Friday 23rd October

Today is Nathan’s 20th birthday.
I found this photo recently of him and his Dad taken exactly 10 years ago up on top of Mt Richmond.
I just love it.
Such a special photo.
10:05MtRichmond 17 copy10:05MtRichmond 16 copy

The first thing I planted when we arrived here was this verbena.
I never expected much from it but it has been a source of beauty and pleasure for many months.
It has now burst forth into colour again.
This time it has produced a red flower in the midst of the pink.
Most strange, but very pretty.
Anson called in briefly on his way to the bay.
It was good to see him and catch a few photos of him and his young bro.
Then the girls joined the fray and I just kept clicking, cuz thats when you get the best action shots 😉
I walked up to the Sprig to have morning tea with Glynnie.
It was cool so I left Caspian at home and we sat indoors.
Had a great chat and some good laughs.
We always enjoy putting the world to rights 🙂

Mahalia and I went into town to do some shopping.
She wanted to find something for Nathan’s b’day but he is a hard one to shop for, especially with him packing up to leave soon.
I stopped outside Contents and we popped in to have a look at some other stuff and just by chance spotted the perfect gift.
We raced back to the house and grabbed Nathan.
Told him he had to come help us choose something.
He wasn’t too impressed at being dragged out but he came.
We took him into Contents and asked him to choose a watch.
We had found two we both liked.
They are a Dutch brand called Oozoo and real fashion statements.
They are so cool that I could almost be tempted to wear a watch again!
We just knew they were perfect for Nathan.
He checked them all out and then chose a different one.
It was really classy and perfect for him,
I then dropped it off to get it engraved and then took the kids back home.
I had time to take 5 and then zoom back to pick it up before heading to meet Shanni.

Shoshannah’s  NMIT Trades school awards were held at 4pm so I rocked up and spent an hour there while all the students were commended for their work and presented with certificates of achievement.
Shoshannah has been attending the building section most Fridays this year and has learnt skills and make some great things.
From there we screamed back home and I tore through the shower.
Maria arrived and the girls all got themselves beautifulised for the night.
Azzan got all spiffied up too.
Nathan had cranked up the iron and left earlier looking pretty darn good too 🙂
My crew all brush up pretty smart when they try!
Nathan had invited family & friends to join him at Cafe Affair from 6pm onwards to celebrate his birthday combined with a farewell as he is leaving in a few weeks.
We had a very pleasant evening.
Nathan’s friend and workmate Stina made him a cake.
It was a wonderful surprise.
Of course he had to record the moment for posterity 😉
Some tomfoolery from the Canadian Kiwi!
Mahalia had an early morning so I sent her home in a taxi.
Unfortunately it was still too late by the time it arrived at 9:30pm.
Uncle Zani spent lots of time entertaining Sapphie in the kids cave.
Sapphire did so well.
She never missed a beat.
She was in party mode the whole night.
Uncle Nathan made the most of cuddles, not long and he will be off and away and will be missing his wee nieces.

All in all it was a great night.
Happy Birthday my young man.
I’m gonna miss you when you’re gone but I know you have places to go, people to see and things to do 🙂
Go well my son.
Your Dad would be so proud of you.
I know I am.
You’ve come a long way and the world is at your feet.
Step out and grab it with both hands with my blessing xxxx


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