Wednesday 20th May

I was expecting Graham before 8am so was up early and moving the cars out of the way in preparation for the arrival of his trailer.
He backed it in and parked it in front of my nicely cleaned out woodshed.
All ready for the boys to unload during the day 🙂
I am ever so grateful to Graham & Anson for keeping my wood supplies up.
We are keeping ever so warm in the house now the days are getting cooler.
It was a cool day so I dragged out of the back of my winter drawer a thick wooden cardigan I had knitted years ago.
Somethings are worth keeping, they come back into fashion if you hold on to them long enough 😉
Caspian is enjoying running about the yard now I have the safety fence up inside the gate/
But when the guys were unloading the wood he parked up under the drawbar.
Must’ve thought it was the safest place!
I had a few things to do so headed off and left them to it.
Popped into SASH to suss out some work information.
Shared chocolates with Sarah-Jane while we talked 😉
Picked up a new set of drawers for Shanni’s bathroom from Warehouse Stationery’s sale in the hopes that it will help keep the place tidier.
Then off to meet Mahalia during her lunch break.
Picked up some baked spuds for our lunch cuz we were both starving hungry.
Then to Hannah’s to try on boots.
So jealous cuz Mahalia was able to fit the boots I really liked but didn’t fit 😉
Came out with a pair each so all was good.
Then to Lighting Plus, but found nothing that we liked.
Dropped her back at NMIT and I headed out to Lighting Direct to pick up a light for Mahalia’s bedroom that we had found online.
Decided I had enough time to buzz on out to Wakatu Estate to check out McCrae’s for some outdoor screens I had seen them advertising.
Got the quote booked and then headed back to the airport.
Stopped in briefly at Tile Direct but found nothing I liked.
Parked up at the airport beside this hot number.
I know which car Mahalia would prefer I drove back home 😉
Soon the travellers arrived to check in.
Once they had gotten their bags checked in they were free to ‘do coffee’.
Our last coffee date for a wee while.
It’been brief but it’s been cool to catch up again with you both again.
Love you heaps & look forward to seeing you in the hopefully not too distant future  xxxxx
Amy & Aviah had driven them here and Terence took a few minutes off work to come say goodbye too.
So we had to take some last minute family photos cuz it will be a while before Grandpers and Grandma will be back from Canada again.
I left them to say their last farewells before they boarded, and drove back home.

Nathan was cooking dinner tonight and he was in full flight when I arrived.
He had changed from his original menu and was now creating home made do-it-yourself hamburgers.
He even had a wonderful vegetarian option and a dairy free Shanni option so we all ate extremely well.
Mahalia had rowing so arrived back exhausted but exhilarated.
Shanni was off having a driving lesson after school.
David & Sasha arrived after work.
Sasha was looking a lot better after her change in medication, but still in a lot of pain and discomfort.
After dinner he checked out the bedroom lights that needed fitting.
They need some extra bits and pieces so he will return to do the job later.
Nathan had excelled and had made a delicious pie with ice cream for dessert.
Shanni was in bed by 8pm so I was trying to keep the noise down in the kitchen.
We were all really weary so D&S headed off home soon after.

Tuesday 19th May

Today I actually spent pretty much the whole day at home!
Wow! Amazing.
Still can’t remember what I managed to achieve by being here apart from posting some mail.
Azzan wanted to go for a walk so he walked up the street with me to hold the puppy while I sorted the parcels I was posting.
Then I brought Caspian home and Azzan carried on up to the top of the Centre of NZ.
Mira got stuck in and cleaned the bathroom and vacuum the house.

I was about to leave the house just after 3pm.
Hurriedly filled a wrap for Mahalia after she text asking for food.
Then whizzed down and dropped off Azzan & the wrap at Kip McGrath.
Took the opportunity to go suss out some lighting and check out the sale at Warehouse Stationary before picking Azzan up again.
Their tutor was very happy with them both, especially Mahalia tonight as she has achieved spectacularly well.
I was presented with a folder of her work and a certificate of achievement.
Very proud of her 🙂
Dropped Azzan off at the house and then drove off for an hour of ‘me’ time.
Checked out Hannahs and tried on winter boots.
Need something flattish and waterproof for winter.
Found a pair I liked so put them on hold till tomorrow.
Then grabbed a raspberry mocha from Starbucks just as they were closing – nice that they know me still even though I don’t frequent their doors so much these days.
Chatted on the phone with Sasha while I waited for Mahalia.
Back to the house for dinner.
Just a small family tonight as Shanni was staying in Richmond and Nathan was at his German lessons.

