Thursday 26th November

I woke at 5:35am and as per normal I wandered into Mahalia’s room to open her curtains and check she had gone.
Oh dear!
She was still asleep.
Some quick dressing and fast food and we were out the door.
I was racing down Weka Street when I realised I had left my pager at home.
Prayed there would be no call out in the 15 mins I was away!!
I had her to rowing just in the nick of time.
The novices had just finished their core strengthening time and were just heading off to the boats.
They did some readjusting and assigned her to a boat.
The moon was dramatically huge and sinking into the western hills as I left.
I came back home and seeing as I was up and dressed already I made Azzan’s lunch and breakfast.
After he left for school I decided to head into the city to suss out a sale at Cache.
I just wanted to compare something I had seen elsewhere with what they might have.
But alas, I got my dates wrong – sale is one next Thursday, not today.
I was in a bit of a ‘I need some space just for me’ mood and as I had nothing pressing to go home for I decided to go for a coffee.
I have been really missing Nathan in the past days.
It has been very surreal that he is not here.
I guess I have just gotten so used to having him around over the past months that is absence has been playing tricks on my mind.
I keep looking out the kitchen window expecting to see him walking across from his sleep-out.
But the sleep-out has gone and so has he.
Yesterday I was about to call him to ask if he could pick up some bread for me.
Crazy 😕
I went to Cafe Affair but they were not quite open yet.
Leita called me so I sat on a bench and had a lovely morning catch up with her.
Then after 9:30am I ventured into the cafe.
I have always loved this place.
It is consistent with service, value and quality.
But today something was missing.
Nathan, it doesn’t feel right here without your smiling face to greet me.
I was only going to order a mocha but the menu called my stomach to attention as it remembered the lack of breakfast.
So I also ordered a salmon eggs Benedict.
I sat in the window seat and read the Dom Post and savoured my breakfast and enjoyed the calm of the morning with just a tinge of sadness.

Arrived home to find Caspian had gutted his favourite toy all over the lawn!
Phillipa messaged so I wiped back into town and met her at Yaza Cafe.
It was really nice to have some unlimited time to hang out with her and catch up on the past few weeks.
We carried on over to Briscoes and did some shopping.
Then to finish off the afternoon we called into Content to see what treasure they are currently stocking.

Mahalia walked Caspian and then went to hang out with Sophie later in the arvo.
Quiet night in.
Peaceful day.
Just what was needed.
A calm in the midst of the storm.

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