Sunday 20th September

Nathan left for work before I was up this morning.
Mahalia & I had planned to walk up to the Miyazu Gardens for the annual Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival so I was looking forward to a relaxed day.
I was still in bed when Azzan came and crashed beside me.
When he heard that we were going to the festival he was a bit sad as he had been making other plans for his day.
But he couldn’t fit everything in and transport was a big problem and everything all of a sudden just got far too hard and far too huge in his head.
I told him to think it all over and make a decision as to what he could manage.
I’m juggling a fine line at present with allowing him to make a lot of his own decisions but also keeping him level.
He gets very anxious about time and the speed of it.
His mind just starts whirling out of control and I see him wanting to shut everything down to make it all stop.
I totally get it too – its like ‘Help! Stop the world, I wanna get off!!!’
I wanted to take his bike to the shop so the repairs could get underway asap so we left Mahalia walking the puppy and Azzan & I zipped into town.
Despite the Bike Barn advertising that it opens on Sundays at 11am, everything was locked up so we went round the corner to Torpedo 7.
What amazing service.
The staff were more than helpful.
We had 3 people falling over themselves to ensure we were sorted.
Such a different vibe from the Bike Barn.
Had a good look at the damage, looks like it was a freak accident which was more than likely caused from the previous mechanical job done at BB not being done properly.
The damage was far greater than I realised so I left it to be assessed for a quote.
While there we had a good talk to them about what sort of bike would be better for Azzan.
Found one in particular that was perfect and he loved the colours too – most of the others were orange which was you can imagine didn’t float his boat 😉
They got him set up with a helmet and he went out for a test ride.
I can see why Marty from Ride-On recommended these guys, they know their stuff and they are incredibly supportive and knowledgeable.
He returned with a big smile on his face 🙂
I bit the bullet and bought it as I can see he will get far more use from it as he is keen on mountain biking.
It is a Giant Talon 3.
And there is no orange on it 😉

When doing the maths I realised that the first bike I bought from Bike Barn was supposedly around $1000 reduced to less than $500 in their sale.
This bike is way more sturdier and superior in quality and was just under $1000.
Both bikes full prices were similar but the quality was vastly different.
No comparison really.
Maddening to realise the false economy, and the repairs on the first one will possibly not be worth doing so over $500 down the drain.

I raced home and picked up Mahalia and Azzan’s helmet.
He rode the bike home after Mahalia tried on a zillion raincoats and found none that suited her.
We followed him and then walked down to the Miyazu Gardens.
It was a seething mass of people all out enjoying the festival.
It was a beautiful day.
Mahalia was too tired to enjoy it so walked back home.
Azzan and I queued for some food.
He was overjoyed to get some dumplings and I had noodles.
I watched some of the drumming – always enjoy that because Fumio and Sayuri and two of the main drummers.
Azzan was keen to find some saki so we walked over to Jonathan and his partner’s stall.
They had a sweet non alcoholic saki which Azzan tried but said it just tested like rice milk, not impressed.
Then we wandered a bit.
So pretty in here but decided we would come back another day when there is 2000 less people 😉
It was quite hot so we lined up at the Real Fruit ice cream bus.
It was pretty tedious waiting for so long but the berry smoothies we got were worth the wait.
We had both had enough by this time so walked back home.
I really like this fence.
It’s old, aged concrete. and Im fascinated as to how they would have made it.
Azzan thought it was yucky and wasn’t impressed by my interest.
There were some beautiful blossoms hanging out onto the footpath along the way back home.
I was so tired when I got back I collapsed on my bed and dozed off.
Shanni was back from her sleepover.

Very very tired from lack of sleep – not sure why they call them sleep-overs?
Rest of the day was very quiet.
Kids got themselves ready for Monday morning.
They sorted the washing and cleared the kitchen as best they could.
Shanni was in bed by 7:30pm and Mahalia was not far behind!

Saturday 19th September

Was up early to get ready for the garage sale.
It was clear but the forecast was not so.
I had been checking several websites and getting very mixed messages.
None were saying much rain though.
But before 8am the heavens opened and the rain poured down and the temperatures dropped incredibly low.
I was thankful I had covered up the pile of stuff outside under the eves.
I grabbed the yellow raincoat Martin had given me last week – most grateful for that Martin – thank you 🙂
And found a third tarpaulin and draped and tucked and tried to cover the pile better.
Dragged some more timber over to prevent the wind from blowing them away and prayed that it would be enough to keep it all dry.

