Monday 27th July

I slept through till after 6am!

Was up and showered in time to go out with Sunniva & Lily.

Mat was working from home today so probably pleased to get some peace!

We called in to Richmond Road Cafe for coffee.

I made the mistake of having a chicken wrap 😞

It did not sit well, I felt really yuck for ages after.

Lily enjoyed her croissant and butter, or better still, her butter and croissant πŸ˜‰


There was a wee baby behind us which took most of her attention and lots of her croissant crumbs πŸ˜‰

It was another drizzly day.

This glorious remnant of Autumn colour was gracing the road by the car.



We drove to St Luke’s Mall.

Lily wanted to climb on the train so I popped in the $2 to start it not realising she had been frightened of the rides before.

She stayed on but wasn’t too sure about it 😏


The play area was much more exciting for her.

It was really warm inside so I took my coat back to the car while Sunni got a car for Lily.

She really liked this ride πŸ˜„


We had a wander around.

I found my Nike Air Max shoes I’d been wanting to get.

After an hour there we’d had enough so it was time to leave.

Lily was enjoying her car too much to want to get out so we thought we might have to leave her there, but finally she agreed to come with us

She was given a packet of stickers & pencil with rubber when she gave the car back.

She was pretty happy about that.


When she got home she and Mat decorated the chair with all the stickers πŸ˜„



Nap time for Lily, and Nonna nap time too.

I was so weary I was glad to put my feet up and have a rest on the sofa.

On waking the bag of mandarins from yesterday’s market didn’t stand much chance of survival!



Sunni and I took Lily for a walk to the shop later in the arvo when the rain had stopped.
Then Christian arrived so he & I walked down to Nomad and spent a couple of hours chatting over coffees and curly fries.

He has been accepted by VSA to go to Kavieng in Papua New Guinea for a year.

It is a small town, the capital of New Ireland province and island which lies just 2 degrees south of the equator .

He is feeling the same way Azzan was as he approached his first day at school- nervously excited 😁

It’s a wonderful opportunity for him to use his skills and expertise to assist the locals to assist themselves.

You can follow his blog – – as he embarks on this journey

I got back just before 8 pm and all was quiet so I took my pizza over to my bedroom and holed up for the night.

Lily is waking around 5am so early nights for the parents are essential in the hopes of keeping their sanity πŸ˜‰

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