Friday 27th November

I have just seen a photo of our front yard taken a year ago.
And here it is beside one taken today.
The forest has been removed, the deck has been altered, the garden has been replanted, the fence has been relined.
I often feel that I am not achieving much, that things are not being done fast enough, but when I stop and look back on the photos of a year ago I realise we have done a lot!
I stress about the boxes still left to unpack, the ‘mess’ they make stacked up in the kitchen, the front entrance, the hallway.
It really gets me down at times.
I have developed a method of coping with it – turn a blind eye!
But I can only do that for a time and then I ‘see’ it all again and it depresses me.
I just seem to manage to have enough energy to get through the days normalities without adding in sorting stuff.
But then I stop and realise, its only been a year here.
And then I take another step back and think, it’s only been 2 years and 9 months since my world was tipped upside down and the earth exploded beneath my feet.
2 years and 9 months and 9 days.
It seems so long but yet it is such a small amount of time.
And in that time we have done so much.
Admittedly most of the first year was spent in a stunned bubble, the second year running away, and now this third year has been spent putting down new roots, making a new start, building a new normality and trying to make sense of life as it is now.
No wonder this year feels so long and yet so short.

It was a weird day.
Very windy with grey heavy threatening clouds hanging over the hills.
I was on pager all day but it was quiet so I just pottered around.

Azzan came in from school and after a snack biked off to youth group.
Mahalia walked to rowing training at the gym.
Shoshannah packed up and drove out to Bridge Valley to a youth group overnight camp.

The weather really packed a wobbly later in the afternoon.
I shot into the cinema to pick up tickets for Azzan and his friends for tomorrow’s movie date.
I then zipped to the library to suss out something I’d been trying to do for weeks.
A very cold rain began to pelt down just as I was running into the library.
It’s funny, when we lived away we would spend all our time in the library.
It was Azzan’s favourite place to go.
Now we are in town we hardly ever come here.
But the website I needed to suss out is only accessible via the public library system – crazy!
I got a 15 minute computer and quickly found what I needed.
I was just finishing up when Mahalia text to as if I could pick her up.
Good timing.
I nipped down to the gym and collected her and then headed back home.

Mahalia cooked a delicious macaroni cheese for dinner.
I had to laugh when I saw how much she had made.
We just don’t seem to be able to make small amounts of food.
It is ingrained in us from the days of cooking for multitudes on the farm to make copious quantities.
It is good though cuz it lasts for several days so we don’t have to sweat the cooking process to often 😉IMG_1602

I got busy out in the garden while Mahalia cooked.
The rain had stopped and the temperature was very pleasant to work in.
Azzan was under a threat of no movie night if he didn’t pull finger and get his assigned chores done.
So he was working under duress.
He didn’t really achieve all I wanted a=or needed from him but he did do something I guess.
I really got into the swing of things and planted out everything I had bought.
The garden it looking so much more productive now.
I got Azzan to help me lift some sleepers over as temporary garden edging just to contain it all until I can get the edging I want built.
So interspersed with he feijoa trees I have planted tomatoes along the back and marigold in front.
I made a basil garden at the base of the bird bath and added some verbenas around the edges of the triangle piece.
The two zucchinis I planted over in back of the section near the pumpkins that Shanni planted.
They are doing great there so I figured the zucchinis might too.
I placed the picture frames around them so they won’t get stomped on while they are still small.
Behind them in the old washing tubs I have mint and spinach and a raspberry which are all doing well despite being quite dry.
By the time I had finished it was late and dinner was ready.
So I cleaned up and headed indoors to join the kids.
Felt very satisfying.

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