Monday 26th October

Mahalia was up in good time this morning.
She has overslept a couple of times recently so didn’t want to get into trouble this morning!
After rowing she went back home to spend the morning with Logan.
It was a lovely morning.
Really good to be able to get up this morning and see all 3 loads of washing already hung on the line.
Felt like a headstart into the day 🙂
I had to go out and have a look at the shed in daylight.
The sun was still coming over the hills at 8am so the shadows were casting a lovely light.
An hour later and the sun was streaming and showing the picture in all it’s glory.
I am so happy with this painting.
Here’s some close ups of the detail.
Caspian has been in great need of grooming but I have been postponing it for a few reasons.
When I did a google search for groomers I discovered a new mobile service so decided to give it a try.
Gay arrived soon after 9am, backed into my yard and quickly had everything connected.
She made friends with Caspian, that wasn’t too hard.
He then spent a couple of hours being pampered.
It is amazing how different a haircut makes him look.
He went from a large wooly teddy bear back to a tiny puppy again.
Azzan decided he was just far too cute and whipped him away for cuddles.
While Caspian was having his grooming done Azzan decided to make sushi.
But alas on searching the pantry we discovered the sushi rice was gone, plus there was no sushi paper.
So we zipped down to the supermarket and did a small shop.
Back home and Azzan set the rice cooking while he prepared the rest of the fillings.
I helped him get the rolls finished.
Then he packed up a chilly bag of food.
He was keen to go out for a drive.
So my planed day of gardening was shelved.
We cleaned up the kitchen and were off & away.
We picked up Mahalia, fuelled up the car on the way through Richmond then drove on out to Ruby Bay.
I stopped in at the Art Expo as there was a painting there I had fallen in love with last night.
Azzan got out and went for a quick wander but came back saying it was too yucky and we shouldn’t stay.
The tide was way way out so the beach was tacky, plus it was quite windy.
We drove back to Mapua.
The wee village was buzzing with tourists.
I was glad to finally find the Hat Shop open as I was wanting to get myself a sunhat.
What a great wee shop.
There are hundreds of hats of all shapes and sizes.
I found two that suited.
Then we cruised up the street and found Ella & Grants new abode.
Stopped into have a cuppa with them.
It was very pleasant sitting out in the sun on the deck chatting the afternoon away.
The garden was so pretty but these flowers were gorgeous.
We stopped off at KFC to use a voucher and get Azzan some dinner.
I dropped Mahalia off at rowing so she could ride her bike home.
Then I let Azzan & Caspian out a few blocks from home so they could walk as Caspian hadn’t had a run today.
Unpacked the car, got the washing in, and hung my new painting.
Mahalia was rapt that I decided to put it in the kitchen for now in place of the large family portrait which is 6 years old and she is sick of being told how cute she was 😉
Anyway, for now, this is where it hangs.
I love it.
The technique, the colours, the subject, the bravery of the reach.
Mahalia went and got some hot chips and I poached eggs.
Dinner was simple but good.
I blobbed out on the couch and watched ‘Today’s Special’.
It was an easy movie to watch, quite a feel good story.
Nathan came in and then went off to get a few groceries.
Shoshannah & Maria arrived back from Waterfall Bay.
They had enjoyed their weekend.
Mahalia & Azzan were off to bed fairly early.
I couldn’t get to sleep so ended up siting in bed catching up on my blog until the early hours!


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