Wednesday 26th August

I was on pager today so hadn’t planned anything much.
Took my time in getting up.
Azzan came in to see me looking like death warmed up.
He had vomited last night so I sent him back to bed and emailed the school.
He rested for a while and then felt well enough to spend some time cleaning up his room.
He had a sore throat and just needed a day at home.

I took Shoshannah into town to suss out some vests.
Left her at MacPak to head off and find others to compare.
She needs time to make her decisions and I get bored and frustrated with the amount of time she needs!!

I met Tracey at The Bakers Cafe at 10am.
It has been shut for a while over winter while the owners have their first baby.
Good to see them up and running again.
They’ve tweaked a few things to make it more interesting and comfortable too.
The mocha and eclair were just lovely.
We chatted the hour away and before we knew it our meters were expiring and we had to leave.
I came back home.
I was feeling a bit low.
Just had a quiet afternoon.

Later in the day I went for a drive to Atawhai to suss out some antique drawer handles.
Got some samples and came home in time for dinner.


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