Friday 24th July

Waking before the alarm is normal eh?
And thats okay if its 10 minutes or even half an hour earlier.
But 2 hours!!
So at 4am I tried to go back to sleep for another two hours.
But at 5am I gave up, lay snuggled warmly under my blankets and checked social media on my phone for half an hour or so before giving up entirely and tip toeing down the hall to the shower.
I had plenty of time so made up the wraps and bap for Azzan & Mahalia’s lunches.
Managed to set off the fire alarm whilst frying up the onions and eggs – so much for keeping the household quiet.
Azzan got up far too early.
So he also had time to get himself ready in a calm and leisurely manner.
He is a bit thoughtful and quiet at the mo as he was told yesterday that one of the boys who had been really good to him when he started this week has just lost his grandaddad.
Brings back very intense memories.
I managed to get the fire going more easily this morning.
If I can avoid using the kitchen heatpump I prefer to not have it on.
I find that the woodfire, when it is going well heats the whole house easily, whereas it needs two heat pumps to do the same job.
Azzan was ready to leave before 7:30am so we headed off up to the school.
We passed a couple of Prep boys heading the same direction and I offered to stop and pick them up.
Azzan was mortified.
He has such an embarrassing mother 😉
Afterwards Mahalia told me that you might’ve done things like that when I was younger but now they’d think I was a kidnapper :-/
Sad indictment of our society I am thinking.
Anyways, I joined the trail of parents dropping their boys off and left him up at the buses and came back home.
Shanni was up and having breakfast and my fire had gone out – damn!
I relit it – successfully this time, and the kitchen began warming up.
The air temps outside were around 4’C but the wind factor was from the south and very chilling.
The girls headed off to NMIT together just before 9am and I settled down to have my breakfast in peace.
Had a lovely chat with Jac on the phone and then Nathan arrived in for a quick break before heading off to start an early shift at work.
Ursula invited me over for tea and scones so I left Caspian chewing on a large bone in the yard and I went next door at 11:30am.
We had a lovely visit – and delicious scones 🙂
I came back home and got ready to go and do some jobs in town.
I had a list to work through.
First stop was to drop off Mira’s printer to a young Chinese student who had lost everything in a house fire this week.
Then a few other stops and finally back home to crash out for half an hour.
Mahalia & Shoshannah had carried Shanni’s Adirondack chair back home.
She had made it at Trades last term.
Looks great.
Shanni had gone off to an appointment and Mahalia walked Caspian after she had rested and refuelled.
He is so funny about having his harness or jackets put on.
He rolls over on his back and just lies there waiting for you to do it up.
I headed off up to College to pick up Azzan.
He had enjoyed his day out and was obviously tired.
But was definitely not tired 😉

We came home and spend t the evening unpacking and unwilling.
Shanni went home with David so she can hang out with Sasha for the night.
Phoebe & Sapphie called in on their way to David & Sasha’s too.
I am so glad the party is out there tonight as I am exhausted.
Sapphie was so cute, she knows this is NonNon’s house and she is very happy to come here and makes herself quite at home.
Shares her food with Caspian – although I don’t think he is that keen on too much apple 🙂

Marah sends me lovely snapshots of her day with the girls.
Here ar the ones of this evening.
Eden loves to help help.
She was up cooking dinner tonight.
Aaliyah was happy up on the bench watching and cuddling her Mum’s jersey.
Such a smoggy wee darling – I love getting her wee messages on WhatsApp.
I am so hoping the pager is quiet tonight.
I need a good sleep cuz tomorrow I am off to visit my other wee poppet Lily.
I haven’t seen her in so so long.
Isn’t she just the classiest wee honey?

On that note I am off to pack my bag and go to bed.
Signing off and out – could be a while till I’m back .
I am thinking I really need to go awol for a few days to recharge my batteries 😉

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