Tuesday 27th October

Slept in till 7:15am.
Suppose one way of managing that is to go to sleep after 4am – prob pay for it later :-/
Kids were up and getting themselves sorted.
They were all gone by 8am.
A very grey cool morning.
I decided to have a soak in the bath before tackling the day.
Nice way to warm up.
Have so many things on my agenda that it is hard to know where to start.
I have piles of books to list and sell, garden plants to put in, gardens to build, more mulch to spread, art stuff to sort and get rid of, boxes of stuff to go through and get rid of, meals to prepare, emails for rowing, work, sea cadets, from three different educational institutions, plus all my business emails and banking etc etc etc.
Far too much for this head to cope with today – or any day really.
I try really hard to keep my inbox tidy and sorted and everything filed so I can keep everything under control or my brain implodes.
Today all I managed to do was cook meals for today and tomorrow.
I made a steak casserole in the slow cooker for tomorrow.
Nathan had brought home some chicken breasts so I cut them up and concocted a stir fry thingee which seemed really boring until I added coconut cream and half a bottle of Lime & Coconut Marinade.
That turned it from boring to absolutely divine 🙂
I also made a small pot for Mahalia with vegetarian schnitzel pieces instead of chicken.
I have this lovely vase of sweet peas that Frances gave me on Friday night, sitting on my kitchen window sill.
They are so pretty and brighten up my days.
Phillipa came by to sign some papers.
Macey was asleep in the car so she parked inside to let him sleep.
Caspian was very happy to play when he woke up.

I had barely managed to get the dinners on before the kids began arriving home from school.
I hopped on my bed for a while and had a doze.
Then had some dinner.
Azzan went off to Sea Cadets, glad he is happy to bike to and fro now the days are getting longer.
Had a quiet evening watching a documentary on Netflix called ‘First Comes Love’.
It was actually very watchable and interesting.
In bed early tonight.
I watched ‘Prime’ and then lights out before 10:30pm!

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