Monday 23rd November

Azzan headed off to school – inadvertently leaving his lunch in the fridge 😦
I got myself ready to leave for my 9:45am appointment.
There is always last minute things to do and no matter how prepared I am I always seem to be chasing my tail.
The wheelie bin had to be put out.
The puppy captured so I could manoeuvre the car out the gate.
Then the puppy released and the safety fence put up.
Breakfast totally forgotten in the rush :-/
Mahalia had eluded me and was in the bath when I left so I called to her through the door that there was a note on the bench.
I was 5 minutes late but managed to catch my breath and had a good therapy session.
I was still enthused over the seminar I had attended on Thursday so had a lot to discuss.
Afterwards I nipped back to New World for a mocha and picked up some take out cheese cakes for Sebastian & Ross.
I then raced along the motorway to Richmond for a business meeting with the two of them.

Today is Seb’s 25th birthday.
He enjoyed the cake but was feeling and looking far too weary to be wanting to celebrate much.
Life is pretty stressful for us all at present.
We are trying to keep the ship afloat and it is really hard work baling sometimes :-/
But he did enjoy his cheesecake – Happy Birthday my boy man.
Special delight of my heart.
You work so incredibly hard for me, and I know I don’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you.
But I do and I love you very muchly xxxxx

I love this photo of him and Sapphie.
Here’s a precious reflection taken 23 years ago – Tim sharing a moment with Sebastian.
We spent a couple of hours discussing business stuff.
Around 2:30pm we left to carry on our day.
Mahalia had been having a very relaxing day but soon after I arrived home she was heading off to Kip McGrath.
I got home in time to greet Joy who was having great difficulty getting through my gate.
Wonderful security measures I have 😉
It was really lovely to have her pop in.
We had a cuppa and the grand tour as this was her first visit.
Then when we were relaxing in the lounge talking, Seb walked in the door and collapsed on the couch beside me.
Joy mistook him for Nathan and asked him why he was still here?
Great laughter over that one 🙂
I had heard Nathan say he had been getting mistaken for his older bro but hadn’t seen it happen.
The afternoon was running out fast.
I scooted around and got ready as I had to head out again just before 5pm.
Heated up some leftovers and scoffed them down while saying goodbye to Joy and welcoming Phoebe & Sapphie.
Azzan was back from school so he and Sapphie were playing on the trampoline when I left.
Left a note to Mahalia as to what to cook for dinner.
Bit like ships passing today.
Whizzed into our Business Meeting breathlessly a few minutes late.
It was such a hot day today I realised when I got back in the car afterwards and it was a tad cooler that I had stripped off my jacket at Ross’s this morning and left it there.
I dropped Glynnie back home and then came home for dinner.
Mahalia had made a large rice dish with heaps of veggies and eggs.
Yum – I was so hungry.
The kids had done a clean up while I was gone so the place looked much better.
I managed to get Azzan to try on his formal clothes to see what fits him still.
Was very glad to see he has an outfit that fits well.
I took my dinner to my room and chilled for a while.
I could hear some noise and found out later that it was Azzan.
He had decided that he needed to get his exercise routine up and running again so was doing a workout in the lounge.
Poor Mahalia had gone to be early to sleep as she had an early training session :-/
Finally got the lad off to bed & crash out myself.

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