Friday 20th November

Mahalia had an extra training session this morning cuz she’s excited to be racing in a double on Sunday.
I was up around 6am and repacking because the weather is just not stable and I have no idea what to take.
I had enough time to make lunch for the kids.
Got Caspian’s food all sorted so Mahalia could leave him ready once she flies through after training.
It is her last day of the year at NMIT today.
Most exciting the other day cuz she came home with a certificate and a gift of hair products for coming top of the hair section of her course.
I was literally flying when Tracie text to say when was on her way.
Last minute hugs & instructions with Azzan as I ran out the door.
Tracey offered to drive me to the airport which was wonderful as without my two licence chauffeurs aka Nathan & Shanni, I was a bit stuck.
She had me there in plenty of time.
I checked in with Sounds Air and then sat back to wait for boarding.
It was a bit of a yucky wet & windy day so I was praying for a good and undulated flight.
We boarded a bit late due to the incoming plane punching into the wind on approach.
But with a tail wind the pilot promised an expectation of earlier arrival into Paraparaumu.
The flight was calm, couldn’t see a thing below due to heavy cloud, and the only bumps were in the few moments before landing.
We were greeted by a wild tempestuous Kapiti Coast day.
I made a fast trip across the tarmac and into the terminal, picked up the car keys and very quickly was loaded into Tracie’s car.
She had graciously left it last night, along with her home, for me to use while she is away.
I plotted my next leg of my journey into my iPhone maps and was soon off and away away down the highway south.
Half an hour later I pulled up outside Anneke’s studio.
It was so lovely to spend some time with her this morning.
She is preparing for an exhibition so after a cuppa I helped her put up some tables.
If you are in the area next weekend then pop in and check it out.
She is world renown and a long established part of the NZ pottery world and I am very proud to be her neice 🙂
I left her around midday to get on with her preparations and drove all the way back north to Paraparaumu.
Popped into the mall, can’t believe what a massive mega centre there is here now, since I last came it has exploded in size!
Did a little shopping and then bought a delicious mocha and a not so delicious panini from Butlers Chocolate cafe.
Drove on to my next destination which was Tracie’s home.
Found my way in and was wowed by her incredible interior design.
She has turned a very basic little house into the most incredibly beautiful home.
It is outstanding.
Girl you are so wasted in the bank – you need to be home decorating!!!
Come visit me my friend I need your help 😉
I chilled out for a wee while and then because it was beginning to rain drove back around the corner.
Hanne met me and we chatted while she made tea.
Then I sat and talked with Owen while he carved.
It was a really nice time to catch up without myriads of others around.
My dear uncle was like a big bro to me as I grew up as he is only 11 years older than me.
He is world renown for his art/sculptures and has created some incredible beautiful pieces over his lifetime.
He has recently carved the most beautiful Pectoral cross for the Wellington Bishop, it is full of symbolism and beauty.
Along with Hanne’s jewellery they have a very vibrant creative environment here.

Tahi arrived back with Fern & Bruno.
They had been shopping too and had come home with some Lego which kept them both busy for some time.
I stayed and had dinner with them all.
Nice relaxed catch up time.
Presented Owen with his 70th birthday present – a bottle of Azzan’s homemade Blackboy peach wine 🙂
A very acceptable gift 🙂

I was really weary so left around dusk.
Zipped down to the supermarket and stocked up on a few basics before coming back and blobbing out for the rest of the evening.
Nothing like a quiet night, relaxing in front of the banality of random tv shows, munching on chips and dip followed by a dessert of chocolate biscuits 🙂

