Saturday 30th May

I stayed in bed until 11am today.
Mahalia got up late too.
She was astonished that I let her sleep in till 10am!
It was cold so Caspian wasn’t complaining too greatly about sleeping in either.
I rolled out of bed into the bath.
Watched the first episode of ‘Orange is the New Black’ whilst soaking in hot Epson Salts.
When I was finally out and dressed I was looking for some food.
But other things got in the way.
Mahalia had stacked most of the wood Graham had dropped off and she had gone off walking with Katherine.
So I stacked the rest of it.
Moved a heap of timber to tidy up thing.
Then Nathan helped me move the small stack of wood Anson had left a while back.
Got it all stacked together so I could cover it all more easily.
Then we put the boxes of kindling into the shed out of the rain.
The rain was just beginning to fall.
Damp enough to be annoying but not heavy enough to cause too much damage.
Nathan & Mira went off shopping so I made some poached eggs on toast and watched another episode of Orange is the New Black.
Whizzed over to the airport to pick up a friend and when home the girls thought pizza sounded like pretty good idea for dinner so I mossied off down the street and got a pizza & chips.
Milton St Takeaways do a really good special pizza with spinach, feta, caramelised onions & walnuts.
Soon good.
The girls had also made some baked potatoes while I was gone.
We curled up on the sofa and watched a few episodes of The Paradise while we ate dinner.
Today was the first day we turned on the heat pump in the hall.
Had the fire blazing all day so the house was nice and cosy.
I’m not that keen on the heat pump type of heat, it doesn’t warm you up like the wood fire does, so I am glad to have a good supply of wood for the winter.

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