Thursday 29th October

Mahalia got herself off to rowing on time today.
She’s only slept through twice but is determined not to do it again as she doesn’t want to get in trouble or get black marks against her.
It’s great to see such determination.
I was on pager again today so hadn’t planed on going too far afield.
Azzan still not feeling great this morning.
Emotional heartache is so exhausting, for all of us.
He wasn’t keen on going to school today but I managed to cajole him with a few adjustments to his day.
I wrote a note to have him excused from PE to come home early and I emailed his head teacher re the forthcoming Father/Son evening that is being planned.
It is things like this which understandably trigger an emotional meltdown.
He has been doing really well lately but this upcoming event has really thrown a spanner in the works.
Mahalia flew in the door, I was able to give her a few extra minutes by making her lunch and by taking Azzan to school first she was able to eat her breakfast in the car before I dropped her off.
I had three things I needed to do so went to get them out of the way.
Had to get Mahalia a 10mm spanner.
It is a vital piece of equipment that all the rowers have to have in their back pockets at all times so they can rig/derig the boats.
Leita called up so we had a long chat (via bluetooth!) while I was driving over to Placemakers.
Really appreciate this new friend xx
Once I found the spanner I headed to The Warehouse.
Azzan’s Prep classes are filling shoeboxes for the Christmas Appeals so I wanted to get some things to add to them.
I was only their a short time, had a few items in my basket when the fire alarm went off.
It was really weird cuz no one seemed to know what it was and everyone was looking around os ee what the noise was.
Eventually the staff mustered and we all headed to the doors.
Have no idea if it was a drill or for real.
I just left my basket and drove off.
Went to SASH to file my report from yesterday’s interview then back home again.
Shanni wasn’t feeling wonderful today either so I had emailed her in absent from school for the day.
She rested and cleaned her room later on.
I was barely home when Janet messaged me to see if I wanted to join them for coffee in town.
If I hadn’t been working I would’ve walked in to meet them as it was a lovely day.
Instead I popped Caspian in the car and we walked from the carpark to Colombus where Janet & David were just finishing their breakfast in the sunshine.
I got a mocha and we chatted for a while.
I was feeling really drained, so it was good to just sit a while.
But then I got a call out so had to go take Caspian back home and leave him with Nathan.
Then I zoomed out to Richmond to visit a client.
That filled up the rest of the afternoon.
I dropped a parcel off for Sasha then took a few minutes to dive into Kmart to get the shoebox things for Azzan.
Then back home.
There was plenty of food for dinner, I got Azzan to make some mashed potatoes to have with the stew.
I have had Marah’s truck parked up here for quite some time as it wouldn’t start.
Graham organised for a truck to pick it up, it arrived at 5:30pm.
Such a quick and easy removal,
So pleased to get my yard space back and hopefully some resolution as to what exactly is wrong with it!

David & Janet arrived to ‘meet’ our new home.
Yes it is still new even though its been nearly a year since we moved.
Then we went off to the Sprig & Fern on Hardy for evening.
We planned to get there early, and we did, but it was already humming and tables taken.
We hoppe don a bench and shared one of the large tables while we placed our orders.
Then as soon as the couches in top nook were vacated we whisked ourselves up there past haste!
David & Janet order pies and were given this lavish spread.
We had built in entertainment at our table 😉
I had the chicken nachos which were loaded with jalapeños so I was breathing fire for a while 🙂
We sat back and chatted until the real entertainment of the evening began at 8pm.
The Amazing Vandini Brothers were performing for the next few hours.
They really rocked it.
Great job Nev, Dave, Ivan & Simon.
I’ve posted some video clips I took during the evening which you can check out here and here and here and the best one here 🙂

At 10pm we called it a night.
I needed to get back to the kids and to bed.
Was really weary but it was great to spend some time out with friends.

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