Thursday 19th November

A busy morning getting us all away on time.
Azzan was first out the door.
Oops! No I forgot.
Mahalia was off to her 5:30am rowing session so officially was first out the door.
Anyway, Azzan headed off well before 8am.
He has been getting his lunch prepared the previous night lately which means him mornings are very calm and he gets away in good time.
Around 8am I suddenly realised the seminar I was going to today started at 9am, not 9:30am like I had stuck in my brain.
It was all go then.
Mahalia arrived back so need to make her lunch and another breakfast.
I tore around getting my breakfast, hanging out the washing, getting Caspian sorted.
I dropped Mahalia off in town and got to the Rutherford Hotel by 8:35am and pretty much got one of the last free parks which was the main reason I want to get there early.
Otherwise it is a major hassle to find somewhere you can leave the car and not have to worry about fines and towing.
The seminar was run by Compass Seminars and was entitled ‘Working with Maori with Hana O’Regan and Nathan Mikaere Wallis’
There was around 100 of us attending.
I met up with some really interesting people during the day.
The seminar was probably one of the best I have ever attended.
It was honest, thought provoking, challenging, educational and incredibly interesting.
Definitely material that can be used in many situations.
Hana was passionate and before morning tea shared some very personal stories which I must admit almost had me in tears, and I wasn’t the only one.
I was especially interested in Nathan’s explanation of the development of the brain and how trauma affects it in the early stages etc.
Fascinating stuff.
Some very nutritional food was provided for lunch and morning tea.
It was a full on day finishing at 3:30pm.
Mahalia messaged me to see if I could swing by the hospital and pick up Emma.
So I did.
Brought her home for a visit.
Sandy arrived soon after I got back.
It is SO incredibly good to see her again.
It has been 18 months since she left and we had so much to catch up on it was crazy.
We talked so much there was barely had time to have a cuppa!
She cut Mahalia’s hair for her, she was delighted as the ends have been getting very ratty.
I had to get Emma back by 6pm so the girls hopped in the car, I said a quick goodbye to Sandy after arranging our next lunch date, and then we whizzed Emma back to the hospital.
It was a quick visit but good for the girls to have some time together.
And Sandy made this visit much more entertaining 😉
We whipped up a quick dinner, Azzan cut up carrots and I made a starry which was ate with last nights left over cheese potato bake.
Got word that Nathan had landed safely.
He is now safe and sound in Salzburg with Mira 🙂
I had quite a few things to organise tonight so was later to bed than I had hoped.
Had to pack my bag as I won’t have much time in the morning.
Weather is so changeable it is hard to know what to take with me.
Its been a good day though so I am not going to worry about that trivial matter – wear layers and pack light and hope for the best 🙂

Wednesday 18th November

I was rudely awoken this morning at 3am by a very loud machine right outside my bedroom.
It’s bright orange flashing lights were intruding into my room too in spite of the black out curtains I have.
I staggered out to see what the commotion was and saw a road marking machine in action.
Totally unimpressed!
Went back to bed and tried to go back to sleep but after an hour I was still tossing around.
My head was aching and I was feeling incredibly nauseated so I got up and took Panadine.
By the time 7:30am came I still hadn’t slept a lot and I was feeling like I’d been run over by said machine 😦
Staggered out to say goodbye to Azzan.
He was saying goodbye to Rachel.
Mahalia slept in but still managed to get off to class in time.
In amongst all of this I was getting calls from Courier Post about Nathan’s parcel.
It finally connected with him at the 12th hour just as he was heading to the airport.
Rachel was all packed, I had showered and was feeling somewhat better, and we ready to go soon after 9:30am.
I dropped papers off to Mahalia that she had forgotten and then we went into Tank.
Rachel has become addicted very quickly!
We got one each and then she loaded up and walked down to catch her bus to Picton where she is meeting up with her friends to go tiki touring.
I headed out to Bunnings, chatting to Rowena as I drove.
Nice to have some uninterrupted time to catch up.
I wanted to get a string refill for the seedeater so went searching.
Couldn’t figure out which one to get so went off to check out watering equipment.
Got what  needed and then went out to see the plants and found three  wanted.
Then as I was going through the checkout I remembered I had not got the string.
But by that time I was too tired to go back and search so it will have to wait for another trip.
On the way back I had a last call with Nathan.
He was through immigration and waiting for his flight to board.
All has gone well thus far apart from having too much luggage, but thankfully James & Melissa had waited with him so he was able to repack 🙂
I got home just before midday.
Katherine arrived to catch up before the weekend.
The Sue arrived with a German friend.
They love dogs and had asked if they could walk Caspian.
He certainly wasn’t saying no so they took him off with them.
Once everyone had gone I got my new weeping hose connected and laid it along all the new planting Rachel has done.
It is so cool.
I had gone to got a soak hose, but this one is heaps better as it can actually have mulch over it and it doesn’t block up.
I also planted the new plants.
I’m making a bit of a cottage garden under the jacaranda tree.
Have planted orange Clivia, Amaryllis from home, a couple of Chatham Island Forget-me-nots and two different Pieris japonica aka Lily of the Valley bush.
It’s really cool seeing all the fruit forming on my new trees.
The feijoas have some pretty flowers already too.