Mira cooked dinner tonight.
She made a vegetarian lasagne.
It was delicious.
There must’ve been something in the sauce though!  😉


Monday 18th May

Wow! Today was the windiest day ever!!
It was autumns temperatures so dressed accordingly.
Bright orange pants got pulled out from the back of the drawer and were donned along with my funky multi coloured boots.
Sometimes the show needs some brightening eh?
Managed to fit in a work debrief on phone with Sylv before my shower.
Had been too busy & tired to do it yesterday.
I had totally forgotten I had a 9:45am counselling appointment until just before 9am.
I was about to cruise off out the door, possibly walk the dog at the same time, and wander up to SASH to hand in my paper work.
However, that changed to rush mode, jump in the car, leaving instructions with Mahalia, and out the gate.
Raced in to drop the papers off, just had time to go pick up a Tank smoothie.
Not my regular – he is getting to know me and was about to make my Carribean, but I was in need of a Mega green smoothie this morning as no time for breakfast.
Then arrived at counselling 10 mins early so had time to sit and chill. Had a good hour there.
Always good to toss things around and learn more about myself and how I tick and how I can manage better.
Back home to find Phoebe upended inside her car cleaning it out ready to sell.
Such a tragic state of affairs, having to sell her baby 😦
Azzan was inside entertaining Sapphie.
He loves his wee nieces and is so good with them.
I was trying to get some things done in the kitchen but was called to the hallway to see this. Such fun 🙂
Hard not too keep clicking the camera when you have such cuteness in front of you!
I went off to do the grocery shopping and swap over some vacuum bags that we had been given wrongly when I bought the cleaner.
Back home doing enough to unload and get ready to leave again.
See came home and put his wee girl to sleep in the lounge.
It was really cute, Sapphie asleep on one sofa and Phoebe asleep on the other.
Mahalia went off to see Sophie and then on to rowing.
Seb had a look see in my car and found some more gadgets I didn’t know were there.
I had to run to meet Shanni so raced out the gate leaving them to pack up and head home.
Met Shanni at the Loveday Clinic and we had her second appointment with Dr Cindy de Villiers.
I could only stay for half the appointment.
It was good to get her results and hear what Cindy thought.
Its a bit hard when you sometimes have to get worse before you get better.
I guess thats what detoxing is all about.
Zipped up to Starbucks and got myself a raspberry mocha and then raced down to the SASH business meeting.
I had only just started at the last one so I was more into it this time.
Felt more comfortable about asking questions and getting involved.
We finished sometime before 8pm. Sarah-Jane had made scones and I was starving so I scoffed one and took one home to eat with my dinner.
Very yummy they were too 🙂
Out the door and back home. Shanni had made Pad Thai so I dished up a bowl full, it was delicious with the tuna spread she had made to go with it.
Took a while to settle and sort kids, but I eventually got myself off to bed and ate my dinner while catching up on the days events on Campbell Live.

Sunday 17th May

I woke up at 2am, not the dozy only just awake and can roll over and go back to sleep waking, but the wide awake it must be morning time awakeness :-/
Got back to sleep around 4:30am.
Then was woken just after 7am by the pager.
That got me going.
Dressed and away by 7:30am.
No time for the planned morning shower today.
Mahalia was off to rowing at 9am so I left a note for Shanni to look out for Azzan and take care of Caspian.
She had everything under control and I got a text a bit later saying they were making pikelets.
As I had rushed off without time for breakfast I was rather envious.