At 8:30am I got a message from Mahalia asking if I could pick her up and please bring towels.
So I grabbed several and shot down to the marina.
She was soaked, blue, and shaking from the cold.
Thankfully Leita had bundled her up in a blanket in her car while she waited for me.
Several of the crew had gotten almost hypothermic.
Later we saw snow down low on the hills just behind us so no wonder it was so cold.
Leita had a bike carrier so she tied Mahalia’s bike on and brought it back for us.
I sent Mahalia in to warm up in the spa bath.
No arguments on that score.
She was seriously cold.

Azzan was incredibly disappointed that the garage sale was postponed.
I sorta wasn’t.
But on the other hand we were all eared up so it was a bit of a bummer.
But it didn’t take long to change direction of the day.
Azzan voiced his need for a decent pencil case so we hopped int he car and headed to his choice of shop – Smuggle.
Of course the one he found was not on sale – typical.
But he was happy so main objective accomplished.
Then I had a couple of old Jay Jay’s gift cards with a total of $7.49 which had been weighing heavy in my wallet for months so we popped next door to visit Jane and see what was on offer there.
A huge sale was on offer!
I called up the girls and Nathan dropped them off so they could check it out too.
Finally many shopping bags were filled and well left with a lot more than $7.49 spent.

We came back home and when Nathan returned from the gym Shanni took off in the car.
She drove out to Mahana for a sleepover with some of her school friends.
Steve arrived for a visit with his young daughter who Caspian decided was a bit of alright.
We chatted while Mahalia heated up leftovers for lunch.
Azzan biked up to tennis and then called to say something was terribly wrong with his wheel so Steve offered to pop in and check it out.
I got myself ready to leave.
Actually Mahalia got me ready to leave.
I was just feeling like I couldn’t raise any enthusiasm to do anything or go anywhere.
Really listless and lacking energy.
So I reclined back on a chair in the sunroom soaking up some Vitamin D and let Mahalia work her magic.
She applied all my make up and after the rest and pampering I felt so much better.
Sophie arrived to hang out with her.
I got changed into some very cheerful clothing which did in fact cheer up not only me but quite a few others 🙂
Cuz how can this hoodie and these shoes not make you happy 🙂

Steve dropped Azzan and bike back.
It definitely was seriously damaged.
The chain had flicked off and caught some safety guard thingee and created mayhem.
The kids loaded it into my car so I could drop it at bike shop later.
I walked up to Sprig to meet some friends but there was a misunderstanding between which Sprig so Rebecca picked me up and we drove to meet Trish at Hardy St.
Jenni arrived a bit later.
We don’t get to hang out much so its nice to take the opportunity when we can.
We had time for some coffee and cake before heading off to a work meeting.
I was still feeling really achey and tired.
Weird sorta muscle kink aches  in my neck and back that just needed some massage but that wasn’t available unfortunately.
It’s hard to sit and concentrate when the brain is fuzzing about :-/
Was very glad when we were released.
The night was still young so Jenni, Rebecca and I decided to go have some dinner at Cafe Affair.
Nathan was working so it was a nice excuse to see him too.
We had a lovely quiet evening together.
It was finally time to face our responsibilities and head homewards.
Rebecca dropped me off.
Mahalia & Azzan had gone to bed and locked me out 😦
Finally Azzan let me in and I headed off to bed.

Friday 18th September

Azzan woke early so cooked up eggs for breakfast.
Shanni was at NMIT today so left with Azzan.
Mahalia’s only day to sleep in so all was quiet here after the early morning rush.
Pat called in to check out some maintenance work I need to get done.
He also hung up my new painting so now it is properly home 🙂
While he was getting the hook in the right place Caspian curled up in front of the painting.
It looked so cute and so natural for him to be sitting at Tim’s feet.
With the lamp on it looks like a camp fire glowing.

I was meant to be meeting Jacqui at the Sprig but she messaged at the last minute to say she’d been caught up at work and couldn’t make it.
I was a bit disappointed as I had been looking forward to seeing her.
Anyway, change of direction for the day.

