Saturday 26th December

Boxing Day Sales!
My shopaholic son had heard all about them and was up bright an early in the hopes we could go in.
I had a few things to do first though so by the time we cruised in it was mid morning and very hot already.
I dropped Azzan near The Warehouse and we drove on up to wish Margaret a happy birthday for yesterday.
Azzan was soon calling me to say there was nothing much in the sale there so he walked on into town.
We then discovered that it was Saturday and the market was on too.
It is a crazy time of year, lose track of days so easily.
I knew it was Boxing Day but hadn’t flicked out that it was also Saturday – duh!
I was thinking, oh bother! parking will be even more difficult cuz town will be manic.
Anyway, Azzan was waiting at Cafe Affair for us.
We tried to find a park in the carpark but to no avail so went round several blocks and then decided to do a drive past and pick him up.
But as he hopped into our car another car pulled out in front of us so I quickly ducked in and we got a park right outside Cafe Affair!
Yaaaaahh!! In the shade too.
Plus we then discovered it was free parking all day.
Mega bonuses all round 🙂
We decided to stop in and have a drink.
A nice cold lemon lime & bitters was Azzan’s choice and Mahalia opted for the spirolina smoothie.
I had an iced mocha frappe but forgot to say no cream on top – Mahalia made short work of that!!
The it was off to do battle with the crowds.
It sure was a crowded busy market today.
Hot and loads of tourists.
Mahalia headed off to do some other shopping.
Azzan led me to the blueberry stall and we got a couple of kilos.
Then cruised around.
There were heaps of new stalls.
It was fun checking them all out.
Azzan got tired of that so went back to sit in the car.
Mahalia eventually joined him.
They were being rather fractious with each other so I was glad to have some time on my own.
Found Sapphie the most gorgeous wee outfit for her birthday.
A skirt and top with The Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric.
Then I popped into Whitcoulls and found an Eric Carle nature book with a magnifying glass to go with it.
We arrived back home at lunch time.
Azzan then wanted to go for a walk to the Centre of NZ with a couple of his friends so he took Caspian too.
I retreated to the lounge with an iced cider.
It was a perfect way to spend a hot afternoon.
Yuri came and collected Azzan & Georgia and Azzan’s bike and they headed off to meet friends at the beach.
Seb & Phoebe arrived later in the arvo, on their way home from spending Christmas with her family.
Shanni immediately took Sapphie into her bedroom to meet the kitten.
Sapphie was in love 🙂
My fav photo of the meeting – she is so gentle.
I hope they will be good mates.

Then because it is Sapphie’s 2nd birthday on Monday and I can’t be there I gave her my presents.
She was so funny.
Such an expressive wee face.
Big wow! eyes.
Lots of appreciative chatter as she carefully opened the parcels.
They were hot and tired, and it was getting late so they loaded back into the car complete with kitten in a box and left for the final leg of their journey back home.
It really doesn’t seem that many years ago that we were doing the same thing.
A blink of an eye and the next generation is following closely in our footsteps!

Seb had transported a large mirror for me from Java in Christchurch.
I’d seen it whilst down there but had to come home and check out whether it would fit and suit the wall I want to hang it on.
Mahalia and I unpacked it.
Love it!
But it is too heavy for us to hang so we stashed it safely until I can locate a helpful male who knows how to do the job.
I decided to tackle some DIY jobs.
Got the drill, tape measure and stud finder.
Discovered that it does work – sort of.
Successfully hung my picture near my bed.
Then tackled Azzan’s poster.
I’d bought it months ago and finally got it framed a few weeks ago.
Now it is hanging on the wall.
I was feeling very proud of myself.
Mahalia went out for a bike ride.
Then returned and took Caspian for a walk.
Shanni worked two shifts today so after the second one she was ready for bed.
Leita called up to see if Azzan could stay for dinner.
He was pretty upset because someone had taken his new tennis racket.
It was a bit of a mystery as they never saw anyone around.
It is named so we are praying that whoever took it or wherever it is the person will call us.
It was cool out the front under the large tree so I decided to get some of the hydrangeas planted.
I have been trying for weeks and months to get them in.
But this arvo I needed to vent some negative energy so put it to good use.
The ground was a mix of  old weed mat and roots interspersed, heaps of bark, and hard packed clay deep down under the weed mat.
I raked a heap of bark away from the border where I was planting and had to cut a few large roots and wrench out some old weed mat while digging.
Finally managed to plant about eight of them.
They were certainly ready to escape their captivity as the roots were very thick and bound up.
Hopefully with releasing the roots and watering them well they will flourish.
They will form a beautiful border outside my bedroom window.
I was rather muddy and hot and sweaty by the time I finished.
Decided to leave the last 6 or 7 for another day.
Made myself some dinner and watched a movie while I ate it.
Azzan was dropped back home around 9:30pm.
We were all in bed soon after.
At 1am I became aware of noise outside but was trying to sleep through it.
But it woke and frightened Azzan.
I went outside to investigate.
About three young guys, very drunk, and very loud, walking, staggering along the street and down the next street. Came back to bed and then realised they had returned.
So I went out and called the police.
The were walking south so I hope a patrol car managed to locate them before they woke too many people.
Then I remembered my car was still out on the street so I brought that inside.
An amazing full moon tonight.
More loud people walking past.
I tried to get back to sleep, but tossed and turned for ages so sat up in bed and updated my blog.
Now it is 4:16am and I am going to attempt to sleep again.
Probably be a cut cat in the morning now :-/

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