I went and had a lie down while it was all quiet and there was no one in the house.
Watched a few episodes of Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty.
It is really good.
Just wish I could stay awake so I didn’t have to keep rewinding!
Mahalia arrived home early.
She has finished part of her course already.
Sue & Gize arrived back with Caspian.
He had had a very long walk.
The ladies were very impressed with his stickability.
After they left though he spent the rest of the day resting 🙂
Halia went off to rowing and I decided to tackle finishing the trampoline.
It was a bit of a mission.
Thankfully Azzan came home and helped me.
Finally got it done.
Now all we have to do is get it level, but that’s Mahalia’s job!
She was delighted to come home and find it completed and had to have a bounce on it.
Shanni text me to say she had arrived safely up with Sunni & Mat and of course Lily.
She will be getting loads of Aunty Shanni loves this week.
Always nice to know  my chicks are safe and sound 🙂

Dinner was late tonight.
Azzan was tired, he has a lot of homework this week.
Mahalia helped peel potatoes.
I made two cheese potato bakes so the kids could have one on Friday night.
We had dinner while I helped Mahalia put her CV together.
Then she headed off to bed.
I stayed up and got some banking done.
It has been hanging over my head for too long so I made the most of the quiet evening to catch up.
Consequently I was still at it when Nathan arrived in Singapore so we had a chat on Messenger for a few minutes.
Good to know he has made it half way through his journey without any glitches.

Tuesday 17th November

I had another long sleep.
Woke at 7am.
Kids both off to school.
Rachel was determined to do heaps while she was here.
She carried on in the garden after breakfast.
We now have a lovely fringe of liriope around the front edge surrounding the fruit trees.
Plus the beginnings of my cottage garden under the tree.

Becky arrived just after 9:30am.
She is helping me to update my blog and internet sites.
We spent and hour or so trying to transfer WordPress files.
It all got somewhat frustrating and then she had to leave at 11:30am.
She ended up leaving late because of the hassle.
But afterwards I managed to get something happening so spent the afternoon importing files in between other things.

Shanni was preparing to fly to Auckland so spent the morning getting packed up.
She loaded up her car and headed off just after lunch as she had an appointment over in Tahunanui.
Rachel went off into town for a bike ride.
Now she has discovered Tank Juice Bar there is no holding back.
She is addicted 🙂
She had biked in to get a smoothie as the kids had recommended it to her, and returned saying she could’ve downed 5 of them!!
She returned with a Tank smoothie for me.
It was really good and I thoroughly appreciate her efforts in bringing one back for me.

Amy arrived with her two little just after 3:30pm.
I left her and Rachel to hang out as I had to zip over and pick up Shanni from John & Sally’s and take her to the airport.
As I am busy when she returns they are storing her car and will meet her.
Throughout the day I had been chasing up the parcel I sent to Nathan yesterday.
He’d left some things behind that he needed so I had over night couriered it.
It hadn’t been delivered this morning like it was supposed to have been.
It got extremely stressful trying to talk to the right people.
I finally discovered around 3:30pm that I hadn’t been talking the right person and had wasted precious time.
So annoying and incredibly frustrating.
Finally got to speak to a lovely lady who was the investigator for Courier Post but as it was so late in the day by the time I located her she couldn’t do much till morning.
And morning was probably too late.

