Thursday 25th June

It was a lot colder today.
-1.3’C in Nelson.
We even got a slight frost.
Phoebe’s car was thick white on the roof.
The lawn was lightly crisp and the deck was very slippery.
Back window of my car was iced up, but that was the extent of it here.
Shoshannah was picked up for work before 8am.
Mahalia tore out the door half an hour later.
I spent the morning helping Nathan sort out his NZQA stuff and figuring what he needs to do to get the credits he needs for his university studies.
Talk about complicated and extremely frustrating.
Finally found a guy who talked us through it on the phone but even he couldn’t give us 100% certainty of what to do.
We completed the enrolment online with what knowledge we now had.
Once that was done and Nathan had gone off to work I sorted some of the the boxes stacked in the kitchen.
Loaded several into the Nissan to get them one step closer to the recycling centre.
I began making a large batch of pumpkin soup.
Cooked up a heap of chickpeas to add to it.
I am loving having my pressure cooker out here now, makes it so much faster and energy efficient.
Azzan was given the ultimatum to clean up his room and get his school work done before he left to go to his counselling session.
I picked him up at 2:45pm and after getting myself a raspberry mocha from Starbucks we went to Torpedo to get all the bike accessories he needed.
We chose the high viz vest and some gloves and then recruited some assistance from the shop assistant.
He got Azzan sorted with a helmet and lights.
He is now pretty much ready for school.
It was time for Kip McGrath so I left him there and came back home to continue with the soup.
Found Caspian in Mahalia’s room, on Mahalia’s bed.
Both looking rather sheepish at being caught!
I left them to it with strong suggestions to Mahalia that she had a very limited time to clean up her room.
I quickly put some soup into a vacuum mug for Azzan to take with him cuz Anson had arrived and was taking him home with him for a few days.
Azzan was very very happy to be heading off with his big bro again.
We carried on with our dinner.
Shanni was getting her camping gear finalised.
Mahalia went off babysitting for a couple of hours.
I blobbed out and watched some ‘Orange is the new Black’ for the evening.

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