Tuesday 24th November

Mahalia was walking to NMIT for a final lunch with her classmates so I took Caspian and walked part way with her.
There is always wonderful displays of colour along the way.
I came back along the river and decided to call into see Karel as I was alone and had no pressing engagements.
Since it is almost a year since she came bearing cake to greet us in our new house I figured it was way past time to stop by.
It is so crazy that I haven’t found the time to visit with her till now.
She had been busy cleaning up after guests at her B&B so was glad of some time to sit and chat awhile over a cuppa.
She gave me a tour of their establishment.
It is absolutely gorgeous.
Finally I headed back up the street.
We diverted into see if Mary-Anne was at home but to Caspian’s distress she wasn’t.
He whimpered all the way back up her lane.
Back home and I sort myself some lunch and crashed out for a rest while it was quiet.
I watched a movie called ‘The Family Stone’.
But as per usual, as soon as I find a few quiet moments then they get shattered fairly quickly.
Mahalia arrived back, then Azzan, then Glynnie popped in to visit right at the very end.
I had to zoom once it finished.
Mahalia was cleaning the bathroom but vacated long enough for me to shower.
Then while I got myself ready for the evening out Glynnie sat in my room and talked with me.
I tore out the gate around 4:45pm and headed up to Nelson College.
The day was so hot I was having problems keeping the sweat under control!
I arrived and on checking my invitation discovered that the function began at 5:30pm, not 5pm – duh!
Oh well, I parked up and went for a wander and sat on the boys lunch seats in the shade for a while.
It was quite pleasant out of the sun.
The college has some gloriously large old trees scattered about the grounds.
The sun was lowering in the west and was glistening spectacularly through the branches of this gnarly old moss & fern laden tree.
Finally it was closer to the expected time so I headed in to the Crush Hall where the Sponsors & Supporters ‘Thank You’ Function was being held.
I was a bit lost so had to ask the way from two people I found in an office, that was a very amusing encounter.
I was greeted by Jarrod who is the teacher in charge and behind the Kickstart project to raise funds for the development of the Nelson College Business School which I have helped to sponsor on behalf of, and in memory of Tim who was an old boy of the college, and in anticipation that it will also benefit Azzan as a prospective student.
Jarred took me on a tour of the new Business School and talked me through the developments, of what they have already achieved and what they are working towards.
It is really interesting and incredibly inspiring – makes me wish I was back in school if I could’ve been given educational opportunities like this!
Fantastic to see and hear what some of the students from the current & past couple of years have already achieved.
Back to the hall which was by now an incredibly noisy thronging mass.
Rather daunting actually.
But I soon found another lone woman and struck up a conversation, and we were soon joined by several others.
It was lovely to meet them, all very interesting ladies.
They work at the College so good to get some insight into life here.
Towards the end of the evening I found myself encircled by the amusing man from earlier and a couple of his friends.
We got to talking and I discovered they were old boys and one would’ve been there at the same time as my two uncles and one when Tim was there.
But they didn’t remember them specifically.
Plus his grandson is in Azzan’s class.
Anyway, it was a very entertaining encounter to finish the evening  🙂
I headed off home with a lighter step.
Had some dinner and then opened the gate to welcome Shoshannah home.
She had flown in this arvo and gone straight out to Youth Group.
Lovely to have her home again after her week away.

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