Sunday 27th September

First morning after daylight saving is always confusing.
Today was no exception.
Shoshannah had arrived home somewhere around the 3am mark – but whether it was before or after the clock changed we still don’t know.
It was still late and she didn’t have enough sleep.
She battled on and was way better than we all expected.
Mainly because she had planned a bbq today in honour of her 18th birthday.
Well, she called it a bbq but actually she had no idea what the facilities on Rabbit Island were like so lets just call it a picnic 😉
While I was waiting on everyone to surface I put out the garage sale items and opened the gate for a couple of hours.
Only two or three people ventured in and one sale was made.
Once we were all ready to go I called into the supermarket to pick up some food to take along.
We arrived at Rabbit Island around 1pm and spent some time trying to find Clare & Chrissy who had arrived first.
It is a bit of a maze with all the one way roads and myriads of picnic areas so after circling the mulberry bush about three times we finally located the girls.
It was a lovely spot – a daisy strewn field with a picnic table.
Shanni spread out the blankets and unloaded the food.
Soon the rest of her friends arrived, some by car and others on their bikes.
Dave brought Sophie & Katherine so I sat and enjoyed some adult conversation with him for ages.
Then David & Sasha arrived with their bbq, so we could actually say it officially was a bbq 😉
The afternoon was spent reclining in the sun, eating, drinking iced juice, socialising and playing games.IMG_9831
Azzan was the only young male in the group and wasn’t at all phased.
He had my camera so that kept him and Sophie & Mahalia occupied.
It was lovely on the beach, albeit a tad breezy.
The girls spent some time sunbathing on the sand.
It was all too soon 5pm and we had to pack up.
Shanni with her International friends.
Shanni being Shanni 🙂
IMG_9849IMG_9849 (1)IMG_9850
And Shanni with her Kiwi friends, except Jillian who had left already.
We called into David & Sasha’s on the way home to pick up some stuff.
Then back to the house to meet up with Seb & Phoebe who had just returned from their Christchurch visit.
Clare & Shoshannah went home with Seb in his truck, and once Phoebe had revitalised with some food, a few stretches and a rest, Azzan hopped in with her & Sapphie so he could help to keep her awake on the last leg of their journey.
Quiet reigned supreme once they had all gone and Mahalia & I collapsed into bed.

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