Later in the afternoon Rachel & I decided to try putting the trampoline together.
I had bought it a few weeks ago but was waiting for the cabin to be removed so we could put it there.
It proved to be rather a complicated job.
There were two instruction booklets.
One with photos so tiny we could barely make them out.
Plus the English was obviously from Asian translation.
The other was in German.
A right royal mix up!
I even searched YouTube for an instructional video but to no avail so we just had to wing it the best we could.
You would think it should be simple!
Rachel & I did most of it on our own but Mahalia came in very handy when it came to attaching the springs.
We took a dinner break in the midst of it to recharge our batteries.
It was such a lovely evening we ate outside on the kitchen deck.
It was about now that we decided to call it a day.
We had all the screws in where we thought they should go and it was getting a bit too dark so continue.

Monday 16th November

I woke at 7am!
10:30pm till 7am.
Havent slept that long in can’t remember when.
That glass of Bailey’s must’ve helped!
Azzan came in soon after complaining of a bad headache.
He had not slept well.
His room is still not sorted and there is stuff everywhere.
His OCDness was apparently disturbing his sleep :-/
After a consultation I gave him some Panadol, sent him back to bed and emailed his teacher that he would be coming in today.
I got my self ready for my 9:45am appointment.
But at the last minute as I was about to leave the puppy took time to be captured so I could get my car out the gate.
Then I remembered it was Monday, rubbish day.
So I quickly added the kitchen bin full to the wheelie bin and the wheelbarrow of weeds Azzan had removed from the yard.
By this time I had only 3 minutes to get there so I was several minutes late.
Part of my OCDness is the need to be punctual.
But I did well this morning, I didn’t stress, I just drove carefully and navigated the early morning town traffic as best I could and arrived breathing relatively normally.
Had a fairly intense and emotional therapy session.
Came home feeling really drained.
But as I pulled up I saw Forde arriving to pick up the cabin so I didn’t have time to stop.
I raced inside and put the puppy back in his cage, opened the gates, cleared the lawn, took off the washing and wound up the clothes line.
To add to the mix road works had just begun on our corner and there were road cones everywhere.
But Forde and his wife managed to back in and begun the loading process.
I headed up to the Post Office to send a parcel to Nathan.
With all my organisational skills he had still managed to leave behind his precious bundle of knives!
I got them onto the over night courier and pray that the mail will get to Christchurch before he leaves!
When I arrived back the cabin was loaded and heading out the gate.
Shoshannah had been busy all morning.
She had vacuumed, washed floors, cleaned the kitchen and her bathroom.
Azzan was sorting out his room.
Mahalia was really tired from her weekend camp so was just getting up and spent the rest of the day tidying her room.
I put the clothes line back up and hung out several loads of washing.
When I look at the back of the section now and see the gap where the cabin has been it is a raw reminder of Nathan’s departure and my heart leaks a little from my eyes again 😦
I had bought a delicious dark chocolate & pear muffin from the Sprig earlier so made a latte and went to my room.
Told the kids that my door was closed and the only interruption was if there was a fire or death!
I just needed quiet headspace.
My head was aching from too much emotional stuff.
So I stayed on my bed for most of the afternoon.
Just relaxed and watched some documentaries etc.
Azzan made some hot chips later in the day which he brought to share with me.
He snuggled in beside me.
I must’ve dozed off cuz when I came too my laptop screen was black.
It wouldn’t wake up, then he reached over and turned the screen light back on.
I had gone to sleep so he had turned them down so I would sleep longer.
Sweet boy.
Racheal arrived around 4:30pm.
Amy had been visiting Marah today so dropped her off which was great.
She had a wonderful week out with Marah & the girls.
I was about to walk out the door but she wanted to get stuck into some work so I showed her the planting that needed doing and left her to it.
Mahalia loaded her bike into he back of my car as I had offered to drive her up to the hospital to hang out with Emma.
We got half way there and were stuck in very slow pre 5pm traffic and I could see I would be late for my meeting.
So I did a U-turn, parked up and unloaded the bike and left her to go the rest of the way herself.
I headed to work and arrived just on 5pm.
Spent the next 2 hours at a planning meeting which went well.
Home at 7:30pm-ish to find Rachel still in the garden.
She’s a self confessed night owl so worked until dark and got heaps of planting done.
The rest of us were all off to bed.
I had my dinner while watching the first episode in the series of ‘Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty’.
I had stumbled across it when searching TVNZ OnDemand.
It is really good.
Rachel is brilliant and so natural, still the typical Kiwi girl.
Asleep around 10pm again.
Making progress 🙂