Mahalia and Nathan helped to get everything out of the garage and onto the back deck so I could sort through it.
Then Mahalia lifted all the boxes of books into the lounge from where they had been stacked in the front porch.
We had signed up to be part of the ‘Treasure Trail in The Wood‘ tomorrow morning.
The kids were all keen to be part of it so we could hopefully get rid of a lot of our treasure trash!
A huge job to sort through everything and get it ready.
Not one I was really wanting to do, but the inevitable  has to happen sometime and this is a good impetus.
I was so tired I barely felt like moving.
Didn’t want to go out in the car but needed to.
I finally zipped into the city and did a couple of small jobs.
Returned just as Ursula & Bill were carrying their table around, she is joining us for the garage sale.
Jonathan cycled in the gate to come discuss an art project with me.
Then Martin & Sylvia arrived to drop off a couple of tables.
It was all very busy for a wee while.
Jonathan stayed a chatted for quite some time.
Lots of ideas spinning around in my head now – watch this space 😉
Leila arrived to drop off Logan and pick up Azzan around 5:30pm.
Azzan went off to spend the evening with Georgia and Logan came here to hang out with Mahalia.
The kids helped me to move all the books indoors and the other stuff stacked near the backdoor under the eves and covered up with tarpaulins.
Shoshannah had cooked up a delicious dinner and was highly amusing throughout the evening.
She was firing on all cylinders and the jokes were flying fast.
Don’t think Logan knew how to take her at first, but he soon relaxed and started giving it back to her..
But on warning him that if he thought she was bad, then be prepared for 10 times worse from the older brother.
Mahalia reiterated with ‘No! Anson is 100 times worse.’ 🙂
After dinner Shanni helped me repack books into boxes for easy access.
I have been a bookaholic for years and years.
This is just a small amount of my collection.
Having to get rid of them is not as emotionally hard as I thought – it is the physical side of the job which is hard.
It is enough to help prevent me buying more books these days!!
I was so incredibly tired by the end of the evening.
Leila returned to swap kids around 9pm.
Just wanted to fall into bed…..

Thursday 17th September

Today would’ve been Tim’s 66th birthday.
I recently found some photos from several 2005 holidays whilst packing up the house and amongst them were these.
Tim loved to get out up the hills.
Especially if it involved a trip with one or many of his children.
This was a trip up Mt Richmond with Nathan and Uncle Lloyd.
Don’t they both look so happy?
10:05MtRichmond 16
I well remember this occasion as he took great delight in calling me from the top of the mountain and Lloyd recorded that historic event.
Tim was not one to use cell phones so this was worth recording.
I sure wish he could call me today.
10:05MtRichmond 6

I love this photo.
It was taken just a month after Tim’s 56th birthday and 5 days before Nathan’s 10th birthday.10:05MtRichmond 17 copy
A month or so back I spotted a painting by one of my favourite artists – Sirpa Alalääkkölä.
An artist whose work I have admired for many years.
But when I saw this painting I was stunned.
I messaged her immediately because it looked so like Tim back in the 70’s.
I could swear she had seen a photo of him, it was uncanny.
So after some communication she arranged to drop it off for me to view.
Yesterday she brought it here.
This morning I told her she couldn’t have it back 😉
To which she replied  Im glad that you decided to keep the painting. When we put it up there I felt that the painting “had come Home”
So now I wait for some help to hang it so it can be properly at home 🙂
This is my birthday present to celebrate Tim’s birthday.

Mahalia left for her 5:30am rowing before I was awake.
In fact for the first time I slept through her rising.
Shanni took the car and went off to her building site as it was out of town.
I stayed in my bed until Azzan left for school.
Mahalia flew in the door after 8am.
I heated up her porridge and made her some lunch as she has such a short turn around time before she needs to be out the door to her course.

I had planned to be up and ready early but got side tracked with emails and phone calls.
I was endeavouring to keep tears at bay, but not terribly successfully.
Keeping busy with the kids stuff helps but as soon as I stop any little thing triggers me and I lose it.
Finally had to race through the shower just before 9:30am to get out the door in time.
Nathan & I zipped over to visit Roni at 10am.
We were going to grab a take out cuppa from Styx but the barista/manager friend of Nathan’s was late to work so he stayed and waited for her to arrive while I went on ahead up to Roni’s apartment.
Nathan made the most of his waiting time to tutor assist the young barman in the art of making coffee 😉
Finally he arrived with our drinks and a delicious savoury muffin for my breakfast.
We had a most enjoyable and very informative visit.
Got a few things sorted re Nathan’s impending exodus from New Zealand’s shores.
All of a sudden hit me that there really isn’t many weeks left with his company.
I am really going to miss him.

