Tuesday 21st July

I woke around 6am so thought I would get things kick started in the kitchen for the kids.
They are normally responsible for getting they own lunches and breakfasts.
It was chilly again so the heat pumps were turned on and I got the porridge cooking.
Then I made up two wraps for Azzan & Mahalia.
Azzan took far too much lunch yesterday so want to cut it way back today.
Shoshannah had an 8am bus to catch so was gone soon after 7:30am.
Azzan came out all sparky ready for another day.
He is still working out his morning time frame, as to how long it takes him to get ready before needing to leave so is getting up far too early.
Better than having to prise him out of bed though.
I managed to convince him to put on a jacket and scarf and then he was away laughing around 8:15 🙂
Mahalia doesn’t have to leave until around 8:45am and she was still in post camp not too well very tired mode so she was slow to start and grateful for her lunch and breakfast today.
So by 9am I was sitting here all quiet with just the pup.
I pottered about getting some things done.
Had a shower and heard someone in the kitchen, thought it was Nathan but found afterwards that Seb had been and gone.
Spent a long time on the computer communicating with various folk getting things sorted for Azzan.
He is joining basketball and tennis and I am trying to get my head around all the new things involved with school life.
Mid morning decided to take the puppy for a walk.
Pat arrived to finish off some work just as I was leaving.
Nathan was leaving to go do some town jobs too.
I asked him to drop Azzan’s PE clothes and shoes off to him as I had discovered his sports were today and not tomorrow as we had thought.
Caspian and I walked to the Sprig and got my mandatory take out mocha.
It’s my payment for walking the dog 😉
Then we walked up to the park and back stopping to sniff out all the other passers by as we went.
Sasha met me at the gate.
She had come to sit in the sun and share lunch time with me.
But Anson was also here.
So we loaded all the things on his trailer that he was picking up and then waved him off before coming inside to make my lunch.
Finally we were able to go sit in the sunroom and soak up the VitD as talk.
It was so lovely and relaxing.
Phillipa arrived to join us in the sun, she went off and got real coffees from the Sprig.
Far too convenient isn’t it 😉
Sasha finally gathered up the energy to bike off home.
I spent the next hour or so with Pat & Phillipa planing the landscaping of the front area.
Now the deck is almost finished we can move on to Stage 2 🙂
They left and I found Seb waiting for me in the kitchen.
We were both really tired but managed to muster up enough energy to have a short business meeting.
Then he headed off to do his last things and go home.
I had begun making dinner this morning, had great intentions of having it all prepared but that went out the window so I had to scurry and make it late arvo.
I was so trying to get into a better routine, but that went out the window early.
I discovered the black beans were not cooked properly so turned the pressure cooker back on and started cutting up veggies.
Azzan arrived home.
He was a happy chappy.
I was puzzled though because he said he had done PE earlier so the clothes arrived too late.
But on his class schedule it was down for the last period.
Then I discovered he had taken an option for the last class to join in with some debating and really enjoyed it.
He was oblivious to the fact that it was their sports time – what he thought was his PE class was actually just their break time when they were all playing basketball.
Poor kid – he is trying to get it all sorted but it is a real big whirlwind of newness that his brain is trying to deal with.
He is getting in there and participating in everything so that is great.
I received a phone call from his headmaster giving me a run down on how Azzan was doing from thier perspective.
He commented that Azzan had joined in the debating and liked it and suggested that he might be interested in joining the Future Problem Solving group.
I was so happy.
That is exactly what Azzan wanted to do when he asked to go to Prep and now it seems it is happening with him just being himself.
Mahalia had gone straight to Kip McGrath but came home after her 1st lesson as she was exhausted and feeling.
Shanni was crashed out in the lounge and Azzan in his room.
I was in a tizz trying to get the food ready.
Thankfully Azzan came to my rescue.
Finally I managed to get dinner finished.
Then Shanni & I went to pick up Katherine so we could have dinner earlier.
Dinner was really good.
Maybe it was because I was so hungry by then!!

Katherine stayed till her Dad picked her up after 9pm.
The rest of us headed off to bed before then.
Long exhausting day…………….

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