Sunday 15th November

Today is a day we have been anticipating for some time now.
It has been on my calendar for weeks, maybe months now.
But until today it has been in the future so I haven’t had to get serious about it.
Today is the day Nathan leaves.
I have known this is coming.
I have made plans for the removal of his sleep-out.
I have helped him with his travel plans.
I have assisted his packing and sorting as I could.
But it hasn’t really been real until today.

Last night Azzan made plans to go to church this morning with Melissa.
Just before she and James arrived he changed his mind and wanted to go to a different one.
I had been awake since early again so decided to go with them.
We went to Impact Church.
The speaker today was Steve Dunne from The Jeremiah Trust.
He was a passionate speaker about topics relevant to today.
Today the world is reeling from the Paris attacks so he had a lot to say about them.
Azzan really liked his talk but Melissa & I found his delivery a bit harsh.
Humour is a good thing to use in speech delivery, but falling to sarcastic criticism looses my respect very quickly.
I caught up with Jillian & Colin briefly afterwards.
On the way back to the car we popped into the Suter Art gallery to view the Rembrandt exhibition.
I had been wanting to view it for ages but hadn’t managed to and it was closing today.
It was really good.
Azzan had been with school and was so impressed he and a friend went back again.
He was able to tell us some interesting information .
James & Melissa dropped us back home and then went to get some Tank smoothies.
Nathan had gone off to have a last coffee with some friends.
I could see there was still quite a bit to be done in his slept so I started clearing out everything he wasn’t taking.
James moved the mattress for me and I got all the bedding through the wash.
By the time Nathan returned we had everything pretty much sorted so he only had to do the last few things.
He & James went off to Cafe Affair to say a final goodbye.
I was trying really hard not to cry but was losing the battle.

Nathan has made the most of his last weeks/days here.
It is lovely that he has been so happy lately.
He’s met some great friends recently and has spent some happy hours hanging out with them and family.
Life has been more positive and these months of having him living here have been so good.
He left home at 16 so I consider these past few months a real bonus.
He has supported me emotionally through some hard times lately.
I am so going to miss him.

Finally it was time.
Time to say goodbye.
My heart was breaking and bursting at the same time.
Bursting with love and pride and knowing his leaving is the right thing for now.
Breaking because I am gonna miss this lad of mine so much.
I haven’t cried like this when any of my kids have left home since Jesika went to South America at 16.
She is my eldest and was the first to leave and I cried for days after she walked out the door even though I had supported and encouraged her with maternal excitement and helped her pack etc.
I have almost prided myself that I have allowed my kids to fly as soon as their wings were strong enough so no tears were needed.
What’s different today?
Nathan has been my rock, my sounding board, an ear to talk in the late hours when it was just us.
He has never tried to tell me what to do.
He has listened, supported, empathised and encouraged me to be strong throughout recent times of stress.
The time he has been here has been an absolute blessing and a time of healing for us both.
I love you my son.
Go well, stay safe and be strong.

