Friday 25th September

Last day of Term!!
Azzan was delighted this morning about this fact.
I asked him if he was not enjoying school.
To which he replied, ‘Mum! It’s the last day of term. You wouldn’t be normal if you weren’t happy about that!’
He biked off happily to enjoy his last day and Shanni went to her NMIT Trades carpentry class.
I got myself ready to venture off to watch Mahalia compete in her end of term event –  The Body Fusion and the Trades and Primary Industry class showcasing their make-up and hairdressing skills in a 1950’s Rock n Roll Vintage environment.
I thought I should try an scrub up for the event and judging by the compliments received throughout the day I guess I did ok 😉
I arrived before 11am so chatted with one of Mahalia’s tutors.
There were free ice-creams, cocktails, coffees and nibbles being hand round throughout the event by the students from the hospitality department.
The young folk from the carpentry & engineering departments had constructed the sets and seating etc.
Margaret & Katherine came to watch as did Sasha.
Then the students all arrived with their models and eventually the first heat was underway.
Waiting for the signal to begin!
They girls already had their models makeup and clothing done appropriately for the theme, so they now had 30minutes exactly to do their hair into their take of a 1950’s style.
It was a nerve wracking business but Mahalia performed it in a seemingly calm and undistracted manner, even though afterwards she commented that it was really scary!
Her friend Hine was in the same heat as her and was recognised at the award ceremony with a Highly Commended which we were all delighted about as she did an awesome job.
Counting down the minutes!!
Sitting still for the judges.
Lunch was also provided for us by the hospitality students.
Awesome food!
Wished I had taken some photos, but I was too busy enjoying it 😉
Second heat began at 12:45pm.
Mahalia’s friend Bianca was in that one.
Her model had amazing hair and she also did a fantastic job despite the nerves.
Waiting for the judges decision after the photographs.
Sasha & I sat on the stairs and got a good view as well as resting our legs.
Here’s some of the photos I took during lunch.
Unfortunately Sophie had to leave for her music lesson so she wasn’t there for the final photos.
Shanni popped over during her lunch break and caught the end of Mahalia’s session.
Lovely to have a photo of the 2 sets of BFF’s 🙂
And not to be out done by the youngsters.
Margaret and me 🙂
During the day I had time to talk to all the tutors and they were all singing Mahalia’s praises.
I am so proud of how far she has come and who she is becoming.
I know Tim would be incredibly proud of his four youngest babies.
It is these four especially that are missing his paternal love and adulation during such a period of immense personal growth.

Afterwards we picked up some of Shanni’s construction pieces she headed off to the beach to meet friends and Mahalia & I came home to collapse.
We decided to have a quick mum/daughter date at the Sprig for curly fries and a drink.
Nice to sit and dissect the day.
As soon as Azzan arrived home we were off like a scalded dingo!
I had three things I needed to do over in the Tahunanui region and then at the last minute I had to add a quick call into the bank.
So going into the city centre depleted the already limited time before the places I wanted to get to closed for the week.
We zoomed over the hill and I dropped Azzan off at the recycling centre while I raced back to the wholesalers.
Then back to pick him up – he never found what he needed – and on to Miller’s to suss out their mulch etc.
The guy was very helpful.
Showed me their product, helped me decide what I needed, and then I placed an order to be delivered on Monday.
I was rapt to find it was half the price of other places I had investigated and the delivery fee was nominal.
Plus when I went to pay they have GreyPower discount.
So in effect, I got it delivered for $5!!
Happy dance 🙂
We stopped off to visit John & Sally while over that way and had another bonus of having a quick goodbye cuddle with Alison & babe.
Back home to find Mahalia had only just started making dinner because the instructions I had written down for her were still in my handbag – duh!
She was really whacked so went off to bed as soon as she had finished.
Shoshannah & Clare arrived home after the movies – they saw Everest on their way home from the beach.
Clare dossed down on our comfy couch for the night.
I wanted to get as much done in preparation for the garage sale as possible.
But had to eventually leave it as I was just too tired.
It has been a very busy term!
I might just have to concede with Azzan – I’m happy it is finished 😉

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