I finally got back home around 11:30am.
I made myself some toast and a cup of herb tea, took 10 and wrote up my work notes.
The kids were keen to do something and as it was a lovely day we eventually got into gear and piled into the car with the puppy.
We went to the back beach – I hadn’t been there before so took directions from the kids.
It was a beautiful calm afternoon, the tide was way out so we walked almost to the end of the sand spit.
Such a large expanse of beach for a little puppy 🙂
Azzan had Caspian on the long rope so he could go exploring.
Shanni took the lead on the way back.
Reflections were so beautiful
Caspian lived meeting all the other dogs – this young Scottish terrier was named Arthur – love it!
We all brushed off the sand – no sand in my new car folks!
Then loaded onboard and headed out to Richmond.
Dropped Shanni’s water damaged laptop off for Ross to work his magic on.
While I was talking with Andrea, Mahalia asked Ross about a weird thing on her iPhone which resulted in more technical help.
Result was that due to an app she had downloaded but was no longer using, ‘someone’ had accessed her phone and was causing some problems.
So Ross got rid of the app completely and all is well again 🙂
Back home to leave Caspian and get ready to go out for an early dinner.
I was waiting in the car, Shanni jumped in, I was tooting for the others so they came belting out and leapt in the back.
Out the gate and around the corner and heard that neither of them was actually ready to leave so I went around the block and back home for a quick moment to allow Azzan to nip inside and put on his jeans.
Now he was ready so we left.
Still arrived a bit early so popped in to visit John & Sally for 15 minutes.
Nice to catch up briefly 🙂
Then back to Smugglers just after 5pm.
We all ordered our meals and then while waiting for them to be served our cell phones were banished from use and we sat and discussed the weeks meal planning.
I jotted down their ideas and ingredient requirements so we are one step ahead now.
The meals were all fantastic.
Azzan had the ribs.
He knew his order before we arrived.
He was hanging out for the ribs!
And enjoyed every last bit of them 🙂
Mahalia had the vegetarian filo and pronounced it to be very delicious.
Shoshannah took the longest to sort out her meal as she was quite restricted on what she could eat.
Finally decided on the Thai beef salad with a side of chips.
It went down well, just too much sauce which the staff said they would get the chef to moderate next time.
And I was delighted to see the salmon filo meal was back not he menu so of course had to order that as it is always fantastic 🙂
We had lots of fun, declined dessert as we had eaten well plus we were ordering from vouchers and were on a tight budget.
But returned home and devoured the leftover apple crumble from last night.
I headed off to bed really early and watched X Factor.
Fell asleep during the show but watched the end.
It is the 2nd to last night so getting very close to finding out the ultimate winner!!

Saturday 16th May

Another chilly start to the day.
I woke around 6:30am but stayed snuggled up under my blankets.
I could hear Shanni rattling around in the kitchen.
She was bright eyed and bushy tailed getting breakfast ready, emptying the dishwasher, plus searching out dresses on the internet, my inbox has been pinging since last night each time she finds a possibility for her graduation gown.
9am and the sunshine is pouring in on my bed – lovely after the wet and cold days of this past week.
But I can’t stay in here much longer because I have a called a family meeting for 10am.
The kids are all curious as to what it is all about so are all at the table waiting for me to kick start the proceedings.
We spend the next hour or so discussing how to set boundaries within my/our home to ensure that things run in a more organised fashion.
I talked about how I personally have a great need for order and how we can achieve that.
From keeping the living areas clean and tidy to creating meal plans and grocery budgets.
With 6 of us living in the house and all being busy it can and has become a bit of a railway station and it has been doing my head in.
It all went well, now we just have to keep things on target!
Once we had finished talking Nathan & Mira went off to the market.
Shoshannah spent the day cleaning up her room – and actually succeeded today.
Azzan & Mahalia helped with some other cleaning up.
I cut up some meat and made a casserole for dinner in the slow cooker.
When I bought this house I was dismayed to discover the previous owners had ripped out a huge feijoa tree.
So one of the first things I did was to take out the non fruit producing shrubs they had put in its place and planted three Bambina feijoa trees and two guavas.
That was on the 4th December last year.
And today Shoshannah found the first ripe feijoa on the ground so we shared it!
That is only 5 months from planing the trees – so exciting 🙂
And there is more fruit forming,
Super cool!!

