Wednesday 28th October

We woke to a very wet dreary day.
Azzan talked me into taking him to school so I took Mahalia too.
We were running a bit late and then got held up with road works and slow traffic so he was late getting to class.
Only 5 minutes but it was too late for him which set his whole day off kilter.
I got back home and decided I needed a fire.
Thanks to Graeme & Cynthia for dropping me off some home made fire starters weeks ago I was able to get it blazing easily.
Jenni arrived at 10am so we enjoyed the warm kitchen while we caught up over a cuppa.
Then Anson rocked in around midday so Jenni left to continue on with her socialising.
Anson stopped for a coffee so we had time for a chat which was good.
After he left I ran around getting ready to head off to work.
Had an interview at 2:30pm so had dinner prepared & kids prepped for when they got home as I didn’t know how long I’d be gone for.
After school it was too wet for tennis so Azzan took himself off to get a haircut.
Mahalia whizzed home and then off to rowing.
Nathan strolled past me on his way to work with his headphones implanted, totally oblivious to his mother calling out hullo to him until I phoned him!!
Finally got back home around 5:30pm.
Shanni was back and getting stuff sorted in her room.
Azzan was making a snack before he got into his homework.
I had time to write up my report and then debriefed on the way to my next meeting.
I am so thankful for the bluetooth in the car – I can have long private phone conversations as I drive 🙂
Arrived at rowing just in time for the 6pm meeting.
The trainer from the Results Gym was there to talk to us about what our kids were doing and to answer any questions we might have about fitness and wellbeing.
Another mother was also there to talk about nutrition.
A busy hour!
Met up with several mothers who have been in the club with their kids for a season ahead of us.
They were great.
Could totally understand how I was feeling – head in a whirl trying to comprehend it all.
Mahalia was keen to get home as she was starving.
Dropped her off and then zipped back to pick up tonight’s Nelson Mail as my neighbour Ursula phoned me this arvo to tell me that we had made front page!@!
And we sure did!!
The article and photo take up at good quarter of the front page of the paper.
Great advertising for Jonathan 🙂
Sure hope he gets some more commissions from this!!

Dinner was had by all in a rather fragmented manner tonight, everyone ate when they wanted as they could, fitting around their schedules.
Azzan has been feeling very fragile lately.
Tonight more so.
Lots of stuff going on.
He needed some big Mum hugs and also some Caspian cuddles so I left them to it for a while.
Caspian seemed very settled when I went back to get him!!
Shanni is cleaning out and dejunking her room.
Also getting ready for her graduation dinner.
Preparations have been underway for a while, but last minute changes are having to be made which is a tad stressful.
Just trying to work out logistics with her to make it enjoyable and run smoothly.
A special time – last days at high school.

I carried on working in the kitchen after Nathan arrived back from work.
It was all quite and peaceful – everyone was in bed asleep.
All I could hear was the puppy’s little squeaky snoring noises.
So cute 🙂

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