Saturday 21st November

I didn’t wake until 8am.
And I may have slept even later if Sunni hadn’t messaged me.
Poor wee Lily has been sick for quite a few days.
Rather a worry.
Plus the weather in Auckland has been pretty rubbish so Shanni & Sunni have been quite housebound.

I stayed in bed until 11am.
It was so lovely and peaceful.
I just loved having a rest without fear of interruption.
Around midday I wandered round the corner to visit with Hanne & Owen.
Tahi had taken the children for a walk so the house was very quiet.
When they returned I helped Tahi clean up the mezzanine and make a bed for Lloyd & Val.
Guests began arriving mid arvo.
We had gathered to celebrate Owen’s 70th birthday.
A very auspicious occasion and most worthy of celebration 🙂
Before the all the guests arrived I caught my Uncle Owen and his lovely daughter and my dear cousin Tahi in these two beautifully special photos.
Fern wanted to entertain us with dance so she practised inside for Tahi & me.
She allowed Bruno to join her dance too.
Unfortunately the men disappeared outside and weren’t participating in her required audience so Tahi suggested she take her show out to them.
Later in the day the children rested in front of the ‘crutch’ aka tv 🙂
And of course the rest needed to be shared with their grandfather’s crocodile!
Cuz thats what you do in Owen’s home 😉
Family friends, John & Sara arrived with their Nanny’s food truck.
John has incorporated his Jamaican cuisine over for NZ’ers to enjoy.
He provided delicious food throughout the evening.
I was amused by the contrast of ethnicities in this photo.
A Scottish piper playing Happy Birthday to a Kiwi in front of a Jamaican food truck.
It is all very fitting as our families have always embraced the diversity of world cultures.
We welcome all into our homes, we marry them, we give birth to variegated children.
A truly colourful heritage that I am proud to be a part of 🙂

There was a delightful mix of folk joining together throughout the evening to celebrate.
I enjoyed catching up with family members there too.
Aunty Janet had brought her two younger brothers photos of their childhood years.
They gave us all immense pleasure as we poured over them and reminisced.

I was about to walk back and find my bed around 10:30pm-ish when one of the guests collapsed.
There was a lot of consternation as we kept him comfortable and great relief when the ambulance finally arrived.
He was taken to the hospital to be given a thorough check over and was discharged next morning with nothing sinister identified.
Tahi & Roland walked me home at midnight.
It was a gorgeous night and a lovely time to chat along the way.
I was glad to have a comfy bed to sink into and not be joining the masses on floors and in tents 😉




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