After lunch Sarah-Jane, Madi & Isaac arrived bearing board games.
They were soon ensconced around the table with Azzan playing Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly etc for the rest of the afternoon.
I was really tired and needing some sunshine so took myself off to my bedroom.
I was trying to make some of the job/budget lists but kept dozing off so they didn’t happen.
Nathan went off to work.
It was a lovely day outside so several loads of washing were put through and Mira got them hung out.
Later in the day Mira took Mahalia, Shoshannah & Caspian to the beach for a walk.
Azzan & Madi sorted the dvds to find one they all agreed on.
I did a bit of a sort out in the pantry.
There is some very obvious sign that we have a little furry visitor in there darnit!
Thankfully most of the food is in containers.
I made a starry and put rice on to cook and made some apple crumbles.
The girls came home with ice cream and dinner was all ready to serve.
It all got eaten so I’m guessing I can still cook 😉
The kids watched their movie – Step Up 3 I think it was, while Sarah-Jane and I spent the evening looking up Nelson suburbs and trying to locate a map online displaying all the boundaries.
But apart from Google maps which only shows one suburb at a time we couldn’t find anything showing them all.
The reason for the search stemmed from SJ’s discovery that the suburb right beside her house is called Stepneyville.
She is of the opinion that we cannot find any maps via the NDC because no one else in Nelson knows that it exists either 🙂
It is actually rather intriguing looking at the boundaries of the various suburbs and wondering how on earth they were created as they are so random.
And I know, I know, the fact that we spent our Saturday evening checking out something so stupidly random as the boundaries of the suburbs of the city is even more random.
Well, I guess thats life in the city for solo mothers 😉

SJ & her two left around 8pm and we cleaned up the kitchen and all headed off towards bed.
I crashed out fairly quickly.

Friday 15th May

Took the waking process a bit more slowly this morning.
Actually slept really well and for longer than  2 or 3 hours last night.
I think I managed around 8 hours or maybe even a tad more!
Consequently I was feeling not too bad.
The girls were up and getting ready to head off to NMIT.
On Fridays they are both there, both in Trades area just different classrooms.
They often hang out together at lunchtime which is nice for them.
I spent the morning working in the sunshine on my bed.
Azzan wanted help but it was too cool and no sun in his room so he came in and lay on my floor so do his english.
We were just getting ready to head into town around 11:30am when Martin popped in for a visit.
Had a chat, and checked out Marigold, then he biked off and we zipped into town.
Azzan ran some papers up to the accountant for me, then we parked near Farmers so I could pick up some things Mahalia had put aside.
I bought him a hot chocolate at Starbucks and then he went off on a mission to find a barber to cut his hair.
I went to meet up with Ella for lunch at Yaza Cafe.
Hadn’t been there in ages but its close to her work so convenient.
Turned out to be a great choice.
Wonderful food 🙂
Mocha wasn’t the best but the spinach, bacon, & egg salad won the day.
It contained – Fresh Leaf Spinich, Crispy Bacon, Tomato, Poached Egg, Croutons & Olives Tossed in Balsamic Vinegarette Topped With Fresh Parmesian Shavings.
Total delizioso 🙂
We had a lovely hour catching up, promising to make it more of a regular occurrence.
Silly how we let life interfere with spending time with friends :-/
Azzan had taken himself off to counseling after his haircut so I went and did a couple of things.
Met him afterwards and gave him a ride home.
He wasn’t feeling too good so crashed on his bed.
The girls breezed in together soon after us.
Caspian had been give a short walk by Nathan so Mahalia & Azzan took him for a longer walk before dinner.
I spent most of the evening catching up in my study.
Once again I had intentions of unpacking boxes but didn’t get to even open one :-/
Nathan & Mira were both working tonight so it was just us for dinner.
Shanni made a venison stew with veggies and a delicious dessert for afters.
Struggling to get there fire going tonight and it is a bit chilly so might just go cuddle up in bed.