We had planned to have lunch together – our way to celebrate.
So we drove up to Nahm.
Had heard good things about it so thought wed give it a try.
I wasn’t feeling terribly well, sorta headachy and sick.
Possibly just tired and recovering from stressful few weeks.
Nathan opted for the crispy pork sir fry and I got the crispy chicken stir fry with cashew nuts.
They were absolutely delicious meals.
Perfect size, delightfully presented, economical, and very tasty.
I made the mistake of ordering a desert as it sounded rather good.
However, it wasn’t as good as it looked.
I didn’t enjoy it at all :-/
We came home, checked on the puppy, Nathan got his gym clothes and then we left again.
I dropped him off near the gym and then went to find Mahalia.
She had finished NMIT early so we hit the Farmers big Thursday sale.
I really wanted to be home in bed but had already organised to meet Azzan here after school so figured I may was well get Mahalia’s shopping done while I waited for him.
We got her well stocked up on some necessary items so she was happy.
Then we popped over to visit Bedelia quickly.
It was buzzing at the shop, bumped into Kim so had a quick catch up with her too which was nice.
Then we met up with Azzan.
Mahalia waited in the car while he chose his socks etc.
Gabrielle & Jack were also catching the sale so great to chat with her briefly while the boys shopped.
Azzan was intent on going off to his church catch up group so he didn’t muck about.
Mahalia and I were really tired so came straight home.
I fell onto my bed and spent most of the rest of the afternoon and evening there.
When Shanni brought the car home Nathan went off to pick lemons and came home with some for me and a large bag of silver beet.
He then went off to have dinner with Sasha & David.
I had planned to have a special dinner tonight but no one seemed terribly interested so I didn’t bother.
We all ate left overs as we felt inclined for dinner.
Mahalia had a cooking session.
She found Azzan’s Little India cookbook and made up some vegetarian dishes she’d been wanting to try.
The rest of us discovered it was advantageous to stay out of the kitchen while this was happening 😉

Wednesday 16th September

I got some frankfurters out of the freezer and constructed an interesting casserole with onions & apples and tomatoes with chilli beans.
Left them to bubble away all day.
Sirpa called in to drop of something for me to decide on.
We chatted for a while.
It was really good to finally meet her.
We have been Sounds ‘neighbours’ for years but never met until here in Nelson.

Anson came by to drop off some papers and do some chainsawing for me.
The men from Mitre 10 arrived with my water feature.
Perfect timing while Anson was able to assist them.
It is very large so took some effort to get from the truck to the deck.
I have it sitting on the deck at the moment until the landscaping is finished.
Then it will be lowered down off the deck and will nestle into the landscaped area better.
But in the meantime I have it functioning so I can enjoy it immediately.
When I first showed Nathan the photos of it he described it as being very primal.
I like that.
It is the very simple shapes and warm earthy tones that appeal to me.
Anson did the chainsawing I wanted done.
Then I left him talking to Nathan as I zoomed out the gate.
I had made an appointment at NMIT with Mahalia to visit a tutor and discuss her options for next year.
It took a while to find a park and thankfully I phoned her as I was walking to the main entrance because she had forgotten and was off up town with her friends.
She raced back and met up with me and Pauline.
We had a really good discussion and now Mahalia has some informed choices to make.
She headed back to class and I went home for an hour or so.
Then it was off up the hill to Prep for Azzan’s teacher interviews.
I was early so sat and rested till it was my turn.
I ascertained that he is settling in really well.
He is doing very well socially.
He is also participating in class discussions in a respectful, intelligent and considered manner which is being appreciated by his classmates.
Unfortunatley I felt the interview was very rushed and I left feeling unfinished, frustrated and rather upset.
Then onto his math teacher.
I was really concerned about this part of his work but was so relived to hear he is doing very well.
He is working incredibly hard and picking up concepts quickly.
His teacher was very pleased with him.
Wonderful 🙂

I got home and filled Azzan in on all the comments.
The kids all seemed to be happy and busy and occupied so I decided to take myself off to the movies.
I wanted to see the Bill Bryson story  ‘A Walk in the Woods’.
The trailer had looked good.
Of course the major reason for going to the movies is to get a chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream cone isn’t it? 😉
I got my ticket at 6pm and sat and waited until a few minutes before the movie to buy the ice cream.
You can’t possible eat one before the movie begins!!
And actually tonight it was the best part of the evening.
This review pretty much sums it up.
The film had potential to be good but it was downright boring.
Bit of a waste of an evening and the dollars spent.