After he left with Melissa & James I allowed the tears to fall uncontrollably.
Azzan graciously allowed and encouraged me to cry as I needed while he gave me some big Zani hugs.
Then it was time to go pick up Mahalia.
I made the call that we would get takeouts for dinner.
I just did not have the strength to think about food tonight.
Azzan came with me.
Mahalia was thrilled about her first camp.
She felt good about the intensiveness of the weekend, that they had gained so much more than at the week day trainings.
Plus she had quality time to really mesh with the girls and find some new friends among them all.
We decided to stop at Paasha and get kebabs for dinner.
As we were all very hungry Azzan also picked up hot chips from Milton St when we got home.
Shanni arrived back from her afternoon up the Hacket track with David & Sasha.
She was ecstatic about the walk and was encouraging us to all go up there with her soon.
We all needed some together time so hunkered down with our dinner on the couches and watched ’13 going on 30’.
Well I think I dozed through quite a bit of it cuz Mahalia had to keep prodding me.
I was in bed soon after.
Sat in bed with a glass of Baileys on ice and wished my son bon voyage in spirit.

Saturday 14th November

Another blasted early wakening.
It is really annoying to wake at 4am when I don’t need to be up until 5am.
Oh well, ride the waves….
I was up and waking Mahalia at 5am.
She was rather reticent about getting up.
While she got herself organised I made her porridge for breakfast and some beans & cheese toasties to take with her for a later breakfast before she starts rowing.
She also downed several boiled eggs before leaving so I was happier about the protein input.
As we drove to the Rowing Club at 6am I asked her if she was still keen on continuing with this sport.
I have been concerned as she is getting so tired.
Her response was incredibly positive.
She is passionate about carrying on and is in it for the long haul.
It was a hive of early morning activity at the club.
The seniors were getting ready to go out on the water.
The novices were arriving and the parents were getting the food etc loaded and sorting kids into vehicles etc.
I helped for a few minutes and then once they were all loaded I left.
This is the first novice training camp for the season.
They were going to Lake Rotoroa where the club has it’s own accommodation.
From all accounts it is pretty rustic, like very rustic 😉
It was such a lovely clear morning that I wrapped myself in a blanket, took my porridge and laptop to the outside table and watched the UK X-factor update until the kids woke up.
Azzan is still shifting all his stuff into his room.
He and Shoshannah have swapped rooms again.
Shanni has been sorting and downsizing her things whilst moving and packing her stuff up so she can leave as soon as she knows where and when and what she is doing next.
Azzan has most of his gear still strewn in the lounge as he has been busy at school etc.
At 9:30am I took Caspian walking.
It was quite cool so I had dressed relatively warmly and added a downie and scarf.
Azzan rode his bike alongside us as we walked into the city centre.
While I zipped upstairs to have my fringe trimmed he looked after Caspian.
When Hitomi had finished cutting she ran downstairs to meet him.
Caspian I mean 😉
She had a real clucky session which he enjoyed immensely.
Azzan & I went and got a Tank smoothie and wait for his friends to arrive.
He was meeting them at the museum at 12:15am.
There was a tad of anxiousness as they were late and he didn’t have their phone numbers.
But in typical female form they turned up fashionably late in triplicate.
So I left my handsome young man in the care of three lovely young ladies and started walking back home.
By the time we got half way back I had stripped off my jacket and scarf.
We called into Tracey’s on the way as she was having a garage sale.
Striped off another layer there!
Chatted a while and finally succumbed to a few bits and pieces from her craft table.
Thankfully it is not far to walk from there as I was hot and tired.
Shoshannah left to go hang out with her friends son after I got back.
I cuddled up in my blankets as it was cool indoors, horizontalised myself on the sofa with my lunch and a movie.
Caspian took my lead and slept beside me.
Guess the walk was long enough for him too 😉
I ended up watching two movies.
I think I may have dozed through the second one.
The early start to my day was catching up on me.
They were two random ones I found on Netflix.
‘New in Town’ and ‘Love and Other Disasters’.
Just a couple of brainless chick flicks.
All I could deal with today.

