completed as I came and went.
First appointment was to go see Angie and get my fringe clipped as I was feeling a tad wool blind.
Then met up with Ella for a cuppa during her lunch break.
After leaving her I popped in to the Greek Foods shop and had a chat with my neighbours George & Laraine.
Left with a deliciously fresh out of the oven spanakopita.
So good!!
Am threatening to pop in to visit when Laraine is cooking sometime as they live only 2 fences away from here 🙂
I had some time free so went back home and carried on making soup.
Left Mira to finish it and zipped off to my next appointment.
Home again an hour later feeling much rejuvenated following a facial and massage.
Pat came to visit and we talked through a lot of plans I have in my head, discussed safety options for the gates and looked at the fixit jobs I need done.
Now I just have to wait for the timber to arrive so we can get started.

Tonight was the 3rd Quiz Night for our Nelson VanAid fundraising for Vanuatu.
I quickly changed into some tidier clothes plus my warm coat as it was really chilly out.
It was just after 5:30pm when I finally found the Tasman Bay Cruising Club.
The lighting was just lovely so I had to stop and take some photos before heading inside to help with the setting up.
We didn’t have a lot of time to set up but it was a smaller venue and by now we are all dab hands at it so it all was done fairly quickly.
I hadn’t had a chance to eat yet so wicked away to go find something quick and nourishing.
Cruised down Hardy street where most of the foodie places are.
Couldn’t get a park easily so by time I found one time was getting on.
Was thinking about Thai but then I discovered a new place.
It is Turkish, called Paasha.
They made me a wrap with zucchini fritters in it.
It was to die for delicious.
One of the best wraps I have ever had.
Definitely going back there!!
People began arriving not long after I returned.
It was a freezing cold night so it was good to be wrapped up cosy inside.
The venue was the smallest so far and the crowd was spread around an L shaped room.
But it was all good, very friendly happy bunch.
Tonight I was a marker so after every quiz section Anne, Karen & I would whip round and collect the papers and make them quickly whilst the others sold raffles and played games and Eric slipped in a few auctions.
It went well, a good night and thanks to all who donated and attended to raise some more dollars towards the Vanuatu fund.
I arrived back home around 10pm to find the fire was out and the house cold.
Not impressed, especially as I had gotten it going before I left.
Headed off to bed as Nathan was lighting it before he went to bed.
At least Caspian was warm tonight.

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