Tuesday 15th September

The kids all got themselves ready and headed off to their respective institutions.
Mahalia had to leave quite early as her class was going river rafting in the river near Murchison so her bus left at 8am.
I had a 10am appointment at the bank so was trying to get all my paperwork in order.
I didn’t have time nor the appetite for breakfast so just grabbed an apple as I was heading out the door.
I dropped Caspian off at Mary-Anne’s and then stopped off to pay a couple of bills at Dr and Physio.
Had to park down a side street I normally don’t stop in.
Found this delightful wee place which looks like it has been recently done up.
Such a cutie.
Made a  phone call to the surveyor on the way to the bank.
She had some news but it was another stumbling block.
Why on earth can’t things just move smoothly.
I am so sick of red tape and politics, all it does is create stress, and extra unnecessary cost.
Had a good business meeting afterwards.
Alleviated a huge amount of stress.
I feel like I can breath again now – such a relief.

Finally got homebound 11:30am.
Had a chat with Nathan and then zipped off to pick up Tracey.
She came with me for a drive out to Bunnings.
They had a dwarf pear I was wanting.
Also found a small cherry tree and some silver beet plants.
The women who served us was ‘interesting’ to say the least.
Couldn’t believe it actually.
She announced that she was not normally in the garden section so didn’t know answers to what I was asking and didn’t seem that interested in finding someone who did know.
Then when I asked for a plastic bag to put around the plants she told me off for not bringing my own!
There were plenty of small boxes behind her and all I wanted was one to go underneath each tree like I’d been given last week when buying the other trees, but she made me feel I was a naughty school girl for not thinking ahead, instead of a valued customer who had actually bought far more than I had intended so was therefore beneficial to the company who pays her wages!

Tracey and I scarpered from there shaking our heads at her incredibly rude behaviour.
Drove over to Mitre 10 Mega and went to find Colin in the garden section.
I had been doing a lot of homework for some time re water features within my landscaping planning.
I had been scoping them online from all over for ages and found this particular one about a month ago here that I really liked.
I had spoken to Colin about it as he was head of the department.
He had told me to come back the following Tuesday and he would do some homework to see what sort of deal he could do for me.
I never managed to make it back until last Saturday when I took Azzan there.
The water feature was still there so I took photos and came back to think some more as to if it would work.
Decided today that it would so went back to talk turkey with Colin.
He thought I’d done a runner as it was a good three weeks since I’d first talked to him.
Can’t rush things, especially when life takes over.
Tracey & I went and had a cuppa at the cafe while he talked it over with his boss.
He was very keen for me to have it so came back to me and we negotiated a very good deal, with Tracey’s help 😉
Clinched that at the counter and left him to organise delivery.
We stopped off at the tile shop so I could show Tracey the tiles I’m wanting.
She agreed, they will work perfectly with it.
All very exciting, things are falling into place nicely.
I can see the landscaping ideas as they form in my head so its cool to find just the right thing.
Happy dances 🙂
I dropped Tracey off and whizzed back to pick up Caspian.
But he was having such a lovely time Mary-Anne suggested he should stay longer.
I went home and parked up the car.
I walked up to the Loveday Clinic for my 3pm therapuetic massage with Sarah.
I had postponed it from several weeks ago and it was the first opportunity since then.
Perfect timing as it was very much needed.
Felt so good when I left and hour and a half later.
Called in to pick up Caspian.
He had found a squeaky toy and was having heaps of fun.
Had to get back to the kids as they were all home by now.
Azzan was very tired so I canceled his Sea Cadets for tonight.
Instead he worked away at his maths homework, tidied his room and had an early night.
Mahalia had really enjoyed her rafting day.
I was so glad I’d made the large chicken casserole yesterday.
Plenty left over for tonight.
I had bought some freshly dug new potatoes from Nin’s stall next door so devoured them with it.
There is nothing like fresh new boiled potatoes with butter and chives or parsley.
Nathan went off to German and pick dup Shanni from Youth Group so they didn’t get home till after 9;30pm.

