Sunday 26th July

Sunni went off to her yoga class so Mat and I took Lily for a walk around the corner to Fiesta Cafe for morning coffee.

Lily has a butter obsession so her order has to include ‘butta’ πŸ˜‰

They do really good coffees and baking there.

It’s a must go to cafe when in this area.

Auckland has turned on its best yucky weather for me.

Looks like a week of wet days.

Phil called up for a chat, he was going to come meet me for coffee but I’m not at home so we rescheduled for later in the week.

When Sunniva returned we all headed off to the Hobsonville Markets.

It’s under cover so a great place to go on a damp day.

Mate & UJ were there so we caught up with them before they left.

We wandered around tasting delicious samples of all sorts of sauces and foods.

I got an vegetarian empanadas which was actually not that great πŸ˜•

From there Mat went to buy a camera lens. 

He’d been researching what he needed wanted for a while and now the final decision was made

The consensus then was to go find somewhere to go and hang out for the afternoon.

We eventually found ourselves at The Matterhorn bar.
We had chips and cocktails and played with their new camera lens.  

It was almost time for dinner when we returned but we were all still full from chips and olives so dinner was simple and easy.

Because of Lily’s early inbuilt alarm clock we were all ready for bed early.

I was in bed with lights out around 8:40pm when Tim M phoned up for a chat.

Seems that everyone waits till I’m away to call and see if I’m home 😝 

I managed to get to sleep around 10pm.

Not as early as I’d hoped but still way better than home!

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