Wednesday 23rd September

Woke with renewed vigour today.
Must’ve slept better.
Had things to do this morning so I was up and through the shower before 7am.
It was raining.
Azzan headed off to school and soon after I received some photos of a very strange thing in Hardy Street!
We found out later what the story was – you can read about it here.
 passed by later and took these photos.
The dry ice was no longer wafting about so the effect was not the same as when Azzan biked past.
IMG_9723 IMG_9724

I dropped Mahalia off at NMIT then had time to quickly run in and change some tops at Jay Jay’s.
Then a fast call into the bank and up to Prep.
I got there early so waited in the car for 10 mins but Azzan is so used to me being early he was stressing that I was late.
Then he took me on a meandering tour around the college to get to reception.
I was sure I knew a quicker way but as he is a Prep boy and doesn’t have to access the front of the College he only knew the route they take when playing games at break time.
So by the time we arrived at the desk I was out of puff, but we were still early enough I had time to regain my equilibrium 🙂
We were soon called into the Year 9 Dean’s office and had a very enjoyable interview with him.
Azzan was incredibly nervous but I found the whole process to be very friendly and welcoming.
Afterwards I followed one happy boy back to his class area in a more direct route.
Left him to continue his day and I came back home.
Then I whizzed back into the city to meet Mahalia at lunch time.
She needed to get some make up for her model for the 1950’s competition they are having on Friday.
We thankfully found a helpful shop assistant and soon had everything she needed.
Walking along the street and I saw an old friend who I have recently been trying to track down.
Hadn’t see Annie for years and years so was overjoyed to finally catch up.
We chatted for too long so Mahalia said goodbye and headed back to polytec.
After exchanging phone numbers we parted company promising to catch up real soon for a proper talk.
That encounter so made my day 🙂
I walked upstairs to change my appointment at Rennaissance and then did a wee tour around the Wednesday Farmers Market.
Jana was there with Colin so had a quick convo with them.
It was a tad drizzly so my umbrella came in handy.
Except when I was trying to juggle too may things in my hands at the bread stall and dropped everything.
Back to the car and home for a while.
I went to bed for an hour or so as I was really tired – decided to rest up while I could.
Glynnie popped later in to use the internet.
She and Nathan discovered sparring partners as they each had differing views on world events.
It was rather comical to observe 🙂
Azzan is a keen follower of Pinterest and had been wanting to make some bacon & egg muffin things for a while, so tonight he got to and did them.
They certainly looked ‘interesting’.
But I guess to some, as long as there is bacon involved it will pass muster 😉
Mahalia got inspired so made a veggie option with eggs in pastry.
They were certainly interesting.
All have been eaten so weren’t that bad!
I finally managed to make the pear ginger sponge pudding.
It is mainly sponge with not a lot of pear.
Just needs lots of milk or custard or ice cream.
But hey! Can’t complain.
Mum actually made pudding.
First time in can’t remember when!!


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