Sunday 27th December

All the kids had work this morning so they were up and gone early.
Azzan biked half an hour around to Tahunanui to work with John at the motel.
His first day so he was pretty stoked.
I was a bit apprehensive as Rocks Road is not a terribly forgiving route for cyclists at present.
He got there safely so all good.
I was about to leave just before 10am.
Thankfully I had planned to walk today because on opening my gate I was greeted with this.
My Goodness!!
Cant people read?
I now have two large No Parking signs on my gate.
There were at least 3 empty parks behind him and 4 ahead plus plenty across the road.
And where does he/she choose to park?
Right outside my gate!!!
I couldn’t see him/her anywhere so left as I as running late.
Have since emailed the company – silly doing something like this with company logos all over your vehicle!!

Walked up the road to help Mahalia at work, but found everything was under control so walked back home again.
Spent the morning moving things around and having a clean up.
It was another very hot day so I had every window open.
Love this house in summer as it is easy to cool down.
Mahalia arrived home around 11am and decided to get the swimming pool out.
A few minutes later she came hurtling inside rabbiting on nonsensically about something terrifying in the shed.
Discovered she had unearthed a large spider so I got conned into dragging the pool out of the shed for her – never mind that spiders are not my most favourite creature either.
The things mothers have to do!!
While she was setting it up on the front deck Sasha & David arrived.
They were doing a drop off on their way to spend the day swimming at Rai with Vanessa & Miles.
David set the water feature alight as he hadn’t seen it in action yet.
They were already running late so didn’t dally too long.
Gay has her daughter Amber visiting for a few days so they walked over to visit.
We had a cuppa and enjoyed sitting outside in my swing seat.
Azzan arrived back very hot but happy with his first day at work.
Then we decided to wander down to the Sprig and have a coffee.
Mahalia was pleased we were leaving because she could now sunbath in peace 🙂

Amber and I were trying to teach Gay the benefits and virtues of having a smart phone.
Not sure if she is really convinced as yet 😉
Sally text me to say she was in the vicinity so I told her to come join the party.
It was great to introduce my friends to each other, especially now Sally is back to stay.
I’m ecstatic about that fact!!
Another round of drinks ladies.
We had a fairly riotous time.
A lovely way to spend the afternoon.
Finally it was time for Gay & Amber to go in search of the best hot chips in town so Sally and I wandered home.
Stopped in to pick up some veggies from Nin on the way.
Sally checked out all our additions and improvements.
She was here a year ago when we had only just moved in so was very impressed with what we have achieved.
We chatted for a while and then she headed off to feed her families animals cuz they’re away.
I’m so happy Sally is home to stay now.
There is nothing better than an ‘old’ friend – and we are very special old friends.
Looking forward to lots of hanging out together xxx

Shanni had done a split shift today.
Came home and rested for a couple of hours this afternoon.
Then back again tonight to quickly shower and gather up final things.
She left just after 7pm.
I did all the concerned mother things, got her to check oil & water, talked through the route and where the fuel stops are etc.
Talked about staying safe on the road, taking breaks, pulling over to let traffic past etc etc etc.
All the things mothers think of to ensure their precious children come back home in one piece!!
Finally she manoeuvred passed my car and was gone – on her first long drive.
She had decided wisely to drive the first hour tonight and stay with Marah so she can leave fresh in the morning and tackle the next 4 hours of road that she has not driven before.
Whew! It’s hard releasing the safety reins 😉

I made pasta for dinner.
The two kids were being really fractious and I finally had enough and let them both have it with both barrels.
They went out to finally finish spreading the bags of stones that I had been waiting to have done for weeks.
Not long after they called me outside.
The were laughing.
The errant rake had been found!
I just knew that as soon as I bought a new one it would turn up.
It was hanging on the back fence.
The rake head was lying across the top of the fence and the handle blending in with the posts.
So obvious and yet so hidden and we had all walked passed it whilst searching!!
Well, that was a good find and it broke the friction barrier 🙂
I got the pasta done, made a salad and we enjoyed a tasty dinner together.

Tonight I spent some time trying to organise Mahalia a trip back home for a few days.
It was all a bit much trying to get my head around the logistics of juggling her job, my job, getting Azzan to airport, impending visitors,  and her over the hill to meet her ride etc etc, but finally after many phone calls we think we have it sussed.
She hasn’t been home in a year so is really looking forward to it.
After last nights broken sleep we were all ready for an early night tonight.

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