Thursday 14th May

Shanni came in at 6:30am to see if I was taking her to work.
I had woken at 4am, so was quite surprised that I had gone back to sleep.
I quickly got myself dressed and drove her to Hales Corner to meet Lynette.
They are working out at Wakefield, hence the early starts.
Came home and was planning to hunker down and get some unpacking done.
But as usual that didn’t happen!
Jana called to postpone our lunch date till next Thursday.
Roni called and we had a really good catch up – haven’t had a good chat in ages so over an hour later I had to go even though we hadn’t finished talking.
Called Anson back and arranged to meet them in Richmond for lunch.
Marah was getting cabin fever and wanted time out.
Its been a month since she went home with Aaliyah so she was ready for some retail therapy – aka grocery shopping 😉
Just after we arranged to meet the heavens opened and thunder reverberated the skies with incredible magnitude!
It was quite ferocious for a while, made me think twice about leaving the house actually.
Thankfully it passed over by the time I was ready to go.
Being ready for that weather involved dragging out my winter boots which are the only waterproof footwear I have.
But I am so out of practise with wearing heels that they felt really odd.
Crazy that when I lived on the farm I would dress up to come to town but now I’m here it is a real pain to wear heels much because I am walking far more.
Azzan went out to open the gate, the puppy was meant to be inside, so when I saw a white streak flashing past it was a mad scramble to close the gate in a hurry.
Man! He is like liquid lightening!!
Nathan got him secured and we left.
Stopped in at the vets to get another harness cuz the wee brat had chewed through his other one.
Then a quick trip to see Jane at Jay Jays.
We arrived out in Richmond about 20mins before the others so we went for a browse through the shops.
Then secured a table in the food court.
I’d got Azzan’s lunch for him and was just choosing mine when the family arrived.
They had also been waiting for the thunder storm to blow over before leaving, hence them being a bit later.
Aaliyah slept through the whole process.
When I got back to the table Eden was helping Uncle Zani eat his lunch.
After she had shared his Macca’s, my Indian and her parents Chinese she was all ready to open presents 🙂
Aunty Sandra sure knows how to keep a big sister happy, she gave Eden a baby present too so she wouldn’t feel left out.
It was lots of fun trying to get inside the parcel.
“Thanks for the really cool book Aunty Sandra.
I’m sure Daddy will love reading it to me when I get home.
But for now I have to open Aaliyah’s present from Uncle Martin & Sylvia”  🙂
Marah popped Sandra’s present to Aaliyah in her bag to open later 😉
Aaliyah woke up so I was able to have some cuddles with her.
But it was really hot in the mall so her Daddy took her and stripped her off a bit.
I’m thinking he is pretty rapt with his wee lassie.
We had to leave by 2pm so we all packed up and headed out to the cars.
Thankfully the rain had stopped so we could exchange all the things between cars and say our goodbyes without getting drenched.
They came over and checked out Marigold, pronounced her beautiful but Eden wasn’t impressed when Anson wanted to put her to bed in my boot.
We left them to go do their shopping and we drove back into the city.
Azzan had been wanting to go to the library but changed his mind so I dropped him back home.
I carried on to meet Phillipa at The Suter Cafe.
We had papers for each of us to witness/sign so good excuse to have a coffee together.
Not that we need an excuse 😉
Mahalia met us there as I had arranged to go shopping with her but forgot – duh!
She had a quick snack and then went off to do her exploratory shopping.
I had to leave just before 4pm.
Headed up the hill to meet with David & Ross.
Spent a couple of hours talking business.
Exhausting end to the day so I was really weary when I arrived home around 6:30pm.
Nathan had picked up Shanni after work and had some soup and veggies on for dinner.
There seemed to be an air of titchyness hanging over the house tonight :-/
I went off to bed and left them all to it.
Actually got to sleep early, only to be woken around 10:30pm by activity in the kitchen/hallway  😦
Thankfully fell asleep again unusually easily.

Wednesday 13th May

My day on pager today so I was up and ready to start the day well before 8am.
Didn’t get much sleep last night.
I was too excited at having made contact with a distant cousin.
I had not had any contact with her for about 5 years and then she randomly popped up on a Facebook suggestion so I friended her and then discovered she was visiting her family in Australia – so close but just so far.
Was fantastic though to communicate with her and her son into the early hours.

