Sunday 25th October

Jonathan had messaged me yesterday to say he could start painting today so I took this photo of the blank canvas before he arrived.
He came around 11am and dropped off all his paints etc.
I had to go out so left him to it.
I shot out to Mitre 10 and picked up a few plants.
When I returned home just over an hour later this is what he had done already!
By mid afternoon it was looking fantastic!


I watched the first of a two part series called Paper Giants while I had lunch.
It was really interesting.
All about the inception of the Australian magazine Cleo.

I left again around 6pm and he was still going.
I went out to Saxton Stadium to catch the last couple of hours at the Art Expo.
There was live music as well.
It was a most pleasant evening.
Not too many folk there which was a shame as it was lovely cruising the 175 exhibitions with the musicians playing.
There was exhibits from painters, printmakers, sculptors, photographers, ceramicists, jewellers and many more.
I checked out Sirpa’s display and decided that my painting was the best of them all 🙂
There were quite a few I liked but I fell for a painting by a local artist, Maureen Ryan.
I found my friend Melbourn there.
She was exhibiting her works and had won a major award – the Crowe Horwath Business Art Award,  which was fantastic recognition.
We hung out for a while, catching up over a light dinner snack.
I ran out of time to see everything – I had seriously under estimated how ling I would need to take it all in.
It was huge, way bigger than I had imagined.
Next year I will allow way more hours to wander and enjoy them all.
When I arrived home Jonathan had finished the shed.
It is wonderful.
I really love the ambience of the scene by street light.
It is perfect for the little blue nocturnal critters.
For all of you who have been asking the artist is Jonathan Muzacz.
He originates from Texas but has spent a lot of time in Japan.
His work is everywhere!!
One very talented young man whom I am very fortunate to have discovered.
Thanks so much Jonathan 🙂

Crashed out and watched the 2nd part of Paper Giants and had a late dinner as I was quite hungry.
Kids were off to bed by the time I got home.
I left the backdoor open so Caspian could play.
I put through 3 loads of washing and then hung them all out around 11pm.
It is actually really lovely outside at that time of night.
Cool, quiet and peaceful.
And it means it is one less job to do in the morning.
Caspian was proving to be a right royal pain and would not come inside.
I left him to play and locked up.
Finally, later on,  after several attempts he finally raced inside to his pen and I enclosed him for the night.
Little monkey!!

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