Wednesday 24th June

Another morning spent around the house and yet feeling like nothing much was achieved.
While hanging out the washing I discovered Caspian has found a new water bowl.
Azzan & I whizzed out to Richmond to see Marah & Anson.
They had another appointment so we thought we could help babysit.
We got there first and had time to go get Azzan’s school shoes.
The last bit of his uniform – someone is getting very excited 🙂
Anson had to go drop off something first so we helped Marah with the babies when she arrived.
Aaliyah was all prettied up in her town clothes looking very cute.
Eden was overjoyed to see her Uncle Zani, they had an energetic greeting.
‘Hey Eden! Smile for Nonna’
Not on your life!!
Love these two of her and Azzan having a cute moment.
Marah went off to meet Anson so we took Eden into the mall.
Azzan spotted Buonissimo Gelato Cafe so we didn’t get any further!
We bought a gelato each and a cute wee baby cone for Eden.
I had no idea that it was almost solid chocolate – oops!
Sugar high for Mum & Dad a bit later :-/
In the meantime though it was enjoyed with lots of pleasurable licks.
She tried to share it with me, but I’m not into chocolate ice cream so one wee lick was plenty.
We tried to leave the last little piece of cone behind when we left the table but she wasn’t having a bar of that and insisted on devouring every skerrick.
We walked back to the bank through Whitcoulls and the lady there chatted with Eden as she did her toddler walk through the shop.
Anson was trying to keep Aaliyah quiet, she was memorised by the lights for a while.
I swapped grandbabies, leaving a very hyped Eden and taking a slightly grumpy Aaliyah for a walk.
We walked back through Whitcoulls and  thoroughly confused the lady who’d seen us with Eden only moments earlier 🙂
We whizzed through the supermarket and soon the we poppet was sound asleep.
Back to the bank and they were still sorting out their stuff so we sat and waited.
Eden was creating havoc but Azzan managed to capture me with the two wee darlings in a few split seconds as she raced about.
Check out that cheeky look in the first photo and the wee piggy nose in the second.
Little monkey!!
We all had to get moving so Anson took off down to Port Ligar to do some stock work while Azzan & I helped Marah get the kids strapped in their carseats.
She had to go pick up a fire door which was having the glass replaced at Tahunanui and as it wasn’t quite ready she took the kids to the beach and had a wonderful breather.
Of course Eden got completely soaked 🙂

Azzan & I headed straight back home to meet up with Martin & Sylvia.
The sun was dazzling as we drove along the motorway.
I was incredibly tired by the time we arrived home point so collapsed somewhat.
They arrived soon after us and we negotiated the measurements of the chest they are taking to Christchurch for me.
Once they had left Mira & Azzan went off for a bike ride.
Azzan returned feeling much more confident.
Mahalia came home and then left again for rowing.
Shoshannah was getting ready for her Outdoor Ed camp so needed to go shopping for food.
She biked on ahead and I followed a bit later to meet her at the supermarket to help her with the food.
Then she went to rock clinging for a couple of hours.
I went back home and Mira & I made dinner while Azzan took Caspian for a run.
We made a huge pot of pasta and veggies with a pureed pumpkin & coconut cream sauce.
We have some many butternuts here that need to be used so I am going all out to turn them into soups etc.
The carnivores had stir fried steak with it and the vegetarians had cheese, and I made a separate pot with gluten free pasta for Shanni so all needs were easily catered for.
It was really really good and everyone loved it 🙂

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