I really wanted to spend the day at home getting boxes unpacked.
It seems to be a slow process as I always get side tracked :-/
Didn’t get much done once again.

Estelle got all excited to discover that Joan Baez is coming back to NZ again.
And she is performing in Auckland the night after Neil Diamond.
And we will be in Auckland for both nights straight after Estelle’s birthday – great celebrations!
So guess which two concert junkies now have tickets to go to both shows??
October is going to be an exciting month 🙂

My car was ready to pick up after lunch so Nathan drove me over.
I sure am not a good front seat passenger!
I now have a new battery and a new main fuse board.
It is apparently very unusual for this to happen and they don’t know why it did – that’s electronics of you!

I drove to our monthly SASH CRT Supervision tonight as it was a tad cold out.
Mahalia had rowing.
Shanni was back home and in bed by that time I returned home.
Supervision session was really good.
Always seem to learn more about ourselves in our endeavour to help others.
Came home, made myself a wrap for dinner and headed straight off to bed.

Tuesday 12th May

Woke to pouring rain this morning.
I had a day with absolutely nothing on the calendar so was anticipating the whole day at home.
I shouldn’t have even given that thought the slightest opportunity to roost!
I took pity on the girls and offered to drop them off at their respective places.
Both gladly accepted so I got out of bed at 8:15am, raced through the shower and we were out the gate half an hour later.
Of course by then the rain had eased considerably.
Dropped Mahalia off at NMIT then spent an hour shopping with Shanni as she didn’t need to catch the bus until after 10am.
Nice to have some time with her, she found the sales rack at Glassons and eventually found the required 3 garments for the ‘buy 3 pay for 2’ deal.
Then she ran over and picked up a couple of smoothies from Tank Juice Bar cuz we were so hungry after all that shopping 😉
Then to Warehouse Stationary to get some whiteboards.
Shanni had already been in there yesterday sussing them all out.
She is determined we need some order in the camp and is hoping this might help.
So we chose a magnetic white board with a cork area to have by the back door for communal family communicating.
And then a small funky memo board for each of the three kids bedrooms so they can keep track of themselves!!
I left her to go catch her bus and whizzed in to pick up my $2 bag of fresh buns before heading back home.
Azzan was just getting himself up and moving.
I left him to shower, clean up his room and do some maths while I walked the puppy.
My short walk to the post box turned into over an hours walk to the vets to get his wound checked because I discovered his dressing had come off.
He doesn’t ever seem to be able to keep his post op dressings on – shaking my head!
When we got to the back entrance of the vet clinic Caspian began getting really excited.
He always gives the nurses a huge playful all over them greeting and they love him.
The nurses checked him out and decreed everything to be absolutely fine so after receiving a treat from them he was happy to carry on with our walk.
We walked along the river which was dirty and in flood after the rain.
The autumn colours are just beautiful.
There were a group of ducks fossicking about in the fallen leaves up ahead.
Caspian was very interested in them!
He was also interested in meeting all the other dogs out walking too.
We were so close to Gay’s place that I decided to go say g’day.
She was in the garden, but about to go for a walk so she walked back with us.
We took the long route home calling into visit a friend of mine who has recently moved in around the corner from me, but none was at home.
So back to the house to see what the others were doing.
Nathan had gone to work and Azzan & Mira were hanging out.
I just wanted to hunker down and do some much needed paperwork and start unpacking and sorting through boxes which have been stacking up since my last trips home.
But Azzan was needing my attention, wanting to ‘do’ something with me.
He came and asked me, ‘Can we please go to The Warehouse? I have a good attitude today.’
How could I turn down that request? 😉
I convinced him to carry on with some maths while I had my lunch and then around 2:30pm we went off to The Warehouse.
He had a list of toiletries that he needed wanted.
We were just getting them when Mahalia text to say she was waiting for me to pick her up.
I had just realised only about half an hour prior that she had a double booking after school.
Her orthodontist appointment was at 3:20pm and her Kip McGrath began at 3:30pm.
Bother it!
I text her tutor to let her know she would be late and braved the crazy after school traffic in Waimea Road to get her to her orthodontist in time.
Then back to drop off Azzan.
And then back up the road to pick her up and drop her off 20mins late.
I was grateful that the orthodontist wasn’t running late as he often can be at that time of day.
She was starving hungry so scoffed down her lunch wrap as we drove.
I left her and went across to pick up some eggs.
Funny how just 1 item on the shopping list becomes a trolley full by the time you get to the checkout 😕
I went back and picked up Azzan.
Because we had left home late we hadn’t had time to actually spend time together like he wanted so I promised to take him to the Sprig & Fern after his lesson.
We dropped the car back home, left Mira to hang out washing and walk the dog, and we walked up to the Sprig and ordered a drink each.
Azzan popped next door to order chips which were delivered soon after.
It was nice spending 40 mins with my young man.
He walked back home just before 6pm.
Mira picked Mahalia up for me and they all hung out at home.
Belinda & Anne and Karen arrived around 6pm for our Nelson VanAid meeting to refine the next quiz nights.
Belinda & I enjoyed the deliciously divine bacon & cream cheese scones with a berry cider.
I am very fussy when it comes to ordering baking when I am out but the cook here knows how to make scones so I know they will consistantly be good.
They are always different and delectable and fresh.
I was trying to be business like during the meeting, really I was, but Marah kept sidetracking me.
I mean to say, how could I be completely focused with photos of totally adorable cuteness like this pinging into my phone??
We finished our meeting around 8pm.
There was a lot of hilarity as we left when we connected with several of the groups in the pub and did a spiel about the forthcoming quiz nights.
Gotta sell those tickets anyway we can 😉
Anne had posters so we passed them around to encourage the folks to get interested.

