Saturday 24th October

I woke up at 6:12am and discover Mahalia was still asleep.
I woke her and got some food sorted while she quickly got ready.
She was over tired from being to bed too late last night.
I was just clad in my dressing gown but I drove her to rowing and got her there just as they were getting the boats out.
Came back and got myself dressed and ready to head out to my appointment at 8:30am.
Shoshannah & Maria were planning to head down to Waterfall Bay but were just cruising gently into the morning.
Azzan needed to sleep in too.
I parked by the bridge so I dint have to worry about the meters and walked to Nelson Beauty.
Sophie had come in early so she could fit a massage into my schedule.
I was so overdue for one!
Spent nearly two hours there and came out feeling wonderful.
Decided to take a wander over to the market.
Caught up with Belinda.
She had just gotten home from Vanuatu so always god to hear news of there.
Did a circuit of the stalls, picked up a spanakopita from The Greek Shop for my breakfast.
Arrived back home to find Shoshannah & Maria had not long left.
Azzan was trying to get his room tidied up but had plans to go meet friends.
Decided to cancel them as he was too tired.
Mahalia went into her appointment with Sophie.
We had a pretty chilled out sorta day.
Azzan is planning a party soon so I have been fielding the rsvp’s from the boys parents.
Bit daunting for me being here on my own.
When I told Mahalia she asked with a big grin if she could join them 🙂

Still plenty of pasta left from my cook up on Thursday night so we were eating our way through it which saved cooking dinners.

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