Sunday 23rd August

I slept really well and woke in time to watch the sun rise.
It was glorious.
Azzan walked up the hill with my camera, he wanted to take lots of photos whilst home.
I waited a while to give him time.
Last parting shot of the dawning day over Waterfall Bay 🙂
Picked up my hitchhiker half way up the hill and we headed over the hill to home.
Met up with Olly on the way down our road.

I pulled in at The Croft, and with a tad of artistic licence –
‘all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the sea, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.’
Checked out The Croft, all was well there.
No sign of intruding rodents so carried on to the homestead.
My goal was to completely empty the house today, but when we arrived I was once again burdened with a sense of ‘it’s all too much’.
I wandered around, feeling lost, overwhelmed, and tearful.
Azzan went down to check out The Cottage and read the power meters for me.
I wandered the garden.
Wonderful contrast of the gnarly old tree against the delicate spring flowers.
The daphne is in full bloom.
Every year Tim would bring me a sprig of the first daphne flowers.
I miss him.
It was really lovely because the sun was shining over the hill and on the house & garden.
It made it all seem less depressing.
Azzan & I enjoyed a moment just sitting on the deck and enjoying it.
He inadvertently kicked a large ball into the sea so dragged out the kayak to go rescue it.
It was great to hear him out there singing his wee heart out.
The sea and hills give a wonderful resonance to his lovely voice.
Seb, Phoebe & Sapphie came over to help me pack up.
Seb & Azzan took several loads of boxes around to The Croft.
They can stay there until I am able to transport them all out.
David & Diana finally arrived with their children.
They had a long slow trip in so the kids were very happy to be out of the car and ran around exploring the place.
Azzan took them on a tour.
Sandra & Phil arrived in their boat and come to help too.
Sandra pretty much packed up & cleaned the whole kitchen which I so appreciated.
Phoebe vacuumed through the house as we finished each room.
I was going through checking to make sure everything was done and gone and picking up small things left lying about.
I saw something under the linen cupboard so reached in to get it and pulled out this!
Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!
At least it was dead.
But it was huge and hairy and disgusting  😦
Phoebe was lighting the fires so we gathered it up and cremated it.
At least I know the poisoning in the house is working.
Unlike the Cottage which is depressingly over run by the varmits at the moment.
It will be good to have someone in residence to keep the poisoning up to speed and get on top of them all again.
Seb helped load my truck.
I brought out all the boxes of curriculum I could find plus the rest of my art stuff.
The pile of recycling still remains as I just could not face going through it.
Next time there is an empty truck it can make the journey.
Jutta came up from the boat to say hi before leaving with Sandra & Phil.
They had caught a butterfish which Phil donated to me – another fresh fish, yum 🙂
Thank so much Sandra & Phil.
It was a humungous help having you come over.
I don’t think I could’ve got it all done without you xxxxxGave David & Diana last minute instructions before we left.
It was close on 5pm when we finally pulled up the drive.
Several hours later than I had hoped.
We were exhausted.
Last view of the farm as we drove over the cattle stop.
Azzan & I had picked some spring flowers before leaving.
We stopped at Tim’s cairn.
He couldn’t bring me daphne so I brought some to him.
While there Azzan picked a container of gorse flowers.
He wants to make gorse flower wine with Sasha.
I got coerced into helping fill his container.
The flowers smell really lovely.
Shame about the prickles.
The sun was setting as we drove along Admiralty Bay.
So lovely, I was actually pleased to see it disappearing as it had been blinding me on the corners.
More spring sign today.
Twin lambs that had not long been born as we passed St Kilda.
We drove non-stop and got home around 8pm.
Only unloaded the fish, flowers and silver beet.
The rest can wait!
Too tired.
Shanni filleted the butterfish for me.
But she is used to filleting blue cod and I think the process may be a bit different.
However she got most of the flesh ready for me to cook up tomorrow.
Next time – hopefully there will be a next time 😉  – Phil, could you please use your years of expertise and fillet the fish properly for me??
Fell into bed.
That was a really big mission!
So glad we decided to go down last night. 

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