I arrived back and found Nathan & Mira making their dinner and the two kids in Mahalia’s room.
They were not hungry so hadn’t bothered to cook anything.
This was what greeted me as I walked in.
Azzan wasn’t that keen on having the mummarazzi in action but it was most interesting to return a wee while later and record the monster Mahalia was creating.
He totally freaked Mira out when he surprised her at the back door.
I heard her screams from my room!
Had to remind them that it was 9pm and we do have neighbours!!
I went off to bed.
He took great delight in kissing me goodnight and leaving the imprint behind 🙂
Delightful kids I have 😉

Monday 11th May

…….and then it was 5am and I was awake after barely 3 hours sleep :-/
Had a 7am appointment so was up and out the door around 6:30am.

Took my new ride, think I might call her Marigold – it’s a bright cheerful orange colour eh?
Apparently Marigold is symbolic of passion & creativity 🙂
A cool damp but clear morning.
Spent an hour with Susie getting some kinks unkinked in my spinal & sacral regions.
Things seem to be improving, until she starts poking and prodding and then I realise that I still actually have a ways to go.
But I am now able to spread out the appointments as I can move much more freely which is great.
I went back out to head home but alas Marigold was not feeling very sparky.
In fact there was no spark 😦
So I called up the AA and a knight in a white and yellow truck soon came to my rescue.
He quickly established that the battery was dead flat.
It was the original battery so about 3.5 years old.
Over time for a new one apparently.
He got started for me so I could drive over to AA headquarters and get the correct replacement battery, only to then discover that something else was not quite right.
This time he suspected the alternator.
Most unusual in a vehicle of this age – apparently!
I had done all the due diligence on the vehicle prior to purchase, including an independent mechanical assessment so I was a bit frustrated.
However, once he had gotten me up and running he followed me over to Vanguard St and got me sorted.
After a chat with the boss, and giving him permission to operate on Marigold’s internals I was free to leave.
John & Evelyn were coming to visit at 9am, so they swung by and collected me on the way home.
I flew into The Bakers Cafe on the way and picked up some morning tea.
The car problems had not allowed me time to create my own home baked masterpieces, well that was my story for today 😉
Shanni had already left for school, and Mahalia was about to bike to her physio appointment.
Azzan had overslept so was up making me the promised breakfast.
I was a bit past eating but as he had made the effort, I in turn made the extreme sacrifice of eating his delicious scrambled eggs 😉
Then, and only then was I free to partake in the deliciousness of the custard & raspberry croissant 🙂
We did ‘the tour’ and then sat and chatted over a cuppa.
Sandra & Phil popped in for a quick visit too.
Azzan was making fresh apple juice so they enjoyed that whist meeting my Canadian’s and establishing where we all fitted into the boxes of each others lives.
They then headed off on their romantic interlude at ‘The Hairy Hobbit’.
A gift to them from their darlings, which according to Phil, they ‘may as well get it over with now!’ 🙂
Looking forward to hearing all about it you guys – well, maybe not all, but most 😉

