Sunday 28th June

Had to get up and going by 8am so I was on deck for when Martin & Sylvia came passed to pick up an item to take to Christchurch for me.
Roused Mahalia 10mins before their eta but was still impatiently yelling down the hall for her to come help me lift after they arrived.
We had it loaded in very quickly so she was able to go back to her room and take time to wake up properly before heading off to church.
I did some cleaning up and sorting of stuff.
Loaded more into the Nissan.
Wanting to get it filled up before venturing to the op shop so I don’t have to do more than one load.
Was so tired and desperately needing warmth so took myself off to my bed and spent several hours dozing and watching a few episodes of Come Dine With Me NZ.
I finally roused myself and spent some time figuring out how to use my new scanner.
It was actually quite easy, I just hadn’t had any free headspace to work it out till now.

Headed off to Richmond around 3pm.
Spent a little time with Ross & Andrea before picking up Shanni from school.
We dropped her friend off on the way back.
They had enjoyed a wonderful weekend.
When we got back home I just wanted to fall into bed as I was so weary.
Shanni wanted to show me her photos so I had a quick look at them first.
She has some excellent pictures, I was extremely impressed to see where she was climbing – too scary for me!

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