Monday 14th September

Frustratingly I woke around 3am and never got back to sleep.
Oh dear, beginning of a very long day.
Mahalia’s alarm went off at 4:30am.
The first of the beginning of her 5:30am starts for the rowing season.
She was off on her bike around 5:15am.
I got up and made the porridge for Azzan at 7am and then left him to make his own lunch.
He was all ready to head out the door just after 7:30am.
When I suggested that he was leaving way too early he insisted that he needed to go so he could play handball with his friends.
I opened up the kitchen doors and let Caspian run free while I had my shower.
Nathan left around 8:30am so the house was very quiet very quickly this morning.
Shoshannah had a late start due to a double study so was able to sleep in a bit.
I made a chicken casserole in the slow cooker and left it to do its thing.
Nice to have dinner prepared early – alleviates major stress later in the day.
I dropped her off in town on my way to my 9:45am counselling session.
I was feeling really stressed about taking time away from home as I really needed to settle down and get the banking done.
I didn’t want to be there and that was picked up quite quickly.
But the session ended up going well and I was able to talk out my frustrations and stresses so wasn’t all bad.
I went straight back home to a happy puppy.
I had a couple of hours at home but still wasn’t able to concentrate enough to get much paperwork done.
Preset the rice cooker so the rice would be cooked for Azzan when he got home.
I shot up to Founders just before 1am to meet Helen and her young kiddies.
She was visiting Nelson for the day and wanting to connect to talk about some home ed stuff.
There is a good secure playground beside the cafe there so perfect place for her three to let off steam while we talked.
Sylvia arrived with a group of ladies so after Helen left I chatted with them for a few minutes.
Returned home at 3pm.
So glad I had dinner all ready when Azzan arrived in around 3:30pm as he was hungry and only had a 30 minute window before he had to leave again.
I took Caspian and walked up the street with Azzan to Luka’s house.
Renata was taking both boys to basketball tonight.
They are now playing the semi finals – thankfully the end of season is in sight.
Whizzed back home, stopping briefly to chat with Ursula.
Then zipped into Warehouse Stationery to pick up something that Shanni’s out of town friend needs for school tomorrow.
Checked in with Mahalia.
She was just finished at Kip McGrath.
I knew she would be weary after her early start so I messaged her to meet me at Tank Juice Bar.
We haven’t had a stop there in ages so I shouted us both a Caribbean smoothie.
A delicious way to get through the rest of the afternoon.
I dropped her back home.
Phoebe & Sapphie had just stopped off on their way home so they went in with Mahalia and sampled some of my casserole.
I knew there was many reasons for getting that cooking early today 😉
I zoomed around to Tahunanui to pick up Shoshannah, just beating the 5pm rush hour traffic.
She had taken the bus from school to her 4:15pm appointment, had hopped off the bus too soon so had gotten a tad lost.
I had been able to google map her whereabouts and get her back on track, but she was very tired and the extra unnecessary walking up hills was rather frustratingly exhausting for her.
I arrived just as she had finished and we drove straight home – thankfully going against the traffic which by now was bumper to bumper around Rocks Road.
Nathan was home with a few top up groceries for us, and Azzan was back from basketball.
So those of us who were hungry again and those of us who had not yet eaten enjoyed the chicken casserole.
The kids got themselves all ready for tomorrow and headed off to bed reasonably early.
I finally settled in at my desk.
Went through Mahalia’s rowing paperwork and got that all completed before attacking the accounts.
I have had a huge knot gnawing deep in my gut for weeks now.
Trying to keep the stress levels down by trying not to think about things I can’t deal with.
I’ve been shelving the things I can’t deal with and doing the things I can.
Putting order into my life and managing simple things like the garden and house has been all I can do.
Not a great coping strategy, but all I can manage to keep sane.
I feel like I am drowning right now.
Only just managing to keep my head above water but with such a huge weight on my shoulders that at times it feels like I’m gasping for breath as the waves roll over me.
I spent a few hours trying to make sense of things and then packed it in for the night.
I huddled under my duvet, reading my book while waiting for my electric blanket to warm me up.
It took ages.
Then I remembered something else that needed to be recorded so I shot out to the computer and added it, knowing I wouldn’t sleep well in case I forgot it in the morning.
Finally around midnight I managed to drift off to sleep……..