The morning was supposed to turn to very wet custard, it was quite cool already so I tried to get the fire going.
John attacked some wood with the axe and succeeded with the mission.
But the sun decided to shine and the day improved.
But we were warm indoors, and that was the main thing!
It was close on lunch time when John & Evelyn left to continue with their adventures, with promises from both sides to do some cafe crawling before they leave.

I had just over an hour free and Mahalia had been wanting to give me a facial so as I was in great need of being horizontal for a while she took the opportunity to set up her beauty salon in the sunroom.
I happily laid back and accepted whatever she chose to ministrative upon me.
And it was most pleasing as she had all the colours co-ordinating 🙂
And who cares what you look like when you have your eyes closed in a selfie 😉
Once she had done the face massage and applied the mask she then asked if there was anything else I would like so I waved my hands in the air and when I woke up my fingernails were a delicious shade of orange.
It was all too soon over and I needed to get up and ready to head up the street.
She threw her hands in that air and said ‘you’ll probably want to redo your make up!’
But actually, no, I really loved what she had done so I wore it proudly for the rest of the day 🙂
My hair was absolutely yuck but she very efficiently fixed that too.
So I left the house feeling a million dollars.
Thanks Halia xxxxx

Nathan & Mira went off to do some grocery shopping which was very appreciated.
Azzan wanted to race up the Centre of NZ and Mahalia had rowing later so they were all occupied.

I wandered down the street, or is it up the street?
Haven’t really gotten my locational bearings yet.
Just know that it is only 6 properties to the south of me, 120metres, 1 minute walk, to get to The Sprig & Fern.
How convenient is that??
I had scheduled to meet Phillipa there once she had finished work for the day – paid work that is.
We mothers know the actual truth of this matter don’t we?
As I was about to leave I received a call from Jenny & David.
They were in town, had time to spare, wanting to catch up, and were looking to have some lunch.
So they came and joined us at the Sprig.
We made up a jolly party for an hour or so.
Delicious platters and drinks around a table in a cosy spot with friends is a lovely way to spend an afternoon.
Shoshannah called in on her way back from school and Azzan came just as we were leaving so we walked back to the house and showed Jenny & David around our new abode.
David used to be the assessor for the Gateway builders, which is what Shanni is doing now so he was very encouraging of her choice.
They had to head off into the sunset so we said our farewells.
I had forgotten I was supposed to be going to another SASH webinar tonight.
I felt like a walk so got myself ready to leave around 4:30pm.
But first some issues to sort out with Shoshannah & Azzan.
After some time listening to each side of the story I decided that actually they need to sort themselves out, I don’t need to intervene, so after informing them of that fact I left Shoshannah creating a corned beef casserole for dinner.
I enjoyed the walk – it is only about 15mins.
The wind was quite gusty and it was cool but I was bundled up warmly.
Once we had the technical issues sorted, the ones that always seem to dog the webinar evenings, we five cosied up in the office and spent the next two hours listening to Janina Fisher Ph.D. speaking on “Working with the Neurobiological Legacy of Trauma”.
It is very interesting but she speaks in a slowish detailed m,anger which tends to lull me off to sleep.
I was really struggling to stay away.
In fact I gathered from the amusement from the others I had failed miserably!
So we took a half time stretch and then settled down to get through the rest of it.
I was very glad when it finally finished as I was beginning to nod off again – oh dear!
Rebekah dropped me back home.
The kids were having a movie night in the lounge so I made myself a salad and went off to bed, leaving them to clean up.
So weary, it was a long day.