Wednesday 22nd July

6am starts seem to be the normal now with all three going off to their respective institutions.
I got up and turned on the heatpump and a voice called me to come turn on his light so he could wake up slowly.
He had his lunch all packed so he had plenty of time to have breakfast, shower and then get some firewood in for me.
Mahalia was last out the door, she waited for me to shower just in case the courier driver arrived while I was in there.
My Vitamix needs fixing and I had finally managed to make contact with the USA office and they arranged for it to be picked up this morning and taken to Christchurch.
I made the last green smoothie for a while and hope it will be returned to us pronto as we are all getting back into having them each morning.
If I know the kids have all had a green smoothie and a plate of porridge I know they are well prepared to face their busy days.
By 9am they were all gone and it was just me and the pup.
I put him outside for a while.
It was strangely quiet, weird in fact.
I struggled to get the fire lit, the wood was just too damp and dense so it took ages.
But finally it was away and I managed to keep it going all day.
Marah sent me this lovely photo of Eden.
I found this hoodie when out op shopping with Shanni the other day and had sent it with Anson yesterday for Eden.
She apparently wants to wear it all the time.
Marah managed to get it off her last night by telling her it was too hot and needed to be washed.
But this morning, after Marah had dressed her she suddenly started patting her top saying Nan Nan and when off to her room to get her new hoodie which had to be put on.
Isn’t she just the cutest wee darling 🙂
The guy arrived to install a shower dome into the small bathroom.
Am hoping it will help prevent the condensation problem in the electrical fittings.
Caspian thought he was there to play with him and followed him everywhere.
After he had finished and gone I was beginning to think the courier was never going to come.
But finally the bell rang just before 11am.
While I was waiting I made up a beef casserole and left it to cook all day int he slow cooker.
Later I put a pot of potatoes on the wood fire and they cooked well on there for dinner.
Must use it more often.
I then took Caspian for a walk around the block.
It was a beautiful sunny day but I was feeling really tired and bleak and achey so good to go out for a while.
Passed the time with a few other folk out walking which was nice.
Then on the way back I stopped in at the Sprig & Fern and got a takeout mocha and savoury scone and took them home for my lunch.
I let Caspian lose in the yard and I retreated to the sunroom.
I lay back and enjoyed my lunch whilst reading my book.
Then shut my eyes for an hour and rested.
I seriously needed it.
When I came to I started unpacking boxes in my art room.
Managed to empty 3 boxes.
In so doing I also christened the place with a full pottle of embossing power.
The lid was not secure and it tipped all over the place.
Mahalia had just arrived home so heard my cries of frustration and came to my rescue.
We managed to scoop up most of it, but I had glitter from cheek to toe.
Which amused Belinda when she arrived soon after 🙂
Belinda came to drop off some stuff for me to take up to Sunni.
Mahalia walked to rowing, but was feeling apprehensive about being able to perform as she was not feeling great.
Azzan arrived back from school
He was very tired this afternoon.
He managed to rouse himself to take Caspian for another walk and get in a load of firewood.
Shanni came home and then Ruby came to take her driving.
We all had dinner together, it was delicious.
Nathan got in from work just as we were finishing.
Anson called to see if I could go pick up some stuff he had bought online.
It was in a seedy part of town and I had to go to the money machine first so Nathan came with me for backup protection.
Got the items okay and then back home to finish scanning paperwork.
The kids were all tired so were all in bed early.
I am joining them now as I am exhausted.
Being a school mum is so tiring 😉

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