Thursday 24th September

I woke at 4:45am and realised Mahalia was not yet up.
Woke her soon after, it is the first ,morning she has slept through.
I made her porridge while she quickly got herself ready.
She was out the door by 5:15am.
Amazing how quickly you can do it when you have to.
Shanni was off to work around 8am.
It was her last Gateway day on the building site.
Azzan got himself fed and lunch packed while I showered.
Mahalia flew in just before we left.
I dropped Azzan at the marina at 8:30am where he was joining his classmates for an educational morning sail on Steadfast.
I wanted to go have a look at the yacht and the marina as I hadn’t been in that area before but there was no way on this planet that my lad was going to get out of the car if I did.
So I got back in the car and let him go off to hang with his mates until the teachers arrived.
Sigh! kids!
But he did get a hard time when he got home about it 😉
Not long after I got home a little visitor toddled up the hallway to find ‘Nonna, Nonna…..’
Interspersed with ‘woof woof, woof woof,’ as she talked to Caspian and then to me in great excitement at having finally arrived after their 3 hour drive.
Phoebe & Sapphie had left early as they were enrolee to Christchurch to go visit some new cousins.
Sapphie was very excited about the prospect of meeting some babies 🙂
I left them to have some breakfast and I zipped back into town to meet Seb at the lawyers.
We had some papers to sign.
Got that job out of the way and then back home so they could rearrange vehicles.
Seb left his work truck here and they went the rest of the way in Phoebe’s car.
Nathan woke in time to hang out with them for a short time.
Just before they left I captured these few photos of the wee cutie – love the changing expressions.
Waved goodbye to them and then tried to get some office work done.
Gay arrived at the door so was a welcome distraction.
I feel a little bit like Bernard Black in Black Books when he was trying to do his tax and kept welcoming and inventing distractions!
It was such a beautiful day I got Caspian’s lead and walked with Gay to her friend Kevin’s place.
It was lovely to meet him, a delightful elderly gentleman with an equally wonderful garden.
Had a stroll around and admired all the fruit and veggies.
Left feeling very inspired.
Took the long route home so Caspian got a decent outing.
I was on pager so was staying reasonable close to home.
It has been so quiet lately, which is a good thing ultimately, but I almost forget I have it in my pocket.
I had just begun back at my desk when I received a plaintive request from a very tired young son who needed a ride home.
Why so tired??
I have just had 2 periods of PE and the whole morning sailing and I am so tired.
The car was out on the street so I zipped up and got him.
Back home to find Mahalia’s dilemma about her model and timeframe tomorrow was not yet solved.
There had been a last minute hiccup happen yesterday which she had been trying to work out but so far the tutors hadn’t sorted it.
I was cross as she was running out of time so insisted she called the head tutor.
Should’ve done that way sooner – to was all sorted in minutes!
She got herself all ready to go stay with Sophie for the night so they could practise the makeup and hair for next day.
So I left Nathan to cook dinner and we took Caspian for a ride.
He was so funny when he met their cat.
He has not yet felt the sharp end of a cats greeting so we were keeping him on tight rein.
But once the cat found some higher ground he was allowed off leash.
He was still incredibly curious.
Mahalia diverted him outside to meet Missy, their dog.
They had a wonderful time tearing around like mad idiots.
I chatted with Dave about gardening and landscaping ideas, and Sam had some Caspian cuddles before we left.
Nathan had made a delicious stir fry beef dish with rice.
I carried on with my office work while it cooked.
We had dinner, Shanni cleaned up, all off to bed early and I carried on getting the scanning & banking done.
I wanted to be in bed earlier but knew if I didn’t make the most of the uninterrupted peace and quiet it would be another week before I got it done.
Finally crashed out around 10pm.

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