Finally managed to stagger off the couch after Azzan arrived back.
He began moving his gear into his bedroom.
I decided to try and do some more clearing in my art room.
Got a bit more done.
Little by little – am getting there 🙂

Nathan arrived back from his very last shift at Cafe Affair.
I went out to help him pack.
Sometimes two sets of hands work a bit more thoroughly and this mother could see that some organisation was required 😉
I folded and packed his clothes into one suitcase while he sorted out junk, recycling and keeping things into another suitcase.
In amongst all of this I suggested I did some copies of his travel documents.
Oh dear!
Where is the passport?
It had completely disappeared from where he last knew it to be.
I unpacked and repacked the clothing.
Went through every pocket.
Nathan retrieved all the trash and went through that carefully.
Searching everywhere to no avail.
I was praying for success.
I could tell there was some intense internal panic going on – very well contained but mothers know these things 😉
Finally in the last suitcase mixed up in a packet of papers to sort last he found it.
Thank goodness!!
Thank you Lord 🙂

It was getting late so I hopped in the shower and then drove Shanni & Azzan into the city to meet Nathan and friends for his last night drinks.
They were indoors when we arrived but soon the outdoor tables were vacated so we moved there.
It was a lovely evening.
I had dressed prepared for outside temperatures.
James & Melissa arrived up from Christchurch.
We pulled more tables together as more people arrived.
Saying goodbye to his three lovely workmates from Cafe Affair.|
Clare, Jess & Suze.
David & Sasha arrived with Luke.
These two cousins are only a few weeks apart in age.
I was threatening to drag out the photo from way back then, 20 years ago when they were babes kicking on the rug together 😉IMG_1224IMG_1227
Stina and Pete and Teo were very entertaining 🙂
As was Sophie who was working and had to put up with plenty of razing from her workmates – she did give back as good as she got through 🙂
Yari & Nick came for a while.
These three lads have been friends for many years.
They all walk different paths now but enjoy catching up when they can.
Melissa & Azzan started hanging out over the camera.
The evening start for them here…..
Somewhere before 9pm we wandered off down to the Sprig & Fern on Hardy to hang out for the rest of the evening.
Azzan went with Nathan & Shoshannah but was turned away for being too young.
We all hung out at the outside tables on the pavement.
I kept close to Azzan and all was well.
Teo caught up with us there too.
He was in fine form 🙂
He’s from Kiribati but after spending the best part of 12+ years here he is very assimilated into Kiwi society.
Almost too well in fact 😉
So we started with two posers
Then there were four…
And from somewhere random appeared a fifth, and then David make 6!
Me and my lad xxx
Melissa & Azzan entertained themselves – and us all with their hystronics!
Everything was funny 🙂
James and Nathan go way back.
20+ years back in fact.
You always need a mate from the past to be a best mate in the present so they can be there for you in the future.
Nathan & Shoshannah – very difficult to get a half decent photo with these two as candidates!!
Or maybe it is mainly Shanni 😉
Then the cuzzies decided to take selfies.
What an act they are!

Li’l bro &  big bro – I’m figuring there will be a considerable change height difference next time they see each other.
The thing that never changes though is th fact that you have to take a million photos to actually get the one!
Craziness on the streets at 11pm!
Oh my goodness, whats that boy doing outside a pub at 11pm on a Friday night?
Terrible mother that I am was actually part of the party 😉
These two juveniles were the life and soul of the party.
Their senses of humour outweighed everyone else and their hilarity was unbounding 🙂
Shanni checking heights – cuz as we know, when you are 13 height is vitally important.
Soon after this I called it a night and took my lad home.
These other two self professing oldies were planning to leave too.
It’s tough getting old eh 😉

It was a lovely night – good fun.
Shanni & Nathan carried on until much later with the other ‘younger ones’  and walked home – in the rain!