Monday 28th December

Shoshannah began texting me at 7:40am.
She was setting out on her first long road journey so we had arranged that she would text me from each stop along the way.
She did just that.
It was good to know she had made each section of the drive safely and finally arrived into Christchurch.
Well done Shanni 🙂
Mahalia left for work just before 9am and Azzan left on his bike at 9:30am.
I had the day to myself so planned to get stuck into the accounts.
It was a low cloud cool morning.
I gathered up all of my papers and got them out to the kitchen table.
Called up Sunni for a chat as we had both been busy to talk for long when she called on Christmas Day.
Then Mary-Anne messaged to say she would call in for a coffee at 11am.
At 10am walked to the Post Office to post a couple of parcels.
Thought I would pick up a couple of scones for morning tea but discovered it was closed till later.
Then it dawned on me that it was indeed a public holiday today!!
So with the last sad lonely wrap left in the fridge I made a ‘pizza’.
Spread it with fig chutney, chopped spring onion & capsicum and cheese and by the time Mary-Anne arrived it was cooked and waiting to be devoured.
It was really delicious.
She brought Cully & Diesel with her.
Cully is an old dog at 14 so not terribly interested in burning around with my madcap pup.
Diesel is a beautiful border collie of a much younger age and he put up with Caspian’s playful antics for a while but eventually let him know that enough is enough!
We chatted for a while and then Mahalia arrived home and M-A left to go home.
The clouds had cleared and the day was very hot once again.
As we stood outside the gate saying goodbye a friend of hers pulled up so they went off to have lunch together 🙂

I was then back to thinking of tackling the accounts again when Renata phoned to invite me up for a coffee.
Dither, dither…
Accounts or Renata?
Of course Renata won – she’s very persuasive 😉
Mahalia was making filled pitas for lunch so she made me one which I quickly toasted in the sandwich press.
I grabbed my sunhat, took Caspian’s lead with one hand and my very hot pita in the other and walked down the street.
It was a public holiday so she had opted to take the day off.
We had a lovely afternoon chatting in the cool.
Watching madcap dogs tear around the place exhausting themselves and then collapsing on either side of her for a while before tearing off again.
Caspian loves being allowed to snuggle up on the couch – something he’s not allowed to do at home!

Azzan went from work to the beach to hang out with his friends.
He called up and asked if he could go berry picking with Georgia and family.
Of course I placed a condition on that activity!
He could go as long as he picked me some berries 😉
I walked back home around 5pm.
Mahalia had been sun baking while I was out.
She is as brown as a berry.
Azzan was delivered back by Yuri and Georgia complete with an ice cream container of blue berries 🙂
After dinner the kids went off for a photo session at the park.
Martin & Sylvia came to visit around 7pm.
Stayed for a cuppa and a chat.
Kids arrived back later on.
I’ve been trying to get Azzan to get himself organised re packing etc for his trip but its like pushing muck uphill at times.
Im aware of what I have on this week and I don’t want it left till the last minute.
Got him off to bed around 9:30pm and was trying to get Mahalia moving too but these long hot evenings are not conducive to earlyish nights.
Louisa arrived with Oliver close on 10pm.
As they hadn’t been here before they were keen for a tour even though it was late and darkish.
Suitably impressed and loving my new home, we finally got back to the kitchen and I made a cuppa and we devoured a specialty chocolate mousse cake Louisa had been given.
Then it was off to bed as it was nearing midnight.
Louisa was able to crash into Shanni’s bed and Oliver slept on the couch, proclaiming it to be very comfortable.

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