Friday 25th December

Azzan was up at 7:30am!
Anticipation and excitement.
His very first Christmas!!

I managed to get him to go back to bed for a while longer.
We finally got up and filled croissants for breakfast.
Azzan made ham & cheese
Mahalia & I filled ours with camembert, tomato, capsicum & avocado.IMG_2514
Shanni can’t eat croissants so Mahalia made her a special gluten free breakfast with rice.
Mahalia found a puppy Santa coat at The Warehouse the other night.
Poor Caspian looked so embarrassed!
Finally we made out way into the lounge and spent the next hour or so unwrapping presents.
Had to slow Azzan down and share them around!
Shanni got what she really wanted and needed so she was happy 🙂
A toilet bag set.
She was pleased I didn’t choose the bright pink option 😉

And there were crackers!
And cards to read out.
Mahalia had wrapped all the presents so she knew what was in them all.
Except the extra one I put there for her!!
She had put her name on the wafers little monkey!!
Seb & Phoebe had asked a couple of days ago if we could pick up and babysit a present for Sapphire until they came through a few days later.
I delegated that job to Shoshannah.
She fell in love with this wee critter & kept it safe in her room.
She named it Stanley.
Found out later its a girl 🙂
It drove Caspian demented that he wasn’t allowed to play with the kitten.
Poor wee mite hid in the bookcase when Shanni left it for a few minutes.
She came back with her selfie stick and we had fun taking family photos.
There were so many silly ones – here’s a few with my crazy kids 🙂
My favourite two.
While Mahalia was shopping at Spotlight the other day I found a small unit I thought would work well in the art room.
Mahalia helped put it together for me.
The instructions said all we needed was a Phillips screwdriver and some peace and quiet.
That is not what Mahalia needed!!
It took a while and she was pretty frustrated with it.
But she persevered and got it from this
to this – thanks Halia, all my washi tapes fit on the rail beautifully.
When we opened the presents Azzan had left as box of chocolates on the floor of the lounge.
Mahalia discovered a certain small puppy had found the box, opened it and devoured nearly 100grams of chocolate 😦
I knew it wasn’t good for dogs so I Googled what to do.
Apparently it contains theobromine which is toxic to dogs.
I phoned our vet who happened to conveniently be open for 2 hours right then.
Decided that it was better to be safe than sorry so I loaded the naughty little puppy in the car.
On arrival he was happy and bouncy.
But then the reality struck!
They administered the Apomorphine into his eye and within less than 5 minutes he was chucking up everything.
That is amazing stuff.
As soon as they could see he had vomited everything up the vet flushed his eye out with saline and he stopped.
Incredibly efficient!
Caspian was not a happy chappy afterwards though.
$118 later!! I carried him to the car and took him home to recover.
Unfortunately there was not an immediate timeframe between eating the chocolate and the treatment for him to learn for a mother time :-/
That was an interesting and costly way to spend an hour of our Christmas morning.
I had already put the chicken in the slow cooker to roast so I put in a couple of trays of roast veges to cook.
Parsnip, pumpkin, yams & kumara.
I boiled a pot of new potatoes with fresh mint from our garden and a pot of carrots, peas, beans & corn.
Made up two pots of gravy – one for the vegetarian!
Then around 4pm we sat out in the sun and enjoyed our Christmas dinner.
The meal was delicious.
The sun was still intensely hot so we didn’t dally out there long.
Caspian bounced back within a few hours.
The vet had told me to withhold food till late in the arvo and then give him 2 small feeds.
But he found the kittens food early in the arvo and devoured that with no reaction so I figure he was fine by then!

We had a few calls with Jesika throughout the day.
Several months ago there was a consideration that Azzan might go over to visit her this summer.
But it was discounted at the time due to a few different constraints.
But the seed was planted again this morning and I checked out flights and discovered some reasonably priced deals if you were not fussy on when you fly.
So with some discussion and a few more calls between Jesika & Azzan to sort out the feasibility of it all I did some investigation and then made the booking.
The upshot is that he is going to fly over on New Years Eve and spend 2.5 weeks with Jesika & Evan.
He is very excited cuz he & Jesika are planning some photography sessions.
So, he has a week to get sorted and packed and earn some pocket money to take with him.

The rest of the afternoon was spent lazing, dozing, watching several epidsodes of ‘Good Luck Charlie’.
We had been invited out in the later arvo but were too tired to move.
Shanni was in bed by 7:30pm.
We cream filled brandy snaps for dessert 🙂
Mahalia & Azzan went out for an evening bike ride.
I ended my evening with a phone call from Renata.
Lovely restful day – apart from the vet trip!!

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